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visualizev: to form a mental image or concept of something; to make something visible
perceivev: to become aware or conscious of something through the senses
spectrumn: an ordered array of colors into which a light beam can be split
conjurev: to call forth by magic; to create or bring about through the imagination
boundaryn: a real or imaginary line that marks the limit or extent of something and separates it from other things or places
imaginaryadj: existing only in someone’s mind
frequencyn: an ordered array of colors into which a light beam can be split
visibleadj: capable of being seen; or open to easy view
receptorn: an organ having nerve endings that respond to stimulation such as heat or cold and makes the body react in a particular way
colorblindadj: (of a person) unable to distinguish certain colors or used to describe a lack of racial or cultural bias
creaturen: a living being, especially an animal
peacockn: a large, colorful, and majestic bird of the pheasant family
mantisn: a type of predatory insect known for its distinctive front legs that are bent in a way that resembles a praying posture
shrimpn: a small, freshwater or saltwater creature with a slender body and long legs
estimatev: to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. of something
indicatev: to show, point out, or make known something, often through a sign or a symbol; to suggest or imply something without stating it directly
intelligencen: the ability to learn, comprehend, or make judgments or conclusions based on reasons
AIn: (abbreviation for artificial intelligence) the theory and development of computer systems capable of doing activities that would ordinarily need human intelligence, such as object recognition, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation
augmentv: to increase the size, extent, quantity, etc. of something by adding something to it
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
combinationn: a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities
explorev: to travel to or penetrate an area or a country to learn about it; to thoroughly examine a subject or a possibility to learn more about it
jellyfishn: a marine creature with a soft, jelly-like body and tentacles for stinging
aquariumn: a transparent tank of water in which fish and other water animals and plants are kept; a building containing tanks of live fish of different species, especially one that is open to the public
lensn: a transparent optical device with curved sides, used in an optical instrument that makes objects seem larger, smaller, clearer, etc.; (metaphor) the basic thoughts or mindsets through which someone sees or understands the environment or situation
recreatev: to make something that existed previously happen or appear to exist again
escalatev: to increase in intensity, size, or severity; to make something greater, worse, or more serious
anemonen: a type of flowering plant that has bright, showy flowers and typically blooms in the spring; a marine creature that resembles flowers but has oral rings of tentacles
coraln: a rock-like substance created in the sea by groupings of specific types of small animals, commonly used in jewelry
amphibiann: a cold-blooded animal that can live both on land and in water
insectn: any small creature that has six legs and a body divided into three sections
neuraladj: of or relating to a nerve or the nervous system that includes the brain
distillv: to purify or refine; to extract the essential elements
recombinev: to combine or put together again or differently; to cause genetic recombination (= the process by which genetic material is broken and joined to other genetic material)
contemporaryadj: belonging to the same or present time
medievaladj: relating to or belonging to the Middle Age that is for the period of A.D.600 to A.D. 1450
expeditionn: a journey or voyage for a specific purpose
illustratev: to provide pictures, photographs, diagrams, etc. in a book or something for explanation
hybridadj: composed of different elements or mixed characters
explorern: a person who travels to places where no one or few people have been before to find out what is there
beavern: a large, semiaquatic rodent with a wide, flat tail and webbed feet, noted for its ability to build dams and lodges
rodentn: a small, gnawing mammal, such as a mouse, rat, or squirrel, that has sharp incisors and typically has a long, thin tail
artificialadj: not natural and made by human beings; not real but produced to resemble something
illustrationn: a picture or diagram in a book, magazine, or newspaper that is used to explain or decorate the text; the act or process of explaining something
archivesn: a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people
generatev: to produce or create something; to make offspring by reproduction
studion: a room or building where creative or artistic work is produced; a television or radio production company
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
scanv: to examine something hastily, with the eyes or with a machine, to get information
beetlen: an insect having a hard shell-like back covering its wings
warnv: to make someone aware of potential danger or difficulty, particularly one that may occur in the future
blurn: a faint or indistinct image or sound; something that is not clear or distinct; (verb) to become unclear; to lose clear vision
blobn: a small amount or drop of a thick liquid or sticky substance
openlyadv: without hiding any of your feelings, opinions, or facts; frankly and trustfully
repurposev: to use something again for a different purpose than it was originally intended
normallyadv: usually; under normal conditions
excitingadj: causing a lot of interest or excitement
hackyadj: (of computer programming) done in a poor or unoriginal way or is intended to be humorous but is not funny; not new or funny
antn: a very small insect that lives under the ground or in a mound in highly organized groups
enhancev: to increase or improve the quality, amount, or strength of someone or something
grilln: a device used for cooking food by direct exposure to heat, typically a metal rack set over a fire or gas flame, or a part of an oven; (verb) to cook something over or under a grill
techniquen: a particular way or art of doing something that needs skill
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
transferv: to move, pass, or change from one person, place, or situation to another
anatomicaladj: of or relating to the structure of the body and its parts
architecturen: the art and science of designing and constructing buildings
handlev: to deal with a situation, problem, or strong emotion
meshn: a material made of a network of wire, plastic, or thread
speculatev: to form a theory or conjecture or guess about a subject without solid evidence
biologyn: the scientific study of life and the natural processes of living things
borealadj: relating to the Northern Hemisphere or relating to the northern forests called taiga
lichenn: a composite organism consisting of a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium
endangeredadj: at risk of extinction because it is facing significant threats
digitaladj: processing or storing information as a succession of 1 and 0 to show that a signal is present or missing; relating to the use of computer technology, especially the internet
representationn: the act of speaking, acting, or being present on behalf of someone officially; a statement of facts and reasons made in appealing or protesting
fluffyadj: soft and light, often with a texture that resembles feathers or fur
promptv: to make someone decide to or try to do something, or to make something happen
criticn: someone who expresses opinions about the quality of books, music, etc.
spidern: a small, eight-legged creature that spins webs to catch insects as food; a computer program that systematically browses the World Wide Web for purposes of web indexing
tarantulan: a large, venomous spider with a round body and long, hairy legs
endemicadj: (of a disease or other problem) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area
mangroven: a tropical coastal tree or shrub that grows in saline soil and has prop roots that help to stabilize it
finchn: a small songbird with a short, conical beak and typically a cheerful song
accuracyn: the state or degree of being exact or correct; the ability to perform something with proficiency and without mistake
chimeran: (in Greek mythology) a fire-breathing creature with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a snake’s tail; a thing that is illusory or impossible to achieve
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
ecosystemn: all the plants and living creatures in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment
equipv: to provide a person or a place with the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
contraryn: acting in opposition to what is expected or desired
motivatev: to make someone want to do something, especially something that requires tremendous work and effort
enrichv: to make better or improve in quality by adding something else

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