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germn: a very tiny living that causes the disease; a piece of something such as an organism, concept, etc., capable of growing into a new one or part of one
battleshipn: a large, heavily armed warship that is designed to engage in naval warfare
fierceadj: severe and violent in a way that is frightening
firefightn: a struggle to extinguish a fire; a military engagement in which small arms and other weapons are used
crewn: a group of people who work together, especially on a ship or airplane
unexpectedadj: not anticipated or regarded as likely to happen
survivorn: a person who remains alive after an event in which others have died
clingv: to hold onto something tightly; to be closely attached to someone or something
plankn: a long, flat piece of wood or other material that is used for construction or as a platform; an exercise in which a person holds their body in a straight line supported by their hands and toes
huntv: to go after and try to catch wild animals to kill them for food, sport, or profit
moralen: the emotional or mental state of a person or group, especially in relation to confidence, enthusiasm, and determination
torpedon: a weapon that is designed to be launched from a ship, submarine, or aircraft and that is propelled through the water by a motor
strikev: to wallop somebody or something with the hand, fist, or weapon; to have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
shatterv: to break suddenly into many pieces
hulln: the main body or frame of a ship, airplane, or other vehicles, or the outer covering or shell of a seed, fruit, or other objects
miraculousadj: very effective or lucky, or completely unexpected
nicknamen: a familiar or humorous name given to a person or thing instead of or as well as the real name
rescuev: to save someone or something from a dangerous or difficult situation
vesseln: a ship or large boat
retiringadj: withdrawing from a position or activity, or becoming more secluded or reserved
serviceableadj: fit for use or suitable for a particular purpose
cooperativeadj: involving doing something jointly or working with others to achieve a common goal
companionn: a person or an animal with whom you spend a lot of time, or you travel
solitaryadj: existing, living, or doing without others
predatorn: an animal whose natural behavior is to prey on others
navaladj: of or relating to ships, sailors, or the navy
sidekickn: a person who is closely associated with and supports another person, especially in a work or professional capacity; a person who is a close and loyal companion
domesticatev: to take control of animals or plants to provide food, power, or company
tracev: to find or discover someone or something that was lost
fertileadj: capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops; intellectually productive
neolithicadj: (also called New Stone Age) the period of human history that followed the end of the last ice age and that is characterized by the development of agriculture and the use of polished stone tools
excessn: an amount or quantity beyond what is acceptable, expected, or reasonable
grainn: wheat or any other small hard seeds used as a food; a relatively small granular particle of a substance
pitn: a hole in the ground or a cavity in a surface; a place for storing or holding something; a section of a theater or sports arena where people can sit
clayn: a natural, earthy material that is made up of very small particles of minerals and can be molded when wet and then fired to produce ceramics
silon: a tall, cylindrical structure, usually made of concrete or steel, that is used for storing grain, feed, or other dry materials; a system or structure that is isolated or separate from others
attractv: to draw or entice someone or something towards them through the qualities they have, especially positive ones
horden: a large group of people or animals, especially one that is chaotic or uncontrolled
rodentn: a small, gnawing mammal, such as a mouse, rat, or squirrel, that has sharp incisors and typically has a long, thin tail
wildcatn: a small, carnivorous mammal with a long, slim body, short legs, and a long, bushy tail that is native to North and Central America and Eurasia; a risky or unproven venture
carnivorousadj: feeding on the flesh of other animals
remarkn: a comment or observation, or something said or written about a particular subject or situation; (verb) to give a spoken statement on a particular subject or situation
domesticadj: relating to or inside a particular country, not foreign or international
ancientadj: relating to the long ago, particularly the historical period preceding the fall of the Western Roman Empire; very old
muscularadj: of or relating to the muscles; having or suggesting great physical power or force
stripen: a long, narrow band of a different color or texture than the surface on which it appears
abundancen: a significant amount of something; the situation in which there is too much of something
preyn: the object of a hunt; an animal hunted or trapped for eating
granaryn: a storehouse or other building where grain is kept; a place where grain is grown
typicaladj: having the usual characteristics or traits of a specific group of things
toleratev: to allow something to exist or happen, even if it is disliked or opposed
presencen: the fact or state that someone or something exists, occurs, or is present
mealtimen: the time when you eat a meal
likewiseadv: in the same way
pestn: a destructive insect or other animals that are harmful to crops, animals, or humans; someone or something that is annoying or troublesome
relationn: the way two persons or groups of people feel and act toward one another
beneficialadj: helpful, useful, or sound; promoting or enhancing well-being
migratev: to move from one country or region to another and settle there; to move from one place to another periodically or seasonally
Mediterraneann: the sea encircled by southern Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia
verminn: small animals, such as rats and mice, that are considered to be harmful
scourgen: a person or thing that causes great suffering or destruction; (verb) to punish someone severely
provisionn: the act of providing or supplying something; a clause in a document or law that specifies a particular requirement or condition
gnawv: to bite or chew on something persistently or nervously; to wear away at something gradually
essentialadj: indispensable; fundamental
globen: the earth or world, mainly used to emphasize its vastness
trotv: to run or jog at a moderate pace; to walk with long, quick strides
reveredv: highly respected or admired, often because of moral or spiritual qualities
dispatchv: to send someone or something somewhere for a particular purpose; to send a message or piece of information
venomousadj: extremely poisonous or injurious; containing or producing venom; marked by deep ill will
immortalityn: the state or quality of being able to live or last forever
frescon: a painting technique in which water and pigment are applied to wet plaster, producing a durable and luminous image
hieroglyphn: a writing system using picture symbols, such as the one used in ancient Egypt
statuen: a sculpture of a person or animal, typically made of stone or metal, that is intended to represent the subject in a lifelike or symbolic way
tombn: a large stone structure or underground chamber in which the dead are buried
mummifyv: to embalm and preserve the body of a deceased person, especially in ancient Egypt
cruisen: a voyage on a large ship for pleasure; driving or traveling at a leisurely pace
bayn: a part of the coast that is partially enclosed by land; a compartment or section of a ship or building
graduaten: a person who has a first degree from university or college; (verb) to complete the first course of university or college and get a degree
empiren: a group of countries ruled by one leader or government
lineagen: the ancestry of a person, group, or species
ornateadj: elaborately or excessively decorated
voyagen: a long journey, especially by sea or in space
seafarern: a person who works at sea, especially on a merchant ship or a navy vessel; a person who is experienced in sailing or navigating on the sea
tamev: to make wild animals domesticated or controlled, especially through specific training; (adjective) not dangerous or afraid of people, either naturally or because of specific training
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
descendv: to move downward and lower; to come from, or to be connected by a relationship of blood
genomen: the complete set or sequence of genes of a human, animal, plant, or other living things
undergov: to go through something unpleasant or that involves a change
breedv: to keep animals for producing offspring in a regulated manner
geneticallyadv: in a way that relates to or is produced by genes (= the units in the cells of a living thing received by an animal or plant from its parents) or heredity
docileadj: easily controlled or managed, or willing to be led or instructed
alterv: to cause to change or make different

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