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topicn: a subject that is being discussed or written about
asylumn: protection granted to someone who has left their home country as a political refugee
democracyn: a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials to do so
republicn: a state or country in which the people and their elected representatives hold supreme power and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch
naturallyadv: as might be expected; by natural manners
slidev: to move or cause to move smoothly along a surface without interruption
colleaguen: one of a group of a coworker, especially in a profession or a business
overseaadj: situated or operating beyond national boundaries; in, from, or to foreign countries
symboln: something visible that is used to represent something else
interconnectv: to connect similar things
bloodyadj: covered in or smeared with blood; involving or characterized by bloodshed or brutality
trailn: a path or track roughly through a countryside, mountain, or forest area, often made or used for a particular purpose; (verb) to lag or linger behind
tantalumn: a hard, blue-gray metallic element with the symbol “Ta” and atomic number 73 often used in the production of electronic components and alloys due to its high melting point and conductivity properties
coltn: a young male horse, usually under four years old; a young, inexperienced person, particularly in a certain field or sport
corrosiveadj: having the ability to corrode or erode a material or substance; causing damage or deterioration over time; harmful or destructive
conductorn: someone who leads the performance of musicians or a piece of music; (in physics) an object, substance, or material that readily allows the flow of electricity, heat, etc.
laptopn: a portable computer that is small enough to be carried around easily and used on your lap
aerospaceadj: pertaining to the design, engineering, science, and technology related to the Earth’s atmosphere and the exploration or use of space beyond it
medicaladj: relating to the treatment of illness or injuries; relating to the practice of medicine
equipv: to provide a person or a place with the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity
alloyn: a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion
unfortunatelyadv: by bad luck; unluckily
incredibleadj: unbelievable; enormous
technologicaladj: based on scientific and industrial progress
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
industrialadj: of or relating to or resulting from industry
expansionn: the process of becoming larger or more extensive, or the result of this process
contributev: to give something, especially money or goods, to provide or achieve something together with other people
unimaginableadj: beyond what can be imagined or conceived; impossible to comprehend or envision
sufferv: to experience pain, distress, or hardship; to undergo or endure something painful or unpleasant
countlessadj: too numerous to be counted or very many
rapn: a type of music characterized by a strong, repetitive beat and lyrics that often focus on social and political issues; a reproach for some lapse or misdeed
torturen: the act of causing intense pain or suffering to someone to punish them, extract information from them, or for some other reason
enslavev: to make someone a slave; to deprive someone of their freedom of choice or action
instillv: to impart, introduce, or cause to be absorbed gradually
depopulatev: to decrease the population of a place, often because of disease, war, or other disasters; to remove people from a place, often forcibly
questn: a long or challenging search for something
extractn: a short passage taken from a book, piece of music, etc.; a substance obtained from something through a specific process; (verb) to obtain from something or to remove something by effort or force
aidn: things sent to help countries in need, notably food or money; support
fueln: a substance that is typically burned to generate heat or energy
ongoingadj: continuing to exist or develop, or currently happening
enlistv: to sign up to serve in the military or a particular organization
consistentadj: always behaving or happening in the same way, or having the same thoughts, standards, etc.
dreadfullyadv: extremely; causing or inspiring dread or fear; in a way that is very bad, unpleasant, or unfortunate
povertyn: the condition of being extremely poor
rankn: a position in a hierarchy of status or authority; (verb) to take or have a position relative to others
remarkableadj: worthy of attention because unusual or special
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
estimatev: to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. of something
wealthn: a large amount of money, property, or other things that someone or an organization owns
trillionn: the number 1,000,000,000,000; a million million
regulatev: to control something, especially by means of rules or laws
industriousadj: hardworking, diligent, and persistent in effort
collapsev: to fall down or give way suddenly, often after breaking apart
splintern: a small, thin, sharp piece of wood, glass, or other material that has broken off from a larger piece; a fragment or small piece that has separated from something larger
illicitadj: forbidden by law, rules, or custom; not approved of or socially acceptable
disguisev: to hide or alter someone’s appearance to deceive or mislead others
ironyn: the expression of one’s meaning by using language that usually signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or rhetorical effect
sustainableadj: able to continue or be continued for a long time
devastatingadj: causing a great deal of destruction or damage
communicatev: to share or exchange information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals
electv: to choose someone for a specific position by voting for them; to decide or choose to do something
votern: a person who votes or has a legal right to vote in a political election
polln: an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people; the process of voting at an election
headquartern: the central office or location from which a business or organization is managed
diasporan: the scattering of a people who have left their traditional homeland
Catholicadj: universal and including many different types of things; related to or associated with the part of the Christian Church that has the Pope as its leader
churchn: a building or institution dedicated to religious worship or activities; a Christian religious organization or denomination
observern: a person who watches or notices someone or something but has no active part in it
undemocraticadj: against to or not based on the principles of democracy
revolutionn: a large-scale attempt to overthrow the government of a country, often using violence or war;
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star
paradoxn: a statement, situation, or person that has two opposite facts or features and therefore seems impossible, is difficult to understand, or is strange;
instrumentn: an object used to make musical sounds, such as a piano, guitar, or drum; a tool or device used for a specific activity, particularly in specialist or scientific work
oppressv: to treat people in a cruel and authoritarian way, especially by denying them the same freedoms, rights, etc. as other people
celebratedadj: renowned for possessing admirable attributes
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
fair-traden: a movement that promotes fair payment and working conditions for producers in developing nations, typically in the context of international trade
progressionn: the act or process of changing to the next stage or phase or moving forward
legislationn: a law or a set of laws suggested and then passed by a parliament, or the act of making or enacting laws
briberyn: the practice or attempt of offering something, usually money, to gain an unlawful advantage
misconductn: behavior that is improper, illegal, or in violation of expected standards or norms, often involving abuse of power or trust
unveilv: to reveal or make something publicly known, especially for the first time
policyn: a set of rules, guidelines, principles, or procedures that govern decision-making or action, often used in the context of business or government; a course of action or plan of action adopted or followed by an organization or individual to achieve a goal or objective
conflictn: a strong disagreement, argument, or a violent clash between two opposing groups or individuals
smartphonen: a mobile phone that functions as a computer and connects to the Internet
mountv: to increase, go up, or advance gradually or continuously; to prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance; to ride on something or someone
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
homesickadj: feeling sad or nostalgic for one’s home, family, or familiar surroundings, especially when away from them for a significant length of time
affordv: to have enough money or time to be able to buy or do something
brilliantadj: extremely clever, skilled, or impressive
unnecessaryadj: not needed or required; not essential or important