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pacificadj: peaceful in character or intent; tending to lessen or avoid conflict; calm or soothing in manner or tone; (noun, as “Pacific”) the largest and deepest of Earth’s oceanic divisions
podn: a seed case, especially of a leguminous plant such as a pea or bean; a detachable container of something, especially on an airplane
whalen: a very large sea mammal that has a streamlined body and breathes through a blowhole on the head; a very large person; impressive in size or qualities
inhabitv: to live in a specific location; to reside
frigidadj: extremely cold; lacking warmth or passion; emotionally detached or unresponsive
survivev: to live or exist despite a dangerous event or period
knowledgeableadj: having or showing extensive knowledge, expertise, or understanding of a particular subject or field
huntv: to go after and try to catch wild animals to kill them for food, sport, or profit
matriarchn: a woman who is the head of a family or social group; a woman who is the founder or dominant member of a group
eludev: to escape or avoid capture or detection, often by being clever or cunning
ongoingadj: continuing to exist or develop, or currently happening
residentn: a person who lives in a particular place or has their home in a place
vitaladj: necessary for the success or continued existence of something
calfn: a young cow, bull, or other domestic bovine animals
matrilinealadj: (the antonym of “patrilineal”) tracing familial descent through the mother’s side of the family, meaning that the family heritage and inheritance are passed down from mother to daughter rather than from father to son
communicatev: to share or exchange information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals
interactv: to communicate or react with somebody
relativeadj: considered and evaluated through comparison with something else
dialectn: a form of a language that is spoken in a particular geographical area or by a particular group of people and has distinguishing characteristics
regularlyadv: at regular intervals or times
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
relationn: the way two persons or groups of people feel and act toward one another
approximatelyadv: close to a specific number or time but not exactly that number or time
menopausen: the natural cessation of menstruation and fertility in women, typically occurring between the ages of 45 and 55
unheardadj: not heard, listened to, or noticed; not having been brought to public attention
kingdomn: the country ruled by a king or queen
reproducev: to make a copy of something such as a picture, piece of text, music, etc.; to produce offspring through a sexual or asexual process
salmonn: a type of fish that is commonly found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans
offshoreadj: situated at or happening in the sea, not far from the shore or land; (of winds) coming from the land
supplementn: something that is added to something else to make it better or complete it
shoren: the land along the edge of a sea, lake, broad river, or other large body of water; (verb) to support by placing against something solid or rigid
spawnv: to lay eggs or to produce offspring; to cause something to develop
fertileadj: capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops; intellectually productive
contributionn: the act of giving something, especially money, to a particular cause or organization; a voluntary gift as of money or service or ideas made to some worthwhile cause
overfishingn: the removal of too many fish from a body of water, causing a decline in population levels and harm to the ecosystem
destructionn: the act of causing so much damage to something
decimatev: to destroy a significant portion of something or reduce by ten percent; to cause extensive destruction or severe damage; to drastically reduce in size or number
constantadj: happening repeatedly or all the time
starvationn: a severe lack of food that leads to malnutrition and, ultimately, death
advantageousadj: providing a benefit or advantage; favorable or beneficial
grandchildn: a child of someone’s son or daughter
circumstancen: the specific conditions or events that surround a particular situation or occurrence
equationn: the act of regarding as equal; (mathematics) a statement that expresses the equality of two expressions by connecting them with the equals sign
originn: the first existence or beginning of something
dispersev: to spread out or distribute over a broad region, or to cause something to do so
percentagen: the number, amount, or rate of something, which is usually the amount per hundred
consistv: to be composed or made up of
distantadj: far away in space, time, or where you are; far apart in relevance, relationship, or kinship
relatev: to establish a connection or association between two or more things; to narrate or tell about an event, experience, or relationship; to empathize or feel sympathy with someone or something
investv: to put money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or achieve a result
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
burdenn: a duty, responsibility, etc. that is oppressive or worrisome; a load, typically a heavy one that is difficult to carry
evolvev: to develop gradually, or to cause the development of something or someone gradually
entirelyadv: completely
criticn: someone who expresses opinions about the quality of books, music, etc.
endangeredadj: at risk of extinction because it is facing significant threats
largelyadv: virtually entirely; to a large degree
declinev: to become gradually smaller, fewer, worse, etc.; to refuse to accept
urgentlyadv: in a way that requires immediate action or attention, especially before anything else, because of being very important
extinctionn: the complete disappearance of a species from the earth
uncoverv: to remove the cover from something; to discover something previously unseen or hidden
startlingadj: extremely surprising, astonishing, and sometimes worrying
adaptationn: the action or process of changing to suit different conditions
anticipatev: to expect or predict that something will happen; to tell in advance
vulnerableadj: capable of being hurt or influenced physically or mentally
interferencen: the act or process of getting involved in and trying to influence a specific situation; the state of being affected and influenced with
survivaln: the state of continuing to exist or live, frequently in the face of difficulty or danger