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sharkn: a long-bodied, mostly predatory marine fish that has sharp teeth and a pointed fin on its back; a person who is ruthless, greedy, and dishonest
scuban: an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, a device used for underwater diving
gloriousadj: having or deserving great admiration, praise, and honor; having great beauty and splendor
mantan: a large, flat-bodied fish related to rays found in warm ocean waters around the world
rayn: a narrow line of light, heat, or another form of energy
whalen: a very large sea mammal that has a streamlined body and breathes through a blowhole on the head; a very large person; impressive in size or qualities
penguinn: a flightless sea bird that is found in the Southern Hemisphere and is known for its distinctive black and white coloring and its upright, waddling gait
hammerheadn: a type of hammer with a head that is wider than the handle; a type of shark with a distinctive hammer-shaped head
divev: to jump into the water with your head and arms going in first, or to move down to a deeper level underwater
trickyadj: requiring care and skill because challenging to do or deal with
surgen: a sudden and great increase of something, such as a feeling, the amount or number, etc.
rigv: to prepare or set up something in a certain way, typically in a carefully planned or fraudulent manner; to equip with sails or masts
tightadj: fixed, fastened, or kept together firmly or closely
scanv: to examine something hastily, with the eyes or with a machine, to get information
photographn: a picture or image that is produced by a camera; a visual representation or record of a person, object, or scene that has been captured electronically or on film
terriblyadv: very badly; to a great extent or very much
urchinn: a poor and mischievous young child, usually living on the street or in a disadvantaged community; a small, spiny marine animal with a round body and long, pointed spines
spinen: the series of bones running down the center of the back that protect the spinal cord and support the body; the backbone or vertebral column
gloven: a piece of clothing worn on the hand and wrist for protection against cold, dirt, etc., with separate parts for each finger
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
venomn: a toxic substance produced by an animal, typically a snake or insect, and injected into prey or an enemy by biting or stinging
tanglen: a confused mass of something twisted together
horribleadj: extremely unpleasant or bad; causing fear or disgust
inflammationn: a physical condition in which a part of the body becomes red, painful, hot, and often swollen, especially as a reaction to infection or injury
topmostadj: situated at or forming the highest or uppermost point; highest or most prominent on a list or ranking
crisisn: a time of great disagreement, confusion, or danger when problems must be resolved or critical decisions must be taken
associatev: to mentally connect someone or something with someone or something else
analyticaladj: relating to or using analysis (= the process of breaking down a complex system or concept into smaller, simpler parts to understand it better), or able to analyze
analyzev: to think about in-depth and evaluate to discover essential features or meaning
adrenalinen: (also “epinephrine”) a substance secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress, which makes the heart beat faster and prepares the body to react to danger
brainn: the organ inside the head that is responsible for one’s movement, thought, memory, and feeling
yankv: to pull something or someone forcefully with a sudden movement
plumen: a large feather or group of feathers worn as an ornament or a symbol of achievement or distinction, especially on a hat
biologyn: the scientific study of life and the natural processes of living things
freakn: an abnormality that is not typical or expected
toxinn: a poisonous substance produced by a living organism, such as a plant, animal, or microorganism; a chemical compound that can cause harm or illness to a living organism
physicistn: a scientist who specializes in the field of physics
calmadj: not excited, angry, or nervous; free from wind, large waves
wavelengthn: the distance between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave
attenuatev: to weaken or reduce the intensity of something, such as a sound, feeling, or substance; to make something thinner or less dense
crankn: a mechanical device that converts rotary motion into linear motion or vice versa; an eccentric or unpredictable person
cummerbundn: a broad waistband or sash, often pleated, worn with a tuxedo or dinner jacket
dissipatev: to disperse or scatter widely
mammaln: any animal of which the female gives birth to live young, not eggs, and feeds her young on milk from her own body
absoluteadj: perfect or complete or to the most considerable degree possible
gibberishn: unintelligible or nonsensical language or speech; meaningless or difficult to comprehend talk or writing
panicn: a sudden strong feeling of fear that cannot be controlled and prevents reasonable thought and action
apparentlyadv: based on what you have heard or read
stabv: to cause harm with a sharp, pointed object, such as a knife
medicaladj: relating to the treatment of illness or injuries; relating to the practice of medicine
unfortunatelyadv: by bad luck; unluckily
absolutelyadv: without restriction or limitation; completely or utterly
insaneadj: extremely stupid, crazy, or dangerous; mentally ill
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
motorn: a device that converts electricity, fuel, etc. into movement and makes a machine, vehicle, etc. work
spotn: a particular location or place; a small round or roundish area, differing in color or feels from the surface around it
stiffadj: not easily bent, flexible, or pliable; difficult to move or be maneuvered; difficult to relax; having a heavy or formal manner
tipn: the top or extreme point of something slender or tapering, usually a mountain or hill; a piece of advice about something practical; a small amount of money given for services
jointadj: shared, held, or made between two or more people; (noun) the point of connection between two bones or elements of a skeleton
orthopedistn: a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating injuries and other problems related to the skeletal system and muscles
urgentadj: requiring immediate attention or action; pressing
emergencyn: a sudden unforeseen crisis usually involving danger that requires immediate action
schedulen: a list of planned activities, tasks, or things that must be completed showing when they are intended to happen or be done
surgeryn: medical treatment of injuries or diseases involving an incision with instruments and often removing or replacing some parts of the body; the branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures
pelvicadj: of or relating to the pelvis, the lower part of the trunk of the human body, between the hips
horsebackn: the back of a horse; the act of riding on a horse
accidentn: an unfortunate event, especially one causing damage or injury
postponev: to delay or reschedule something to a later time or date
couchn: a piece of furniture made for sitting, usually with a back and armrests, designed to seat more than one person
spontaneousadj: happening or being done naturally, often unexpected way, without being made to happen
entertainv: to keep a group of people interested or excited; to take into consideration an idea or feeling
enthusiasmn: a strong feeling of excitement and interest in a particular subject or cause and an eagerness to become involved in it
sustainv: to supply enough of what somebody or something needs to survive or exist; to accept as valid
peterv: to fail or lose power, efficiency, or value gradually before coming to an end
convalescencen: the process of recovering from an illness or injury, during which the body gradually returns to health and strength
pronouncedadj: clearly and distinctly expressed or noticeable; emphasized
bearingn: the way in which one comports oneself; a posture or stance, especially one indicative of confidence or authority; the horizontal direction or position of a place, object, or person relative to another
telescopen: a device like a tube in shape containing lenses used to magnify and observe distant objects
cometn: a celestial object consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust that goes around the sun
geekn: a person who is highly interested and knowledgeable about a particular subject or field, often to the point of being obsessed
landsliden: a large, sudden movement of a mass of rock, earth, or other material down a slope
disastern: an unexpected event or series of events that cause widespread damage, destruction, or loss of life
oppositionn: the act of disagreeing or resisting; the state of strong disagreement
marvelousadj: causing wonder or astonishment; excellent
introvertn: a shy and reticent person
circumstancen: the specific conditions or events that surround a particular situation or occurrence
illustrationn: a picture or diagram in a book, magazine, or newspaper that is used to explain or decorate the text; the act or process of explaining something
piercev: to cut or make a way through with a sharp instrument
epiloguen: a concluding section or speech that follows the main body of a literary work or other performance; a postscript that concludes an event or speech
reschedulev: to change the time or date of an event, appointment, or other scheduled activity; to rearrange or adjust a timetable
scavengev: to search for or gather useful material, particularly food or other resources, from discarded waste or other sources
calciumn: a chemical element with the symbol Ca and atomic number 20, which is an important mineral for the human body
lodgen: a small country house where people stay when they want to participate in outdoor activities; (verb) officially present a complaint, appeal, claim, etc. to the appropriate authorities
superpowern: a country or nation that has significant global influence or formidable military, economic, or technological strength; a supernatural ability or force capable of extraordinary feats or feats beyond normal human capabilities
conferv: to have a meeting or discussion to come to a decision or agreement or exchange ideas; to bestow something