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pitchn: the property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration; the degree of a slope, especially of a roof; short presentation for selling or sharing something
suddenlyadv: quickly and unexpectedly
hazardn: something dangerous and likely to cause damage
navigatev: to plan and direct the way that a ship, plane, etc. will travel, often by using a map
onslaughtn: a fierce or violent attack; a sudden and intense outburst of something, usually negative
obstaclen: a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress
detectv: to find or recognize something, especially something difficult to see, hear, etc.
gleanv: to collect information, knowledge, etc., in small amounts and often with difficulty; to gather, as natural products
algorithmn: a set of rules or rigorous instructions typically used to solve a specific problem or to perform a computation
plotn: a secret plan or scheme to achieve a specific goal; the plan or main story of a literary work; (verb) to plan secretly, usually something illegal
resolvev: to find a suitable answer to the problems or difficulty
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
splitv: to divide, or to make something divide into two or more parts, especially along a particular line
lasern: a device that emits powerful and narrow light that can be used as a tool to cut metal through a process of optical amplification
proben: a tool used for testing or examining, especially for medical or scientific purposes, or an exploratory mission to a planet or other celestial body; (verb) to investigate, examine, or search into something
miniatureadj: being on a very small scale
communicatev: to share or exchange information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals
hummingadj: producing a continuous, low, vibrating sound like that of the bee
integratev: to combine one thing with another so that they form a whole or work together; to accept equal participation for members of all races and ethnic groups
photonn: a unit or quantum of electromagnetic energy, typically regarded as a particle that is the basic constituent of all light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation
relatev: to establish a connection or association between two or more things; to narrate or tell about an event, experience, or relationship; to empathize or feel sympathy with someone or something
radarn: a technology that employs radio waves to locate items that cannot be seen
aviationn: the activity or process of designing, building, flying, and maintaining aircraft
antennan: an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals; (biology) one of one or more pairs of appendages used for sensing in insects
launchv: to send or propel something into the air or space using a device such as a rocket, missile, or spacecraft; to make something available or on sale for the first time
pulsen: the regular heartbeat as it sends blood around the body, especially when it is felt at the wrist or side of the neck; a solid regular vibration of sound, electric current, light, or other waves
microwaven: a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from about one millimeter to one meter and frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz; an electric oven that cooks food by exposing it to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which causes the food molecules to vibrate and heat up quickly
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
beamn: a long, sturdy piece of timber, metal, or other material used to support a structure or span a distance; a ray or stream of light emitted by a source
bouncev: to cause to move up or away after hitting a surface; to spring back
visualizev: to form a mental image or concept of something; to make something visible
contrastv: to put in opposition to show or emphasize differences
detectionn: the act of discovering or identifying the presence of something
invisibleadj: impossible or nearly impossible to see
infraredadj: relating to or denoting electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength just longer than that of red light but shorter than that of microwave radiation, used for sensing heat and for remote control
featn: a notable or impressive achievement, especially one that requires great skill or bravery
pedestriann: a person who is in the street, especially in an area where vehicles go
determinantn: a factor, circumstance, or condition that contributes to the shaping, influencing, or determining of a particular outcome or result
depthn: the distance between the top and bottom of something; between the top surface and a distance below it
moosen: a large deer native to the northern forests of North America and Eurasia
scatterv: to cause to separate and go in different directions
antlern: a branched, bony growth that protrudes from the forehead of male deer, elk, and moose and that is shed and regrown annually
tipn: the top or extreme point of something slender or tapering, usually a mountain or hill; a piece of advice about something practical; a small amount of money given for services
renderv: to bring someone or something into a particular state; to provide something such as service, help, etc.
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
unstableadj: lacking solidity, persistence, or firmness and therefore not strong, safe, or likely to continue; lacking control of one’s emotions
preciseadj: sharply exact or accurate or delimited
reliableadj: worthy of being relied on; trustworthy
digitaladj: processing or storing information as a succession of 1 and 0 to show that a signal is present or missing; relating to the use of computer technology, especially the internet
precisionn: the quality or condition of being exact and accurate
picosecondn: a unit of time that is equal to one trillionth (10^-12) of a second
modn: a modification or alteration, typically one made to improve something or increase its functionality; a British teenager or young adult in the 1960s, noted for their clothes consciousness and opposition to the rockers
devicen: a piece of equipment, tool, or technology that serves a particular purpose or function, often mechanical or electronic
advantagen: a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position; a beneficial feature or asset that someone or something has
propertyn: a thing or things that belong to someone
interferencen: the act or process of getting involved in and trying to influence a specific situation; the state of being affected and influenced with
pebblen: a small, smooth, rounded rock, especially one worn by the action of water
pondn: a small, shallow lake
ripplen: a small wave on the surface of a liquid, typically caused by an object falling into it or a slight wind
overlapv: to partially cover something by going beyond its edge
peakn: the point to which something or someone is at its strongest, best, or most successful; the pointed top of a mountain
cancelv: to decide that a previously scheduled activity will not take place
paralleladj: being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting; of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
rejoinv: to return to someone or something
delayv: to cause something to happen at a later time than originally intended or expected
recombinev: to combine or put together again or differently; to cause genetic recombination (= the process by which genetic material is broken and joined to other genetic material)
synchronizev: to happen or cause to happen at the same time or rate
togglen: a switch, button, or lever that can be used to turn a device or feature on or off or to switch between different options or modes; (verb) to switch between two different states, options, or modes, often repeatedly
emitv: to give off or send out something such as light, heat, sound, gas, etc.
centimetern: a unit of measurement of length in the metric system, equivalent to one-hundredth of a meter
sensitiveadj: able to notice slight changes, signals, or influences; able to feel or perceive other’s feelings; susceptible to the things people say or do
fast-actingadj: describing a substance or product that works rapidly, quickly producing the desired effect or result
refinedadj: made pure by having impurities or unwanted elements removed by processing
visionn: the ability to think about or see the future with imagination and intelligence; the faculty of being able to see
automobilen: a road vehicle that has four wheels and is powered by an engine, used for transporting people or goods
relyv: to require a specific thing or the assistance and support of someone or something to continue, run properly, or succeed.
complexityn: the state or quality of being complicated or intricate and difficult to understand
spinningn: the act of rotating rapidly around an axis; in the context of textiles, the process of twisting fibers together to form thread or yarn
assemblyn: a group of people who have been elected, especially one that meets regularly and makes decisions or laws for a specific region or country
scanv: to examine something hastily, with the eyes or with a machine, to get information
rooftopn: the upper surface or cover of a building’s roof, often used for recreational or other purposes
hoodn: a covering for the head and neck, especially one attached to a garment
shrinkv: to become smaller, or to make something smaller in size or amount
chipn: a small fragment of something broken off from the whole; a long and thin piece of potato fried in oil or fat
variationn: the act or state of changing; a difference or change in the way something is done, made or said
additionn: the act or process of adding something to something else; the process of adding numbers
dimadj: poorly lit; not bright
arrayn: a large group or collection of things or people, especially one that is impressive or attractive
stackn: a pile of something arranged or laid one on top of another; a large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated
noveln: an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story; (adjective) original and of a kind not seen before
steerv: to control the direction or movement of a vehicle; to direct a course of action; to guide or motivate someone
vantagen: a position or place that provides a commanding or advantageous view or perspective; a favorable position or advantage
thoroughadj: done completely; significantly careful and accurate
sweatn: the salty liquid that is produced by the glands in the skin, especially when the body is hot or under stress
disorientv: to make someone confused about where they are or where they should go