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residentn: a person who lives in a particular place or has their home in a place
facilityn: a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry
electrifyv: to make a machine or system work by using electricity; to make someone extremely enthusiastic about or interested in something
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
busingn: the practice of transporting students from one area to another to achieve a more diverse student body or to provide access to better educational opportunities
livestockn: farm animals and birds such as cows, sheep, and chickens
bathev: to wash or immerse oneself or another person in the water or a liquid; to expose a part of the body to a natural element, such as sunlight or air
laundryn: the act of washing clothes and linens; a room or area where clothes are washed and ironed
luxuryn: a state of great comfort or sophistication, mainly provided by expensive and beautiful things
pumpv: to cause water, air, gas, etc. to move from one place to another by using mechanical equipment; to get or supply something such as money, information, etc. in significant quantities
affordv: to have enough money or time to be able to buy or do something
herdn: a group of animals of the same type that live or are kept together as livestock
festivaln: a celebration or event, usually marking a particular religious or cultural occasion, often involving processions, music, dancing, and the performance of plays or other artistic works
honorn: high regard or great respect for someone; the quality of having and doing based on a keen sense of morality; (verb) to show respect towards someone
willingnessn: the state of being ready or inclined to do something
sacrificen: the act of killing an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to a deity; (verb) to give up something important or valuable to help another person or get or do something that seems more important
skyrocketv: to rapidly ascend to a very high level; increase rapidly;
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
transportn: a system for moving people or products from one location to another using automobiles, roads, and so on
recoverv: to return to a former condition, health, mind, or strength
evolvev: to develop gradually, or to cause the development of something or someone gradually
quantityn: the amount or number of something; magnitude
barleyn: a type of cereal grain that is used for food, either in the form of whole grains, flour, or malt
characteristicn: a typical feature or quality that can identify, tell apart, or describe something or somebody
reliableadj: worthy of being relied on; trustworthy
convertv: to have a talk with someone; (adjective) reversed in order, relation, or action
validadj: having a reasonable basis in logic or fact; still legally or officially acceptable
externaladj: belonging to or situated outside of someone or something
crownn: a circular ornamental headdress, worn as a symbol of authority by a king, usually made of gold and precious stones
bypassn: an alternative road, channel, pipe, or connection that allows flow while the main one is closed or obstructed; (verb) to go past or round
assetn: something or someone that is useful or valuable quality, skill, etc.; valuable property
transferv: to move, pass, or change from one person, place, or situation to another
blockchainn: a system in which a growing list of payment records, called blocks, made in cryptocurrency is maintained across several computers that are securely linked
tokenn: something that serves as a symbol, sign, or expression of something else; a physical object representing a particular idea or concept
digitn: one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; a finger, thumb, or toe
disruptv: to prevent or stop something, especially an event, activity, or process, from continuing in the usual way by causing a problem or disturbance
intermediaryn: a person or organization that acts as a go-between or mediator in negotiations or transactions between two or more parties; a middleman, a broker, or an agent who facilitates communication, trade, or dealings
mainstreamn: the ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc., that are considered normal or accepted by most people
economyn: the system by which a country or region produces manages, and distributes goods and services, including the money and finances involved in these activities; (of an airline) the lowest-priced, most basic option for seating in commercial travel
democracyn: a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials to do so
ruraladj: of or relating to the countryside
inefficientadj: lacking the ability or skill and not making the best use of time, money, energy, etc.
derivev: to obtain or receive something from a source
abundantadj: present in great quantity
cown: a domesticated mammal with characteristic features such as a hump, large udders, and curved horns that is raised for its milk or meat
instrumentn: an object used to make musical sounds, such as a piano, guitar, or drum; a tool or device used for a specific activity, particularly in specialist or scientific work
foddern: feed, such as hay or straw, for cattle and other livestock; figuratively, something that is used as material or inspiration for something else
groceryn: a shop that sells food and other household items
emergencyn: a sudden unforeseen crisis usually involving danger that requires immediate action
relyv: to require a specific thing or the assistance and support of someone or something to continue, run properly, or succeed.
charityn: an organization that helps people in need, especially by providing food, shelter, or money; a kindly and sympathetic attitude toward people
governmentn: the group of people with authority to control a country or state
fulfillv: to meet the requirements or expectations; to achieve or realize
self-reliantadj: able to rely on oneself or one’s abilities; not needing or depending on others for support or guidance
currencyn: a system of money in general use in a particular country
bartern: the exchange of goods or services without the use of money; a system of trade in which individuals exchange goods or services directly
installationn: the act or process of fixing furniture, a machine, or a piece of equipment into position so that it can be used; the act or process of putting into an office or a position
possessionn: the state or fact of owning or having something
chainn: a series of connected links or objects; a system or group of interconnected elements; a restraint or shackle
retailn: the sale of goods or services to consumers, especially in small quantities, either directly to the end customer or through retail outlets
brandn: a type of product, service, etc., made by a particular company and sold under a specific name; identification mark on the skin of livestock, criminals, etc., made by burning
uniqueadj: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else
idn: a part of the psyche that represents the unconscious desires and instincts of an individual; in psychoanalytic theory, it is believed to be the most basic and primal part of the human psyche; (also ID, short for identification) a document or card that proves a person’s identity, such as a driver’s license, passport, or national ID card
assignv: to give a specific job or piece of work to a someone
essentiallyadv: relating to the essential features or concepts of anything
smartphonen: a mobile phone that functions as a computer and connects to the Internet
tractorn: a powerful vehicle with large back wheels and thick tires, used for pulling farm machines
equipv: to provide a person or a place with the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity
inclusiveadj: including much or everything, and especially including stated limits; not excluding any of the people, things, ideas, etc. involved in something
feen: a sum of money charged for a particular service

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