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confessionn: a formal statement in which one admits that they have done something wrong or illegal
archaeologyn: the branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures
curatorn: a person whose job is to manage the objects or artworks in a museum, art gallery, etc.
paradoxicaladj: seemingly contradictory or absurd because of having two opposite features or facts, though it is probably true
educationaladj: relating to education or providing knowledge or instruction
magicn: beliefs and actions employed to influence supernatural beings and forces; any art or performance that invokes supernatural powers
axn: a tool with a metal blade that is usually attached to a wooden handle and is used for chopping wood or other materials
totemn: a sacred object or symbol that represents a person, family, clan, or community, often used in indigenous cultures as part of a belief system or religious practice
polen: one of two antipodal points where the Earth’s axis of rotation intersects the Earth’s surface; a long, slender, rounded rod, typically of wood or metal, used as a support or to hang something
impressionismn: a style of art and literature that seeks to capture the fleeting momentary sensations and impressions of perception rather than objective reality or formal structure
imaginaryadj: existing only in someone’s mind
pausev: to take a short break from talking or doing something before continuing
musen: a source of inspiration, particularly for creative endeavors such as writing or art; a mythical spirit thought to inspire poets and artists
gazev: to stare at something or someone for an extended time, usually out of surprise or adoration, or because you are thinking about something else
empiren: a group of countries ruled by one leader or government
meditationn: the act of focusing one’s mind on a particular object or thought; activity to train attention and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state
battlegroundn: a place where a battle is fought
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
distantadj: far away in space, time, or where you are; far apart in relevance, relationship, or kinship
institutionalizev: to establish or make something a part of an institution (= a place such as a university, hospital, etc.)
treasuren: a valuable or desirable possession; something that is cherished or held dear; a collection of valuable objects or money that is hidden or protected
repatriatev: to return a person or group of people to their country of origin or citizenship; to bring back someone who was deported or exiled
originn: the first existence or beginning of something
sculpturen: the art of creating three-dimensional objects or forms, typically by carving, modeling, or casting in a variety of materials such as stone, wood, metal, or clay
antiquityn: the ancient past, especially the period of classical civilization
ancestraladj: related to or connected with members of your family from the past
tattoon: a form of body modification made by inserting ink, dyes, or pigments, either permanent or temporary, into the skin to form a design
claimv: to assert that something is true; to demand or request something as one’s own; to lay legal or moral right to something; (noun) a demand or assertion of a right or something that one believes to be true
paleadj: having skin that is very light colored; lacking in vitality or interest or effectiveness
comparisonn: the consideration or examination of the similarities between two or more people or things
nativeadj: connecting with or describing someone’s birth country or place of birth, or someone born in a specific country or place
artifactn: a person-made object, especially one of historical or cultural interest
skeletonn: the structure of bones in a human or animal body, or a framework of bones or other material that supports a plant
illustratev: to provide pictures, photographs, diagrams, etc. in a book or something for explanation
staken: a share or financial investment in something such as a business; a wooden or metal post set up to mark something
carvingn: the act or process of cutting or shaping a hard material, such as wood or stone, into a specific form or design
triben: a social group made up of members who live together, sharing the same language, culture, religion, etc., especially those who do not live in towns or cities
anthropologyn: the scientific study of humanity, concerned with human behavior, human biology, cultures, societies, and linguistics in both the present and past, including past human species
religionn: a deep conviction in a supernatural power that controls human destiny
precursorn: a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind and that contributes to or influences its growth
starkadj: empty, simple, or apparent; devoid of any qualifications
ushern: a person who shows people to their seats in a theater or church or who guides them through a building
modernadj: of or belonging to the present time or recent times
movementn: a group of people working together to achieve a shared goal, especially a political, social, or artistic one; the process of moving or being moved, physically or figuratively
viewpointn: a way of thinking about a specific subject; a place from which something can be viewed, especially in an area of natural beauty
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
introductionn: a preliminary explanation or remarks given before the start of a text, performance, or event; the act of bringing something new into existence or introducing something to a wider audience or new market
appreciatev: to value and acknowledge the worth of someone or something; to be grateful for something or someone
committedadj: willing to put in a lot of effort, time, and energy into something; firmly believing in something
violentadj: involving or caused by physical force or aggression against someone or something
priestn: a person who performs religious duties and ceremonies, especially in the Christian faith
ritualn: any customary observance or practice; any prescribed procedure for conducting religious ceremonies
carvev: to create something by cutting wood or stone; to turn sharply
ceremonyn: a formal event or ritual, often religious or solemn
sacredadj: connected with religion or religious purposes; worthy of respect or dedication because of a connection with a god
shrinen: a place considered holy because of its association with a deity or a sacred person or relic or because it is a place of pilgrimage or worship
universen: everything that exists, especially all physical matter, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy
balancen: a condition in which everything has the same weight or force; something left after other parts have been taken away
belongv: to be the property of someone or something; to be a member or part of a group; to be in the proper or appropriate place
fulfillv: to meet the requirements or expectations; to achieve or realize
spiritualadj: relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things
startlingadj: extremely surprising, astonishing, and sometimes worrying
concludev: to come to an end or close; to reach a judgment or opinion by reasoning
contradictv: to deny the truth of a statement by stating the opposite; to be in conflict with
refrainv: to avoid or stop doing something; to hold oneself back from an action
plotn: a secret plan or scheme to achieve a specific goal; the plan or main story of a literary work; (verb) to plan secretly, usually something illegal
questionableadj: doubtful or uncertain and may be open to question or criticism
desertn: arid land with little or no vegetation often covered with sand or rocks
amazev: to fill with wonder, surprise, or admiration
beneathadv: in or to a lower place than someone or something
blandadj: lacking in strong flavor, character, or interest; unremarkable or unexciting
stripv: to remove the surface from something; (noun) a sizeable narrow piece of something such as paper, metal, cloth, etc., or area of land, sea, etc.
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
laboratoryn: a workplace for doing scientific research or teaching science; a lab
racialadj: of or related to the race (= classification of humans into groups based on physical traits or social relations)
hierarchyn: a system in which people or things are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest
plunderv: to rob or steal, especially by force or in times of war or chaos; to pillage or loot a place or property
graven: a place where a dead body is buried, typically marked by a headstone or other memorial; a very serious, solemn, or important matter; (verb) to carve, cut, or etch a design, inscription, or mark onto a hard surface, such as stone or metal; (adjective) serious, solemn, or weighty in nature
battlefieldn: a place where a battle or conflict is fought
buryv: to place a dead body in the ground, grave, or tomb
depositn: a sum of money or materials placed or kept in a bank, safety deposit box, or other secure places for safekeeping; a layer of rock, sand, or other material left behind by a flowing liquid or eroding force
specimenn: an individual example or sample of something, typically used to represent a larger group or category
banv: to officially or legally forbid or refuse to allow something
cuspn: a pointed end, especially the pointed end of a crescent moon or the part of a curve that is most curved
extinctionn: the complete disappearance of a species from the earth
racismn: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people based on their membership in a particular ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized
colonn: the punctuation mark ( : ) used to introduce a list, summary, explanation, etc., or before reporting what someone has said; a significant part of the large intestine, the final section of the digestive system
labeln: a small piece of paper, fabric, or other material attached to an object and giving information about it; (verb) to assign to a category
protestn: a strong expression of disagreement, disapproval, or opposition
governmentn: the group of people with authority to control a country or state
congressn: a formal meeting of the representatives of different countries, constituent states, organizations, trade unions, political parties, or other groups
reclaimv: to take back something previously lost, given, or paid, or ask to have it back
panicn: a sudden strong feeling of fear that cannot be controlled and prevents reasonable thought and action
graspv: to take hold of something or someone quickly and firmly
spiritn: the part of a person which is the seat of their mind, feelings, and character rather than their physical body; the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people
surroundv: to be all around something or somebody
luminousadj: emitting or reflecting light, especially in the dark; shining or glowing brightly; full of light or enlightenment
insightn: the ability to gain an accurate and deep understanding of people or situations; an accurate and deep understanding of what something is like
frankadj: honest and sincere; open and candid in expression
declarev: to say, state, or announce something clearly, officially, or publicly
humankindn: the whole of the living human inhabitants of the earth
enigman: a puzzling or mysterious person, place, or thing; something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain; a riddle or mysterious puzzle that requires a solution
decipherv: to read or understand something that is written in code or in a difficult or obscure way
heritagen: the culture and traditions that are passed down from previous generations
preservev: to keep or maintain a particular quality, feature, etc., especially to prevent it from decaying, being damaged, or being destroyed
graduatedadj: having received a degree from a school, college, or university; marked with or divided into levels or degrees
epiphanyn: a moment of sudden and great realization or revelation; a Christian festival, held on 6 January, celebrating the visit of the three wise men to the infant Jesus
vastadj: enormous in size, number, amount, or quantity
dividev: to separate or cause to separate into parts or groups
imperfectlyadv: in a faulty or incomplete way
reconciliationn: the restoration of cordial or friendly relations; getting two things to correspond
ruinv: to damage, spoil, or demolish something; (noun) an unrecoverable state of devastation and destruction,
hirev: to give somebody a job
proactiveadj: acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty or to take advantage of an opportunity.
confrontv: to face, meet or deal with a problem or difficult situation or person
closetn: a small room or cabinet with a door used for storing things, especially clothes
involvev: to include or affect someone or something as a necessary part of something else
negotiatev: to have formal discussions with someone to reach an agreement
transferv: to move, pass, or change from one person, place, or situation to another
undertakev: to do or begin to do something, such as an enterprise or responsibility
relativeadj: considered and evaluated through comparison with something else
unearthv: to discover or bring to light something that is in the ground or was previously hidden or unknown
endlessadj: having no end or conclusion; infinitely very large in size or amount
permanentadj: lasting for a long time without essential change
featn: a notable or impressive achievement, especially one that requires great skill or bravery
catalogn: a complete list of items, often including technical details and prices
ethnologyn: an academic field that compares and analyzes the characteristics of different peoples and the relationships between them
dubiousadj: having doubts or reservations; uncertain
overlyadv: to a greater degree than is appropriate or desirable
enthusiasticadj: having or showing great excitement, interest, or eagerness; energetic or passionate about something
necklacen: a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck, typically consisting of a chain or cord with a pendant, charms, or beads attached
propertyn: a thing or things that belong to someone
provisionn: the act of providing or supplying something; a clause in a document or law that specifies a particular requirement or condition
insistv: to say something clearly or demand something forcefully, especially when other people disagree with or oppose what you say
warnv: to make someone aware of potential danger or difficulty, particularly one that may occur in the future
precedentn: a previous event or action that serves as an example or rule to authorize or justify similar events or actions in the future
disputen: a disagreement, argument, or controversy between two people, groups, or countries, especially a formal one
strengthn: the quality or state of being physically, or sometimes mentally, strong
colleaguen: one of a group of a coworker, especially in a profession or a business
representv: to speak, act, or be present on behalf of another person or group; to form or constitute
storagen: the act or process of putting in and keeping something in a particular place for use in the future; an electronic memory device that can store information
retainv: to keep or continue to possess or maintain something
traditionn: a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has been passed down from generation to generation within a group or society
potteryn: ceramic ware made from clay and baked in a kiln; the art or process of making objects from clay by shaping it and then firing it in a kiln or oven
jewelryn: decorative ornaments made of precious metals, gemstones, or other materials, worn as personal adornment, which can include items such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and brooches
preciousadj: uncommon and extremely valuable
relationn: the way two persons or groups of people feel and act toward one another
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
atopadv: on, to, or at the top
mesan: a flat-topped hill with steep sides, found in landscapes with horizontal strata
overlookv: to fail to notice something; to watch over someone; to provide a view from above
homelandn: a place regarded as one’s native country or where one belongs
enclosev: to surround, as with a fence, wall, or barrier; to put within boundaries; to include
threadn: a fine cord of natural or synthetic fibers or filaments, such as cotton or nylon, used in sewing, knitting, or weaving; a series of connected messages or comments on a social media platform or online forum, often related to a particular topic; a sequence or line of events, ideas, or actions that are connected or related; (verb) to pass a thread through a needle or other small opening, in preparation for sewing or stitching
barbn: a sharp projection or point, often on a plant or animal; a cutting remark or criticism that is meant to hurt or insult; a type of fishing lure that has small hooks and a brightly colored feather or hair
turquoisen: a greenish-blue mineral that is a hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate and is valued as a gemstone, often used in jewelry and decorative objects
shelln: hard outer covering or case of eggs, nuts, some seeds, and some animals
ancientadj: relating to the long ago, particularly the historical period preceding the fall of the Western Roman Empire; very old
glimpsen: a brief or partial view; the act of seeing something or someone for a very short time or only partly
inheritv: to receive money, property, or a title from someone after they have died
pillagen: the act of looting or plundering, particularly during times of war or conflict; the theft or destruction of property or valuables; (verb) to rob, loot, or plunder a place or area, usually in a violent and destructive way
responsibleadj: answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management
dignityn: the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect; high office or rank or station
voicelessadj: without a voice or the ability to speak
curiosityn: a strong desire to know or learn about something
templen: a place of worship, especially one that is associated with a particular religion or faith; the flat area on either side of the forehead
eaglen: a large predatory bird with a hooked beak and broad wings, known for its keen eyesight and powerful flight; a symbol of strength and freedom in many cultures