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universen: everything that exists, especially all physical matter, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy
flourishv: to grow or develop vigorously or successfully
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star
encounterv: to face something, particularly something unpleasant or difficult, while attempting to do something else; to meet, especially unexpectedly
atmospheren: the mass of air that surrounds the Earth; the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation, or creative work
loungen: a waiting room as in a hotel or airport
nowhereadv: not in, at, or to any place; not anywhere
collidev: to hit something violently when moving
galaxyn: an independent group of stars, interstellar gas, dark matter, etc., in the universe, bound together by gravity
explodev: to burst or break open violently and noisily; to cause something to burst or break open
meteoriten: a solid object originating in outer space that reaches the Earth’s surface without completely vaporizing in the atmosphere; a rock that has fallen from space
asteroidn: a small rocky body orbiting the sun, typically in the region between Mars and Jupiter
explorev: to travel to or penetrate an area or a country to learn about it; to thoroughly examine a subject or a possibility to learn more about it
originn: the first existence or beginning of something
ethicaladj: of or relating to principles about what is right and wrong, or the branch of knowledge dealing with these
dilemman: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more options, especially that are equally unfavorable ones
chemistryn: the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
immediateadj: happening or done without delay or occurring shortly after something else
chemicaladj: relating to or connected with chemistry;
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
retainv: to keep or continue to possess or maintain something
astoundv: to surprise or shock someone with wonder very much
electronn: a tiny particle with the negative electrical charge
nitrogenn: a chemical element with the symbol N and atomic number 7, which is a highly reactive element that forms part of many compounds, including amino acids and proteins
chewv: to crush or grind something, especially food, with the teeth and then swallow it
sunlightn: the light emitted by the sun; the rays of the sun
remarkableadj: worthy of attention because unusual or special
defyv: to challenge or dare someone to do something; to resist or disobey a rule, decision, etc.
degradationn: the condition or process of changing to a lower state, or a less respected state
unbrokenadj: continuous and not interrupted; (of promises or contracts) not violated or disregarded
heritagen: the culture and traditions that are passed down from previous generations
incrediblyadv: in a way that is very difficult to believe; exceedingly or extremely
exoticadj: originating from or characteristic of a foreign country or culture; strikingly unusual, uncommon, or intriguing
physicsn: the science of matter and energy and their interactions
geologyn: a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
biologyn: the scientific study of life and the natural processes of living things
incredibleadj: unbelievable; enormous
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
convertv: to have a talk with someone; (adjective) reversed in order, relation, or action
stimulatev: to encourage something to develop or become more active; to stir the feelings or emotions
innovationn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation
laboratoryn: a workplace for doing scientific research or teaching science; a lab
statisticsn: the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data
mathematicsn: the science dealing with the logic of quantities, shapes, spaces, and arrangement
evolutionaryadj: relating to or denoting how living things develop or change from earlier forms
inferv: to form an opinion or conclude that something is true based on existing facts
sequencen: a series of related events, actions, numbers, etc., which have a particular order
ancientadj: relating to the long ago, particularly the historical period preceding the fall of the Western Roman Empire; very old
synthesizev: to combine a substance to make a more complex product or compound
moleculen: a group of two or more atoms held together by attractive forces known as chemical bonds
engineern: a person whose job is designing, building, or maintaining something such as machines, structures, or software
capturev: to catch a person or an animal and confine them in an area which they cannot escape
simulatev: to make a pretense of someone’s behavior or looks; to reproduce something that exists in real life using computers, models, etc., usually for study or training purposes
labn: a workplace for the conduct of scientific research; a laboratory
ingredientn: one of the things used to make something, especially one of the foods used to make a particular dish
obtainv: to get something, especially by making a great effort
noveln: an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story; (adjective) original and of a kind not seen before
reactionn: a response that reveals a person’s feelings or attitude; (in chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others
lifelikeadj: resembling or appearing similar to something alive or real, often realistically or vividly; convincing or authentic in appearance or behavior
dotn: a very small circular mark, especially one that is printed
translatev: to convert or change words into another language
transformv: to change in outward structure or looks;
transitn: the act or process of passing through or across a place or state; transportation
recipen: a set of instructions for preparing a dish, including the ingredients and the method of cooking
uniqueadj: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else
revolutionn: a large-scale attempt to overthrow the government of a country, often using violence or war;
assessv: to judge or decide the nature or quality of someone or something
telescopen: a device like a tube in shape containing lenses used to magnify and observe distant objects
vastadj: enormous in size, number, amount, or quantity
pursuev: to do something or attempt to attain something over time; to follow or seek someone or something, especially in trying to catch them
interactv: to communicate or react with somebody
engagingadj: attracting, pleasant, or charming
adaptv: to make fit for or change to suit a new purpose or environment
preconditionn: a necessary condition or requirement that must be met for something else to happen or be possible
survivev: to live or exist despite a dangerous event or period
terraformv: to transform the environment or land of a planet, moon, or other celestial body to make it habitable for life, typically by introducing or modifying the atmosphere, temperature, or topography
empowerv: to give someone the power or authority to do something
colonn: the punctuation mark ( : ) used to introduce a list, summary, explanation, etc., or before reporting what someone has said; a significant part of the large intestine, the final section of the digestive system
geneticallyadv: in a way that relates to or is produced by genes (= the units in the cells of a living thing received by an animal or plant from its parents) or heredity
relatev: to establish a connection or association between two or more things; to narrate or tell about an event, experience, or relationship; to empathize or feel sympathy with someone or something
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
spicen: a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetable substance primarily used to season or flavor food
saucen: a liquid or semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods
nudgev: to push someone or something gently, especially with your elbow, to attract the person’s attention; (noun) a small push or prod to encourage a desired action or behavior
reactv: to take action in response to something
sparkv: to start something or make it grow, especially suddenly; to emit a tiny piece of fire or electricity
conjunctionn: the state of being joined, united, or associated; a part of speech that connects words, phrases, or clauses, such as and, but, while
meddlev: to interfere in someone else’s affairs without permission or invitation; to become involved in an activity that is not one’s own
kick-startv: to start something by providing an initial burst of energy or enthusiasm
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
unfoldv: to open up or spread out something that is folded or rolled up; to reveal or disclose something that was previously hidden or unknown
extraordinaryadj: exceptional, unexpected, very unusual; surpassing the ordinary or usual
proposev: to make a proposal, declare a plan for something
responsibleadj: answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management
prohibitionn: the act of not allowing something, or an order that does so, especially by law or authority
sponsorv: to provide funds for a particular event, program, individual, etc. as a way of advertising
spontaneityn: the quality or state of being spontaneous; the act of behaving or acting in an impulsive, uninhibited, or unplanned manner
unpredictableadj: not capable of being foreseen or calculated; not regular or certain
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
meritn: the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially to deserve praise or reward
evolutionn: a gradual process of transformation of living things
cosmosn: another name for the universe, mainly used when it is thought of as an ordered system
regardv: to think about or consider somebody or something in a specified way
paletten: a thin board or tablet used by artists to mix and apply paint; a range of colors or shades used in a particular work of art
encouragev: to give someone support, confidence, or hope; to persuade someone to do or continue to do something by making it easier for them and making them believe it is a good thing to do
appreciatev: to value and acknowledge the worth of someone or something; to be grateful for something or someone
emergev: to move out of or away from something and become visible
dedicatev: to give all of your energy, time, etc., entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; to set apart for a particular purpose or use

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