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bizarreadj: very strange or unusual
magicaladj: produced by or containing supernatural powers
unravelv: undo twisted, knitted, or woven threads by separating it
slidev: to move or cause to move smoothly along a surface without interruption
stripv: to remove the surface from something; (noun) a sizeable narrow piece of something such as paper, metal, cloth, etc., or area of land, sea, etc.
staken: a share or financial investment in something such as a business; a wooden or metal post set up to mark something
summonv: to order someone to come to or be present at a specific place such as a court, or to arrange a meeting formally
croakv: to make a hoarse sound, like a raven or frog; to make complaining remarks or noises under one’s breath
reverberatev: to be repeated several times as an echo
earthwormn: a common type of worm that lives in soil
emergingadj: starting to exist, mature, or become well-known
soiln: the top layer of Earth in which plants grow
wormn: a long, thin creature with a soft and long cylindrical tube-like body, no limbs, and a lack of eyes
gruntv: to make a short, low noise in the throat
charmn: the power or quality of pleasing or fascinating people
fiddlev: to continuously touch or manipulate something with someone’s hands, mainly when bored or nervous; to act dishonestly to try to get money, information, etc., or gain an advantage
undertakingn: a task, business, assignment, or project, especially one that is essential or challenging
undergroundadj: under the surface of the ground; a secret group organized to achieve a specific purpose, such as overthrowing the government or occupying a force
exodusn: a situation in which a large number of people leave or escape from a place at the same time
unbelievableadj: beyond belief or understanding and extremely surprising
vulnerableadj: capable of being hurt or influenced physically or mentally
proposev: to make a proposal, declare a plan for something
imaginativeadj: having or showing new and creative ideas
hypothesisn: a proposed idea or explanation that is based on a few known facts but has not yet been proven to be true or accurate
medievaladj: relating to or belonging to the Middle Age that is for the period of A.D.600 to A.D. 1450
piedadj: having two or more different colors, usually black and white
legendn: an old story that may or may not be accurate regarding some persons and events; a well-known person who is admired by others for a long time, particularly in a particular field
bewitchv: to attract or interest someone a lot so that they cannot think in a sensible way
ticklev: to lightly touch a sensitive part of somebody’s body in a way that makes them laugh
emergev: to move out of or away from something and become visible
aggravationn: the condition of a disease or a poor situation being made worse
whimsicaladj: unusual and not severe in a way that might be funny or annoying; determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason
vibratev: to move or cause anything to move fast and in small increments from side to side
evadev: to escape from or avoid meeting someone or something
vibrationn: a continuous quick and slight shaking movement
burrowv: to excavate a hole or make a tunnel in the ground by digging, typically for use as a dwelling of an animal
mimicv: to imitate someone’s speech, movement, or behavior, especially to make others laugh
fleev: to leave by running away, especially out of fear or danger
drownv: to die or cause to die by being unable to breathe underwater
biologyn: the scientific study of life and the natural processes of living things
arenan: a large, flat area, often circular or oval-shaped, designed to showcase theatre, musical performances, or sporting events
buryv: to place a dead body in the ground, grave, or tomb
explorev: to travel to or penetrate an area or a country to learn about it; to thoroughly examine a subject or a possibility to learn more about it
inquiryn: the act or process of asking a question or asking for information; an official process of investigating a matter of public interest
rivaln: a person, company, or thing competing with others for the same thing or in the same area
formationn: the way something is created naturally or the way it has been arranged
moldn: a hollow container used to give shape to liquid or soft substance, which then becomes solid in the same shape as the container; a soft, green, or gray growth that forms on stale food or objects exposed to warm, moist air for too long
observationn: the act or activity of carefully examining or monitoring something or someone
culminationn: the peak highest point or climax of something, especially happening after a long time
investigationn: the act or process of thoroughly examining a crime, problem, statement, etc., to uncover the truth
tremblev: to shake slightly in a way that you cannot control, for example, because you are frightened, angry, or excited, or because of illness
pursuev: to do something or attempt to attain something over time; to follow or seek someone or something, especially in trying to catch them
molen: small velvety-furred burrowing mammal having small eyes and fossorial forefeet; a spy who works against enemy espionage; a small congenital pigmented spot on the skin
astoundv: to surprise or shock someone with wonder very much
abundantadj: present in great quantity
crawlv: to move forward slowly, as people or animals with their bodies near the ground
frequencyn: an ordered array of colors into which a light beam can be split
overlapv: to partially cover something by going beyond its edge
substantiallyadv: to a great extent or degree
evolvev: to develop gradually, or to cause the development of something or someone gradually
predatorn: an animal whose natural behavior is to prey on others
immuneadj: protected against a particular disease or toxin due to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells
subterraneanadj: under the ground
gulln: a seabird with long wings, short legs, and usually black and white or grey and white feathers
persistv: to continue to do and refuse to stop something despite difficulties or opposition, even if it appears unreasonable
beneficialadj: helpful, useful, or sound; promoting or enhancing well-being
preyn: the object of a hunt; an animal hunted or trapped for eating
adaptationn: the action or process of changing to suit different conditions
frequentadj: happening constantly
insectn: any small creature that has six legs and a body divided into three sections
predatev: to have existed or happened earlier than something
boldadj: brave, daring, and confident; not frightened of danger or afraid to say what you feel or to take risks
flashn: a sudden intense burst of radiant energy; a momentary brightness
elicitv: to obtain information or a reaction from someone, usually with difficulty
unknowinglyadv: without intention or being aware of what is happening
exploitv: to make full use of and gain an advantage from resources, opportunities, etc.
wigglev: to move or cause to move up and down or from side to side in short and quick movements
stickv: to put something, usually a sharp object, into something; to restrict yourself to doing or using one certain thing and not change; (noun) a thin piece of wood or other material

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