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creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
associatev: to mentally connect someone or something with someone or something else
enhancev: to increase or improve the quality, amount, or strength of someone or something
jigsawn: a tool with a fine-toothed blade used for cutting intricate curves and patterns in thin material such as wood or metal, typically with the blade being reciprocating; a type of puzzle that consists of irregularly shaped pieces that must be fitted together to form a complete picture
puzzlen: a situation that is difficult to follow or solve; a game, problem, or toy that tests a person’s ingenuity or knowledge; (verb) to cause someone to feel confused because of something difficult to understand
emotionaladj: relating to people’s feelings
aidn: things sent to help countries in need, notably food or money; support
REMn: (abbreviation for rapid eye movement) a stage of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements, increased brain activity, and dreaming
overnightadj: lasting for or occurring during one night; occurring or changing extremely quickly or suddenly; happening or being achieved in a short amount of time
therapyn: the act of caring for someone through medication, remedial training, etc.
healv: to make a wound or injury to become well again
convalescencen: the process of recovering from an illness or injury, during which the body gradually returns to health and strength
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
virtualadj: being actually such in almost every respect; existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact
mazen: a complex network of winding passages or pathways designed as a puzzle or challenge for people to navigate through
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
criticn: someone who expresses opinions about the quality of books, music, etc.
navigatev: to plan and direct the way that a ship, plane, etc. will travel, often by using a map
principlen: a fundamental law or truth that explains or controls how something happens or works
traumaticadj: relating to or caused by injury, especially emotional injury
divorcen: the legal dissolution of a marriage
resolvev: to find a suitable answer to the problems or difficulty
depressionn: a mental condition in which a person feels very unhappy and without hope for the future; a severe recession in an economy or market
relativeadj: considered and evaluated through comparison with something else
essentialadj: indispensable; fundamental
ingredientn: one of the things used to make something, especially one of the foods used to make a particular dish

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