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impressiveadj: arousing admiration due to size, quality, or skill
vastadj: enormous in size, number, amount, or quantity
quantityn: the amount or number of something; magnitude
shinyadj: reflecting light and having a bright and smooth surface
curdlev: to separate or cause to separate into solid lumps, particularly as a result of spoilage or by the addition of an acidic substance; to cause someone to feel uncomfortable or uneasy
jealousyn: a feeling of resentment or bitterness towards someone because they have something that you desire
hatchv: to cause an egg to break to allow a young animal to come out; to produce and expand something that is in an early stage
deviousadj: cunning and deceitful; not straightforward; tricky
lurkv: to wait somewhere secretly, especially because you are about to attack someone or do something bad or illegal
emergev: to move out of or away from something and become visible
creepv: to move slowly, quietly, and carefully, usually to avoid being seen or heard
graden: a particular level of quality, size, importance, etc.
fiddlev: to continuously touch or manipulate something with someone’s hands, mainly when bored or nervous; to act dishonestly to try to get money, information, etc., or gain an advantage
rivaln: a person, company, or thing competing with others for the same thing or in the same area
demotev: to lower in rank, position, or status; to reduce or downgrade someone’s authority or responsibilities
appallingadj: causing horror or shock; deeply disturbing or offensive; extremely bad or unpleasant
frenzyn: a state of wild, uncontrolled excitement or activity, often characterized by chaotic or irrational behavior
imaginativeadj: having or showing new and creative ideas
rown: an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line; (verb) to propel a boat through the water using oars
bafflev: to bewilder or perplex someone completely and to be unable to understand or explain something
blatantlyadv: in a way that is very obvious, unsubtle, or conspicuous; without any attempt to conceal or disguise
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
mysteriousadj: difficult to understand, explain, or identify; having an aura of secrecy, intrigue, or puzzlement
pervasiveadj: spreading or existing throughout every part of a thing or place
sufferv: to experience pain, distress, or hardship; to undergo or endure something painful or unpleasant
primaten: any mammal of the order Primates, which includes monkeys, apes, and humans
bluebirdn: a small, predominantly blue-colored bird, often symbolizing happiness and cheerfulness
proneadj: inclined or likely to do something or to show a particular characteristic, especially something bad; lying face downward
spousen: a person’s husband, wife, or partner in marriage
murdern: the crime of killing somebody intentionally
statisticsn: the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data
parsev: to separate a sentence into grammatical parts, such as subject, verb, etc., and describe their syntactic roles
longevityn: the property of being long-lived; significant duration of service
grimadj: looking or sounding very serious or gloomy
thrilln: a feeling of extreme and sudden excitement and pleasure; to cause someone to feel sudden intense sensation or emotion
fictionn: the type of book or story, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people; anything made up or imagined that is not true
noveln: an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story; (adjective) original and of a kind not seen before
labn: a workplace for the conduct of scientific research; a laboratory
configurationn: the arrangement or pattern of something or a group of related things
exaggerationn: an overstatement of facts or description; the act of making something seem larger, more important, or more significant than it is
faithn: complete trust in something or someone’s ability or knowledge; a strong belief in religion, divine power, etc.
odysseyn: a long wandering and eventful journey; a Greek epic poem attributed to Homer, describing the journey of Odysseus after the fall of Troy
furyn: intense and often violent anger
fashionableadj: popular at a particular time
centennialn: a 100th anniversary or celebration of an event that occurred 100 years ago
masterpiecen: a work of art that is exceptionally good or highly skilled; a great achievement
exhaustiveadj: comprehensive and thorough; totally complete; leaving no stone unturned
competitivenessn: the quality or characteristic of being competitive, or the ability or inclination to compete; the degree or extent to which someone or something is competitive in nature or behavior
brandn: a type of product, service, etc., made by a particular company and sold under a specific name; identification mark on the skin of livestock, criminals, etc., made by burning
sentimentaladj: connected with or resulting from someone’s emotions, rather than reason or realism
moistenv: to make slightly damp or wet; to add moisture or humidity to something, often to improve its texture or taste
lavendern: a fragrant herb of the mint family, typically having purple or blue flowers, sometimes used for its soothing scent in aromatherapy or as a flavoring in cooking and baking
harshadj: severe and unkind; extremely tough and unpleasant to inhabit
visionn: the ability to think about or see the future with imagination and intelligence; the faculty of being able to see
pitilessadj: without pity or mercy; relentless; ruthless; displaying no compassion or concern for the suffering or well-being of others
gutn: the long tube in the body of a person or animal through which food passes when it leaves the stomach; the mental strength or bravery required to do something difficult or unpleasant
assumev: to think or accept something to be true without having proof of it; to take or begin to have power; to begin to exhibit a specific quality or appearance
formidableadj: causing fear, apprehension, or awe; difficult to deal with or overcome; capable of inspiring respect or admiration
desiren: a strong feeling of wanting to have or do something
impedimentn: a hindrance or obstruction in doing something
solidadj: hard or firm; characterized by good substantial quality
narrativen: a story or a description of a series of events or process of telling a story
tellern: a person who works in a bank or financial institution and is responsible for processing customers’ deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions, also referred to as a bank teller; a person who tells stories or relates information to an audience
talen: a story made up in someone’s imagination, especially one full of action and adventure
volumen: the amount of space occupied by an object or substance; the magnitude of sound
fondadj: having affection or liking for someone, particularly someone you’ve known for a long time
mistressn: a woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a, often, married man; a woman who is in a position of authority or control and directs the work of others
suddenlyadv: quickly and unexpectedly
recoilv: to spring or flinch back, as in surprise, fear, or pain
charmn: the power or quality of pleasing or fascinating people
detectv: to find or recognize something, especially something difficult to see, hear, etc.
instrumentn: an object used to make musical sounds, such as a piano, guitar, or drum; a tool or device used for a specific activity, particularly in specialist or scientific work
torturen: the act of causing intense pain or suffering to someone to punish them, extract information from them, or for some other reason
chambern: a large room used for a formal, public, or particular purpose; one of the parts of a parliament
concedev: to acknowledge or admit the truth or existence of something often reluctantly
exhaustn: the system in a vehicle that removes waste gases from the engine; (verb) to make someone completely tired
emotionn: a strong feeling such as love, anger, etc. deriving from one’s situation, mood, or relationships with others
scholarshipn: a grant or payment made to support a student’s education usually awarded based on academic or other achievements
throen: a severe or intense spasm of pain, such as a pang of childbirth or the spasms of a dying person; a period of intense stress or difficulty
doorwayn: an opening in a wall for a door to fit into
bribev: to try to make someone do something to gain one’s favors or influence by giving a gift of money or other inducements
servantn: a person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant
defendv: to protect someone or something from attack, criticism, danger, etc.
repugnantadj: causing strong disgust, aversion, or offense; highly offensive or objectionable
interpretv: to explain or assign the meaning of information, actions, etc.
ancientadj: relating to the long ago, particularly the historical period preceding the fall of the Western Roman Empire; very old
monumentn: a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a person or event
investigationn: the act or process of thoroughly examining a crime, problem, statement, etc., to uncover the truth
intellectn: the ability to think logically and comprehend information, especially at an advanced level
intolerableadj: incapable of being tolerated or endured; unacceptable
absurdadj: ridiculously silly, unreasonable, or illogical
cruxn: the most important or fundamental part of a matter or situation; the key point or central issue
questn: a long or challenging search for something
griefn: a very great sadness, especially when somebody dies
humiliationn: the feeling of being made to feel ashamed or foolish
avenuen: a wide road in a town or city, especially with trees or tall buildings on both sides; a line of approach
wisdomn: the quality of being wise, or the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make sensible decisions
elicitv: to obtain information or a reaction from someone, usually with difficulty
gamutn: the complete range or scope of something; the entire spectrum or extent of a particular quality, emotion, or situation
profoundadj: extremely great; sensed or experienced very strongly; displaying a high level of knowledge or comprehension
vitaladj: necessary for the success or continued existence of something
geniusn: someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality
crueladj: feeling or showing pleasure in causing pain or suffering to others
revn: a measure of the rate at which an engine or motor rotates, often expressed in revolutions per minute (RPM); (verb) to increase the number of rotations per minute
crackv: to break or cause to break without dividing into separate parts; (noun) a line on the surface of something along which it has separated without breaking
aggressionn: the act of attacking or assaulting; hostile or violent behavior
ambitionn: a strong wish to do or achieve something
entitlev: to give someone the right to have or do something; to give a title to someone or something
peculiaradj: odd and uncommon, sometimes in an unpleasant way
intensifyv: to increase or make something increase in extent or strength
anxiousadj: worried and nervous
consumev: to spend something, especially fuel, energy, or time, in a large amount
cheatv: to act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage or to deceive someone; to break the rules or laws
blamelessadj: without fault or guilt
creaturen: a living being, especially an animal
suspicionn: the act of doubting something, especially something wrong
unintentionaladj: not done or made on purpose; accidental
accidentallyadv: by chance or without planning
custodiann: a person who is responsible for the care and maintenance of a building, institution, or collection; a guardian or keeper of something valuable or important
unconsciousadj: in the state of lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception, especially as the result of a head injury or illness
accuracyn: the state or degree of being exact or correct; the ability to perform something with proficiency and without mistake
intenseadj: (especially of a feeling) very strong; extremely sharp or severe
residentn: a person who lives in a particular place or has their home in a place
fantasyn: a fiction with a large amount of imagination in it; a pleasant situation that you imagine but that is unlikely to happen
provokev: to stimulate or give rise to a particular reaction or have a particular effect
violentadj: involving or caused by physical force or aggression against someone or something
illegaladj: not allowed by law
promptv: to make someone decide to or try to do something, or to make something happen
inventiveadj: able to come up with novel and unique ideas
fakeadj: not genuine; fraudulent or counterfeit
vileadj: highly offensive, unpleasant, or objectionable; morally reprehensible or wicked; characterized by cruelty or violence
framen: a strong border or structure of the wood, metal, etc. that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or window
confessv: to admit to having done something wrong or to reveal something personal or private
reactv: to take action in response to something
admirationn: the feeling or attitude of respect and approval for someone or something
immenseadj: extremely large or great
misplacev: to put something in the wrong place or lose it temporarily
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
brilliantadj: extremely clever, skilled, or impressive
bizarreadj: very strange or unusual
talentedadj: having a natural ability or aptitude for something; showing exceptional skill or ability in a particular area
muddlev: to mix up or confuse something; to make a mess of something; to create disorder or chaos
spheren: a round object or geometric shape that is three-dimensional and symmetrical around a central point; a particular aspect or scope of life or activity
realmn: a domain of activity, interest, or knowledge
membranen: a soft, thin layer that forms animal or vegetable tissue
piercev: to cut or make a way through with a sharp instrument
instantadj: happening immediately, with no delay
floorboardn: a long, thin plank of wood used to make a floor in a building, typically laid lengthwise, one overlapping the other
pityn: a feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering or misfortunes of others; an object of contempt or disdain
enviousadj: feeling or showing envy, which is the desire to have or possess something that belongs to someone else, often accompanied by a feeling of resentment or discontent; characterized by jealousy
currencyn: a system of money in general use in a particular country
envyv: to experience a feeling of jealousy or resentment towards someone because of their possessions, qualities, or achievements; to desire to have something that someone else has; (noun) a feeling of resentment or jealousy towards someone else’s perceived advantage or success
doen: a mature female of mammals of which the male is called a buck, such as a deer or a rabbit
possessionn: the state or fact of owning or having something
mysteryn: something difficult to understand or explain; a secret or enigmatic quality that adds to the fascination or interest of something; a genre of fiction that involves the solution of a crime or a puzzle
nemesisn: an archenemy, opponent, or rival who is often seen as a personification of retribution or divine justice; a downfall or undoing that is a consequence of one’s actions
criminaln: a person who has committed a crime
mastermindv: to plan, organize, or oversee a complex scheme or project; to be the central or key person behind a brilliant or intricate plan or idea
preferv: to like, choose, or want one thing or person better than another
inspectorn: a person whose job is to inspect, examine, or investigate something, often on behalf of an organization or official body
desperatelyadv: in a way that shows a lack of hope and a willingness to do anything because of the problematic situation; with great urgency
resentv: to feel anger, bitterness, or indignation towards someone or something as a result of unfair treatment or perceived injustice; to harbor negative feelings towards someone or something
seethev: to be filled with intense but barely suppressed anger, resentment, or agitation; to boil or churn with inner turmoil or intense activity
adventuren: a journey or a series of events that is unusual, exciting, or dangerous
dazzlev: to cause someone to lose clear vision temporarily, especially from bright light; to amaze or bewilder somebody with your brilliant wit, intellect, beauty, skill, etc.
geometryn: the area of pure mathematics that deals with the points, lines, curves, and surfaces
admirev: to have regard for or respect for someone’s qualities or the actions they have performed
relationn: the way two persons or groups of people feel and act toward one another
excellencen: the quality of being extremely good
alignv: to put or arrange two or more things in a straight line or to form a straight line
contingencyn: a future event or circumstance that is possible but not certain; an eventuality; a plan or strategy that is put into place in the event that a particular situation arises
consolationn: the comfort received by a person after misfortune or disappointment
mystificationn: the act or process of making something difficult to understand or explain, often to deceive or manipulate
domesticatev: to take control of animals or plants to provide food, power, or company
invitev: to ask someone to come or join; to offer an opportunity or possibility for something to happen or take place
terrifyingadj: very frightening or intimidating
crazyadj: stupid or not sensible; very angry