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Posts on Englist.me are strongly tied to content such as TED Talks and books. This is because we aim to help you quickly access helpful English content.

We focus on a list of intermediate and above words in these excellent contents. Therefore, you can take advantage of our post to enhance your vocabulary and gain the ability to understand the content efficiently.

We recommend you utilize the following two tools before viewing your desired content.

YouTube Post

You can learn the list of words that appear in the content by browsing YouTube videos, some of which cover all terms above intermediate level and some of which cover only words above advanced level.

All Words

Advanced Words

In addition to the meanings of the words, two collocations and one example sentence will also appear, facilitating the understanding of the actual use of the words. You can also obtain listening materials by using (legal) sites that convert YouTube videos to MP3s, as our videos allow copying in the category of personal use.

Vocabulary Builder

Learning English should be about not only input but also output. Using our Vocabulary Builder in PDF format, you can practice spelling and fill in the blanks. This training will make it easier for you to apply the vocabulary you have learned to your speaking and writing.

This material, as well as the video, is available in two levels. Also, since they are PDF files, they can be printed out for offline practice.

Spelling and fill in the blanks, both examples are taken directly from the word list as they appear. The words’ placement is random so that you can try the drills with a fresh mind at any time. The correct answers to both questions are listed at the bottom of each page. These exercises are helpful to repeat.