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asleepadj: in a state of sleep
comfortn: a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint
tricklev: to flow or drip slowly and in small amounts; to happen or occur gradually or in small quantities
streamn: a small, narrow river; a continuous flow of something, such as liquid, gas, people, vehicles, etc.
progressionn: the act or process of changing to the next stage or phase or moving forward
profoundlyadv: to a great or complete degree; deeply
deafadj: lacking the ability to hear, or having impaired hearing; unresponsive or unaware of certain sounds or signals
disabilityn: a physical or mental condition that makes it difficult for someone to do some things that other people do
enforcev: to make sure that people obey a particular law, rule, or situation
accommodationn: a place to live, work, or stay, particularly for a temporary or short-term period; adjustment or adaptation to meet various needs or circumstances
policyn: a set of rules, guidelines, principles, or procedures that govern decision-making or action, often used in the context of business or government; a course of action or plan of action adopted or followed by an organization or individual to achieve a goal or objective
conventionn: a large formal assembly of people who do a particular job or have a similar interest or of a political party; something regarded as a normative example
convincev: to persuade someone or make someone believe that something is true
transitionn: the process or period of changing from one state or circumstance to another
stumblev: to miss a step and fall or nearly fall; to walk unsteadily
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
innovationn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation
definev: to state or explain precisely the nature, scope, or meaning of something
constraintn: a limit or restriction on something, such as an action, behavior, or thought
observev: to watch or notice something carefully, often to gather information or insights; to take note of something or someone; to celebrate or commemorate a special event or occasion
empathn: a person who can understand and share the feelings and experiences of others, often described as having a high degree of empathy
prototypen: a first or preliminary example of something such as a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed
mimicv: to imitate someone’s speech, movement, or behavior, especially to make others laugh
refinev: to make something more pure, polished, cultured, or effective; to improve, perfect, or enhance through a process of purification or development
implementv: to put a decision, plan, or system into effect
sustainableadj: able to continue or be continued for a long time
sidewaysadv: towards or from the side; with one side forward or to the front; (adjective, of movement) at an angle
reframev: to reinterpret, rephrase, or redefine an issue, situation, or question in a different way
experimentn: the scientific test conducted to observe what happens and gain new knowledge
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
disciplinen: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using and punishments if these are broken; a region of activity, knowledge, or influence
perspectiven: a confident attitude toward something; a particular style of thinking about something
ultimateadj: furthest or highest in degree or order
mergev: to combine or integrate things, or to cause this to happen
versatileadj: able to do many things in different fields; having many talents
industriousadj: hardworking, diligent, and persistent in effort
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
woodworkn: the craft or activity of working with wood to create structures or objects; the inner workings or background details of a situation or event that were previously unknown or hidden
engineern: a person whose job is designing, building, or maintaining something such as machines, structures, or software
visualadj: relating to seeing or sight
alertv: to warn or arouse to a sense of danger; (adjective) paying close attention or being in a state of readiness for action
pitchn: the property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration; the degree of a slope, especially of a roof; short presentation for selling or sharing something
weighv: to have a particular weight; to carefully evaluate things before making a conclusion
conventionaladj: based on or following traditional rules, standards, customs, etc.
wisdomn: the quality of being wise, or the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make sensible decisions
originn: the first existence or beginning of something
embracev: to accept something willingly and enthusiastically; (noun) the act of clasping another person in the arms as in greeting or affection
mainstreamn: the ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc., that are considered normal or accepted by most people
peelv: to remove the skin of fruit and vegetables
arthritisn: inflammation of one or more joints of the body, which include pain and stiffness
mindsetn: the established set of attitudes or fixed ideas held by someone
normn: something that is regarded as usual, typical, or standard
inclusiveadj: including much or everything, and especially including stated limits; not excluding any of the people, things, ideas, etc. involved in something
excitev: to make someone feel suddenly enthusiastic or eager
accommodatev: to provide someone with a place to live or to be stored in; to make fit for or to change to suit a new purpose
levern: a handle used to operate a vehicle or a machine; a rigid bar resting on a pivot so that one end of it can be pushed or pulled easily
moldn: a hollow container used to give shape to liquid or soft substance, which then becomes solid in the same shape as the container; a soft, green, or gray growth that forms on stale food or objects exposed to warm, moist air for too long
deficiencyn: the state of lack, or not having enough of, something that is essential
tolerancen: the willingness to accept or tolerate something, especially something that is different or unpleasant
alchemyn: a medieval chemical philosophy and speculative theory that aimed to transform base metals into gold or produce a universal elixir that could cure all diseases and grant immortality; a process of transformation or creation that appears magical or mysterious
magiciann: a person who performs magic tricks or illusions to entertain an audience; typically involves sleight of hand or deception to create seemingly impossible or supernatural effects
desperatelyadv: in a way that shows a lack of hope and a willingness to do anything because of the problematic situation; with great urgency
fine-tuningn: the act of making small adjustments or changes to improve or optimize the performance, quality, or effectiveness of something
solvern: a thinker who finds an answer to a problem or a difficult situation; a piece of software or the algorithm that solves a mathematical problem
conversationn: an informal talk between two or more people to exchange their views, ideas, information, etc.
frustratev: to hinder or prevent efforts, plans, or desires from doing, succeeding, or being fulfilled; to make someone feel upset or annoyed because they are unable to change or achieve something
mufflev: to wrap or cover something to deaden sound or prevent others from hearing it; to suppress or soften the sound of something; to decrease the intensity or impact of something
rhythmn: a strong regular repeated pattern of sounds, words, or musical notes that are used in music, poetry, and dancing
quittern: a person who gives up easily or does not have the determination to finish what they have started
semestern: one of the periods that the school or university divided into, especially in the US and Australia; a half-year term
spann: the entire length of something, such as time or space from beginning to end; the amount of space that something covers
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
similarlyadv: in almost the same way
encouragev: to give someone support, confidence, or hope; to persuade someone to do or continue to do something by making it easier for them and making them believe it is a good thing to do
nationn: a large organized community of people living in a particular country or region and having a particular culture
excelv: to be extremely good at or proficient in doing something
adaptv: to make fit for or change to suit a new purpose or environment
flankn: the side of an animal, especially the side between the last rib and the hip; the side of military or naval formation; (verb) to be located on either side of something
spectrumn: an ordered array of colors into which a light beam can be split
repositionv: to move to a new or different position or location
observationn: the act or activity of carefully examining or monitoring something or someone
constantadj: happening repeatedly or all the time
ideatev: to conceive of and develop an idea or concept in one’s mind, often as part of a creative process or a problem-solving effort
frequentadj: happening constantly
extremeadj: very great in amount or degree
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
relocatev: to move or move something or someone to a new place and build a house or a business there
earthquaken: a sudden and violent shaking of the ground caused by the movement of rock beneath the earth’s surface
electrifyv: to make a machine or system work by using electricity; to make someone extremely enthusiastic about or interested in something
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
rampantadj: (especially of something bad or unwelcome) flourishing or spreading everywhere in a way that cannot be controlled
punishmentn: a penalty or consequence inflicted for wrongdoing or offense; a means of enforcing discipline or preventing further wrongdoing
aidn: things sent to help countries in need, notably food or money; support
predeterminev: to decide or determine in advance; to establish or influence beforehand
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
insertv: to put something inside something else