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protagonistn: the main character in a literary work, film, or other stories
suev: to claim a person or organization, especially by filing a legal claim for money or redress
representv: to speak, act, or be present on behalf of another person or group; to form or constitute
violn: a stringed instrument, typically with six strings and frets, played with a bow, also called a viola da gamba
copyrightn: the legal right to be the only person or organization who can reproduce, publish, and sell a particular piece of work
judgen: a person who makes decisions in a court of law; (verb) to determine the result of or form a critical opinion of something
consciouslyadv: with awareness; in a deliberate manner
subconsciouslyadv: in a way that is not fully conscious or aware of
chiffonn: lightweight, sheer fabric made from silk, nylon, or rayon, often used for women’s dresses or scarves
lordn: a person who has general authority, control, or power over others; a man of noble rank or high office
melodyn: a succession of musical tones forming part of a larger piece of music
remarkableadj: worthy of attention because unusual or special
finiteadj: having a limit or restriction of size, time, etc.
pluckv: to pull or draw something, especially with sudden force or effort; to strip of feathers
melodicadj: having a pleasant or harmonious sound, especially in relation to music
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
wellspringn: a source of supply, particularly of something abstract or intangible, such as ideas, inspiration, or spiritual energy
blankadj: without any writing or printing; empty or devoid of ideas, information, or meaning; unable to remember or recall information
songwritern: a person who writes songs, particularly lyrics, and music for popular music or other genres
releasev: to set free or allow to escape from confinement
landminen: an explosive device hidden underground and designed to be detonated by the presence, proximity, or contact with a person or vehicle
colleaguen: one of a group of a coworker, especially in a profession or a business
litigatev: to initiate or engage in legal proceedings, typically to settle a dispute or enforce a legal right
bachelorn: an unmarried man; a person who holds an undergraduate degree from a college or university
technologicaladj: based on scientific and industrial progress
cybersecurityn: the practice of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction
softwaren: a set of computer programs and associated documentation and data for doing particular computational jobs
diagramn: a simplified illustration of the appearance, structure, or workings of something
insightn: the ability to gain an accurate and deep understanding of people or situations; an accurate and deep understanding of what something is like
additionn: the act or process of adding something to something else; the process of adding numbers
brilliantadj: extremely clever, skilled, or impressive
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
arrangev: to plan, prepare for, and carry out something
visualadj: relating to seeing or sight
infiniteadj: unlimited or very great; impossible to measure
brushstroken: the mark or stroke made by a painter’s brush on a canvas or surface; a single movement or action toward a larger project or goal
accidentallyadv: by chance or without planning
similarlyadv: in almost the same way
oddsn: the degree or probability that a particular thing will or will not happen
paragraphn: a distinct section of a piece of writing intended to separate ideas, usually consisting of at least one sentence and beginning on a new line
contrastv: to put in opposition to show or emphasize differences
passwordn: a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to a place or service
hackv: to hit and cut somebody or something roughly and violently; to find a bug in a computer program and break into their systems or networks
bruten: a violent, wild, or feral animal; a person who is cruel, uncivilized, or lacking in intelligence or sensitivity; a physical force or power
exhaustn: the system in a vehicle that removes waste gases from the engine; (verb) to make someone completely tired
algorithmn: a set of rules or rigorous instructions typically used to solve a specific problem or to perform a computation
marchv: to walk militarily with stiff, regular steps
diskn: a flat, circular plate, typically made of metal, glass, or plastic, used for storing data or playing music
tangibleadj: real and concrete; able to be perceived, especially able to be touched; (of business assets) having physical substance and intrinsic monetary value
mediumadj: of a size, amount, or level that is average or intermediate; (noun) a means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information
automaticallyadv: without needing a direct human control
exhaustedadj: extremely tired
superimposev: to place, layer, or overlay one thing on top of another, typically in such a way that both are still visible; to add or combine something additional into an existing structure, design, or system
infringev: to violate or break a rule, law, or agreement, often by trespassing or infringing on someone else’s rights or property
spotn: a particular location or place; a small round or roundish area, differing in color or feels from the surface around it
trolln: a person who makes inflammatory or off-topic posts on the internet; a supernatural creature often portrayed as a giant or dwarf that lives in isolated areas; (verb) to fish by dragging a baited line through the water behind a boat
absolutelyadv: without restriction or limitation; completely or utterly
oppositionn: the act of disagreeing or resisting; the state of strong disagreement
domainn: a specific sphere of influence or control; a specific field of knowledge or expertise
lyricn: the words of a pop song
mathematicsn: the science dealing with the logic of quantities, shapes, spaces, and arrangement
dismissv: to regard something or someone as not important and not worth considering; to terminate someone’s employment
constitutev: to be the essential or fundamental elements or parts of something; to establish, appoint, or assign someone to a particular office or position; to make up or compose something
initiallyadv: at the beginning; at first
keyboardn: device consisting of a set of keys on a piano, typewriter, computer, etc., that you press to make it work
octaven: a musical interval encompassing eight diatonic scale degrees, such as the interval from C to the next C in a C major scale
musicologyn: the study of music as a scholarly discipline typically focuses on issues related to the history, theory, and cultural context of music
debaten: a formal discussion or argument of opposing viewpoints, often to persuade others to adopt a specific position; a public discussion, often on an issue of current interest, in which participants offer opinions and differing perspectives
motifn: a recurring element in an artistic or literary work, typically a particular image or idea; a theme that is repeated or elaborated in a piece of music
threatenv: to utter intentions of injury or punishment against someone
juryn: a group of people called upon to render a verdict or judgment in a legal trial; a group of people chosen for a special purpose or task
parametern: a numerical or other measurable factors that characterize a system or set of data
chordn: a straight line connecting two points on a curve; a combination of three or more musical notes played or sung at the same time
peterv: to fail or lose power, efficiency, or value gradually before coming to an end
downloadv: to transfer data or files from the Internet or computer network to a user’s computer or device; (noun) the process of transferring data or information from a remote or central computer to a local computer or device
uploadv: to transfer digital data or files from a local computer or device to a remote server or network; the act of transferring such data or files
distributev: to give something to a large number of individuals, or to spread or furnish something
shrinkv: to become smaller, or to make something smaller in size or amount
exponentialadj: becoming more and more rapid; of or involving mathematical exponents
basementn: a room or a part of a building that is partly or entirely below ground level
preservev: to keep or maintain a particular quality, feature, etc., especially to prevent it from decaying, being damaged, or being destroyed
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
jazzn: a type of music that originated in the African-American community in the United States and that is characterized by improvisation, syncopated rhythms, and a strong emphasis on self-expression
rhythmicadj: having a pattern of regular beats or a regular beat; characterized by rhythm
variationn: the act or state of changing; a difference or change in the way something is done, made or said
validadj: having a reasonable basis in logic or fact; still legally or officially acceptable
substantiallyadv: to a great extent or degree
problematicadj: full of difficulties; difficult to deal with or solve
crystaln: a solid material with many even sides that is formed naturally when the substance becomes solid and has a highly regular atomic structure; clear and colorless glass made of almost pure silica
allegev: to claim or assert that something is true without providing proof or evidence
spectrumn: an ordered array of colors into which a light beam can be split
toyn: a thing, typically a small model or replica of something that is played with, especially by children
swiftadj: happening, moving, or capable of moving quickly
brainn: the organ inside the head that is responsible for one’s movement, thought, memory, and feeling
sectn: a group of people who follow a particular religious or philosophical belief system, especially one that is regarded as outside the norm or mainstream
resolvev: to find a suitable answer to the problems or difficulty
spann: the entire length of something, such as time or space from beginning to end; the amount of space that something covers
lawsuitn: a legal action taken by one party against another in a court of law, typically seeking damages or some other form of remedy for perceived wrongs or harms suffered
ceasev: to stop an action or event
desistv: to stop or abstain from doing something, often in response to a request or order
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
pettyadj: of little importance, trivial or insignificant; characterized by an undue concern for small details or rules; mean or spiteful in trivial matters
prospectn: the possibility or likelihood of something happening or being successful; a person or thing that is likely to succeed or become popular; a potential customer or client; (verb) to explore for useful or valuable things or substances, such as minerals
subliminaladj: existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; not immediately noticeable or perceivable
royaltyn: revenue derived from the use of a patent, copyright, or other right; the people who are the family of a king and queen
creepv: to move slowly, quietly, and carefully, usually to avoid being seen or heard
weirdon: a person who looks strange and behaves strangely
disputen: a disagreement, argument, or controversy between two people, groups, or countries, especially a formal one
hookn: a curved device used for suspending, holding, or pulling something, especially one attached to a surface for hanging things on; a sharp curve or crook
accusev: to charge or criticize someone with a crime or wrongdoing
untenableadj: cannot be supported or defended against attack or criticism; indefensible
evidentialadj: providing or related to facts
subconsciousadj: relating to or concerning the part of the mind that is not fully conscious but still influences thoughts, feelings, and behavior
minefieldn: an area or situation that contains a hidden danger or risk, particularly a literal minefield of explosives or a figurative minefield of potential problems or missteps
burdenn: a duty, responsibility, etc. that is oppressive or worrisome; a load, typically a heavy one that is difficult to carry
defendantn: a person or party who is accused of a crime or who is being sued in a court of law
negativeadj: having the quality of something bad or harmful; expressing refusal
plaintiffn: a person or entity that brings a legal action against someone else in a court of law; the person or party that is bringing a lawsuit
chilln: a feeling of coldness that makes one shiver; (verb) to make cool or cooler
rollv: to move in a particular direction by turning over and over or from side to side

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