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reliableadj: worthy of being relied on; trustworthy
algorithmn: a set of rules or rigorous instructions typically used to solve a specific problem or to perform a computation
blindadj: unable to see; unable or unwilling to perceive or understand the true nature of something
oncomingadj: approaching or moving toward a particular person or place; relating to something that is coming toward the observer
fortunateadj: having good luck or lucky
superpowern: a country or nation that has significant global influence or formidable military, economic, or technological strength; a supernatural ability or force capable of extraordinary feats or feats beyond normal human capabilities
detectv: to find or recognize something, especially something difficult to see, hear, etc.
hazardn: something dangerous and likely to cause damage
computationn: the act or process of calculating something, especially an answer or amount, by using a machine or calculator
labn: a workplace for the conduct of scientific research; a laboratory
sightn: the ability to see; anything that is seen
outdov: to do better than someone; to surpass
experimentn: the scientific test conducted to observe what happens and gain new knowledge
conductv: to organize and carry out a particular activity
scanv: to examine something hastily, with the eyes or with a machine, to get information
lasern: a device that emits powerful and narrow light that can be used as a tool to cut metal through a process of optical amplification
capturev: to catch a person or an animal and confine them in an area which they cannot escape
geometryn: the area of pure mathematics that deals with the points, lines, curves, and surfaces
magicn: beliefs and actions employed to influence supernatural beings and forces; any art or performance that invokes supernatural powers
framen: a strong border or structure of the wood, metal, etc. that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or window
trillionn: the number 1,000,000,000,000; a million million
movementn: a group of people working together to achieve a shared goal, especially a political, social, or artistic one; the process of moving or being moved, physically or figuratively
comicadj: funny and making you laugh
superheron: a fictional hero who possesses extraordinary powers and abilities and is dedicated to protecting the public
pulsen: the regular heartbeat as it sends blood around the body, especially when it is felt at the wrist or side of the neck; a solid regular vibration of sound, electric current, light, or other waves
nanosecondn: one thousand millionth or billionth (= 0.000,000,001) of a second
distancen: the amount of space between two points, measured in units such as miles, meters, or kilometers; the extent, scope, or range between two things, such as distance or emotional distance
centimetern: a unit of measurement of length in the metric system, equivalent to one-hundredth of a meter
photonn: a unit or quantum of electromagnetic energy, typically regarded as a particle that is the basic constituent of all light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation
picosecondn: a unit of time that is equal to one trillionth (10^-12) of a second
visibleadj: capable of being seen; or open to easy view
scatterv: to cause to separate and go in different directions
arrivaln: the act or situation of coming or being brought to a place; accomplishment of an objective
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
ordinaryadj: not different, exceptional, or unexpected in any way, especially in quality, ability, size, or degree
incredibleadj: unbelievable; enormous
splashv: to cause liquid to scatter in irregular drops, especially with force
reconstructionn: the process of rebuilding or repairing something that has been damaged or destroyed or of restoring something to its original condition
recoverv: to return to a former condition, health, mind, or strength
indooradj: located, happened, or used inside a building
glossyadj: having a smooth, shiny surface or finish; characterized by an attractive, polished appearance; often used to describe photographs or printed materials with a high-quality finish
dragonn: a mythical monster typically depicted as a giant reptile with wings, claws, and a fiery breath often portrayed as being fierce and dangerous
statuen: a sculpture of a person or animal, typically made of stone or metal, that is intended to represent the subject in a lifelike or symbolic way
discothequen: a nightclub or restaurant where recorded music is played, and people dance
discusn: a heavy, flat round object that is thrown in athletic competitions, consisting of a central hub with a raised rim and a metal or wooden plate attached to the edge, which is thrown by spinning rapidly and releasing it from the hand
visualadj: relating to seeing or sight
volumen: the amount of space occupied by an object or substance; the magnitude of sound
stackn: a pile of something arranged or laid one on top of another; a large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated
representv: to speak, act, or be present on behalf of another person or group; to form or constitute
depthn: the distance between the top and bottom of something; between the top surface and a distance below it
dimensionn: a measurable extent of a particular kind, such as width, height, or length
cuben: a three-dimensional shape with six square faces that are all equal in size; (of mathematics) the result of multiplying the number by itself three times
dotn: a very small circular mark, especially one that is printed
facetn: one of the many aspects or sides of a subject or situation, especially when seen from different angles or perspectives; a particular feature or characteristic of something
streakn: a long, narrow mark or band, typically one of a different color or texture from the surrounding surface; a brief period or run of success, luck, or behavior; a consistent pattern of behavior or a distinguishing characteristic of an individual
visualizev: to form a mental image or concept of something; to make something visible
illuminatingadj: making something clear or easy to understand; providing light
fireworkn: a device that produces a colorful display of light and sound when it is ignited
reconstructv: to build or form something again that has been damaged or destroyed
slightlyadv: in a small degree or extent; a little
suitn: a set of clothes that are made from the same material; a claim or complaint that a person or organization can file in court against another party; (verb) to be fit or acceptable for
tracksuitn: a two-piece athletic outfit consisting of a jacket and pants, often made of lightweight and breathable material, commonly worn during exercise or athletic activities
indirectadj: happening in addition to the main or intended aim, cause or result, often in a way that is not obvious; not following the shortest or straight way
practicaladj: of or connected with actual use or real situation rather than with theory and ideas
biomedicaladj: relating to the application of the natural sciences, especially biology, and physiology, to clinical medicine and healthcare
structuren: the way of construction of something and the arrangement of its parts, or a complex thing constructed of many parts
explorev: to travel to or penetrate an area or a country to learn about it; to thoroughly examine a subject or a possibility to learn more about it
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star
outdoorsadv: in or into the open air; outside a building or structure
advancementn: the development, improvement, or progress of something
bouncev: to cause to move up or away after hitting a surface; to spring back
prototypen: a first or preliminary example of something such as a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed
bulkyadj: taking up much space or being difficult to move because of its size or weight; large and unwieldy
miniatureadj: being on a very small scale
improvisationn: the act of making something up on the spot or creating or performing something without preparation
securityn: the state of being free from danger, risk, or harm; measures taken to protect against threats or attacks; a financial asset, such as a stock or bond that derives value exclusively from the ownership interest or claim to a particular underlying asset or obligation
modn: a modification or alteration, typically one made to improve something or increase its functionality; a British teenager or young adult in the 1960s, noted for their clothes consciousness and opposition to the rockers
excitingadj: causing a lot of interest or excitement
distantadj: far away in space, time, or where you are; far apart in relevance, relationship, or kinship
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
intelligentadj: having the capacity for thought and reason, especially to a high degree
pacen: the speed at which someone or something moves, or the rate at which something happens or changes
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
innovationn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation

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