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perspectiven: a confident attitude toward something; a particular style of thinking about something
slidev: to move or cause to move smoothly along a surface without interruption
dawningadj: relating to or occurring at the beginning or early stages of something; characterized by the first appearance of light or knowledge; (noun) the beginning or first appearance of something
universen: everything that exists, especially all physical matter, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy
cosmicadj: relating to the universe or cosmos; vast or limitless
investigationn: the act or process of thoroughly examining a crime, problem, statement, etc., to uncover the truth
relicn: an object from a previous era, especially one of historical value
inferv: to form an opinion or conclude that something is true based on existing facts
questn: a long or challenging search for something
reshapev: to change the form or structure of something
forthadv: forward, outward, or onward in location, direction, or progress; into view or consideration; with confidence, boldness, or in the open
continuityn: the state or quality of being continuous, uninterrupted, or consistent; the maintenance of a connection, sequence, or pattern
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
evolutionn: a gradual process of transformation of living things
galaxyn: an independent group of stars, interstellar gas, dark matter, etc., in the universe, bound together by gravity
conferv: to have a meeting or discussion to come to a decision or agreement or exchange ideas; to bestow something
intelligentadj: having the capacity for thought and reason, especially to a high degree
cosmologyn: the scientific study of the nature and origin of the universe
representv: to speak, act, or be present on behalf of another person or group; to form or constitute
fractionn: a small part or item forming a piece of a whole; the quotient of two rational numbers
visibleadj: capable of being seen; or open to easy view
telescopen: a device like a tube in shape containing lenses used to magnify and observe distant objects
scanv: to examine something hastily, with the eyes or with a machine, to get information
roughlyadv: approximately but not precisely; with a violent manner
conundrumn: a confusing and difficult problem or question
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
complicatedadj: involving a lot of different things or parts in a way that is difficult to understand or analyze
incrediblyadv: in a way that is very difficult to believe; exceedingly or extremely
nestn: a structure in which animals lay their eggs or give birth to their young
spheren: a round object or geometric shape that is three-dimensional and symmetrical around a central point; a particular aspect or scope of life or activity
observationn: the act or activity of carefully examining or monitoring something or someone
ordinaryadj: not different, exceptional, or unexpected in any way, especially in quality, ability, size, or degree
solaradj: of, from, or relating to the sun
flarev: to burn brightly with a sudden, intense burst of flame or light; (noun) a sudden and brief burst of bright flame or light; a sudden and intense burst of radiation from the Sun’s surface
advancev: to go or move forward; to develop in a positive way
warnv: to make someone aware of potential danger or difficulty, particularly one that may occur in the future
Jovianadj: relating to Jupiter or its characteristics
marv: to damage or spoil the appearance or surface of something
communicatev: to share or exchange information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals
hummingadj: producing a continuous, low, vibrating sound like that of the bee
capableadj: having the ability, skill, or potential to do something; competent or proficient in a particular task or area of expertise
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
techniquen: a particular way or art of doing something that needs skill
epochn: a particular period of time, usually marked by significant events or developments; a division of geologic time
denseadj: containing a large number of people or something with little space between them
sequencen: a series of related events, actions, numbers, etc., which have a particular order
artisticadj: of or relating to art or artist; satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities
impressiveadj: arousing admiration due to size, quality, or skill
modernadj: of or belonging to the present time or recent times
radiationn: the energy that comes from a nuclear reaction in the form of rays, waves, or particles and that can be hazardous to health
bangv: to hit or cause to hit something in a way that makes a loud noise
uniformadj: always the same; showing a single form or character in all occurrences; (noun) the special set of clothes worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification
variationn: the act or state of changing; a difference or change in the way something is done, made or said
exaggerationn: an overstatement of facts or description; the act of making something seem larger, more important, or more significant than it is
irregularadj: not having an even or balanced shape or arrangement; contrary to the usual rule, accepted order, or what is expected
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
measurementn: the act or process of finding something’s size, quantity, or degree
satelliten: an electronic device that is sent up into space and moves around the Earth or another planet, used for gathering information or communicating by radio, television, etc.
launchv: to send or propel something into the air or space using a device such as a rocket, missile, or spacecraft; to make something available or on sale for the first time
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
stealthn: the quality of remaining hidden or undetected; the ability to move or act with great secrecy and subtlety
featn: a notable or impressive achievement, especially one that requires great skill or bravery
Planckn: a unit of measurement used in physics to quantify the smallest possible amounts of energy, typically associated with subatomic particles and other quantum phenomena
resolutionn: a firm decision or determination to do or not do something; the action of solving a problem, dispute, or conflict; the quality of being resolved or determined; the clarity and sharpness of an image or display
structuren: the way of construction of something and the arrangement of its parts, or a complex thing constructed of many parts
spacetimen: a four-dimensional continuum consisting of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, used to describe the physical universe according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity
motton: a phrase or slogan that expresses a guiding principle or goal
spectacularadj: striking or impressive to look at or in performance or achievement
mysteriousadj: difficult to understand, explain, or identify; having an aura of secrecy, intrigue, or puzzlement
acceleratev: to make something faster or earlier; to cause to develop or progress more quickly
expansionn: the process of becoming larger or more extensive, or the result of this process
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
transparentadj: easy to perceive, detect, or understand; (of a material or article) permitting light to pass through freely
evolvev: to develop gradually, or to cause the development of something or someone gradually
expansiveadj: large or wide in extent or scope; friendly and open and willing to talk
weirdadj: extraordinary, unexpected, or difficult to explain
substancen: the real physical material of which a thing or person consist; the most important or main part of some idea or experience; an illegal drug
foamn: a mass of small air bubbles formed on the surface of a liquid; a substance that forms a lather when mixed with water
digitaladj: processing or storing information as a succession of 1 and 0 to show that a signal is present or missing; relating to the use of computer technology, especially the internet
surveyn: an investigation of the opinions, behavior, etc. of a particular group of people, made by asking people questions
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
dotn: a very small circular mark, especially one that is printed
identifyv: to recognize someone or something and say or prove who or what they are
estimatev: to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. of something
plotn: a secret plan or scheme to achieve a specific goal; the plan or main story of a literary work; (verb) to plan secretly, usually something illegal
radialadj: of or relating to rays or the radii of a circle; spreading out from a central point
voidn: an empty space; a feeling of emptiness; (adjective) lacking any legal or binding force
fadev: to vanish; to fade away; to lose color; to lose freshness
sensitiveadj: able to notice slight changes, signals, or influences; able to feel or perceive other’s feelings; susceptible to the things people say or do
rotv: to decay, or cause something to decay, naturally and gradually
fann: a person who admires and supports a person, group, sport, sports team, etc.; a device for creating a current of air by the movement of a surface or surfaces
dimensionn: a measurable extent of a particular kind, such as width, height, or length
spotn: a particular location or place; a small round or roundish area, differing in color or feels from the surface around it
clumpn: a small group of bushes, trees, flowers, people, etc.
redshiftn: a concept in physics, particularly in the field of cosmology, that describes how light or other electromagnetic radiation from an object increases in wavelength, or shifts to the red end of the spectrum, as it moves away from an observer, which is a key principle behind the Big Bang Theory and the expansion of the universe
warpv: to twist or bend out of shape, especially as a result of being heated; to distort or twist the meaning or sense of something
representationn: the act of speaking, acting, or being present on behalf of someone officially; a statement of facts and reasons made in appealing or protesting
extensionn: a thing that is added to something to make it longer, larger, or wider; an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who are not enrolled as regular students; an additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
randomadj: made, done, or happening without method, conscious decision, or any regular pattern
responsibleadj: answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management
large-scaleadj: involving many people or things and involving a lot of change or activity
simulatev: to make a pretense of someone’s behavior or looks; to reproduce something that exists in real life using computers, models, etc., usually for study or training purposes
essentiallyadv: relating to the essential features or concepts of anything
principlen: a fundamental law or truth that explains or controls how something happens or works
laborn: productive work, especially physical work done for wages; the people who do manual or physical work in a country or company for wage; (verb) to work hard or to strive and make an effort to reach a goal
apparentlyadv: based on what you have heard or read
ingredientn: one of the things used to make something, especially one of the foods used to make a particular dish
fluctuationn: a change, or the process of changing, that frequently happens, especially from one extreme to another; the quality of being unsteady and subject to changes
bunchn: a grouping of several similar things which are growing or fastened together
distributev: to give something to a large number of individuals, or to spread or furnish something
functionn: the purpose or use of an object, system, or process; a particular activity or operation that is designed to serve a specific purpose; a mathematical concept that describes a relationship between two sets of values, called the input and output sets; (verb) to operate or work in a specific way, or to perform a particular task or purpose
zoomv: to move along very quickly; (noun) the act of rising upward into the air
interactv: to communicate or react with somebody
typicaladj: having the usual characteristics or traits of a specific group of things
shiningadj: giving off or reflecting light; bright, glistening, or gleaming; characterized by impressive accomplishments or excellence
invisibleadj: impossible or nearly impossible to see
filamentn: a thin wire or thread, especially one used to produce light in an electric bulb
knotn: a tight interlacing of something such as rope or thread
clustern: a group of similar things or people close together, often forming a distinct mass or unit
probableadj: likely to happen or likely to be true
parsecn: a unit of measurement of astronomical distance equivalent to 3.26 light-years (= about 5.88 trillion miles or 9.46 trillion kilometers)
distancen: the amount of space between two points, measured in units such as miles, meters, or kilometers; the extent, scope, or range between two things, such as distance or emotional distance
speckn: a very small spot, piece, or amount
fluidn: a substance that can flow and is not solid
photonn: a unit or quantum of electromagnetic energy, typically regarded as a particle that is the basic constituent of all light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation
neutrinon: a very small and electrically neutral particle with a very small mass that rarely reacts with other matter
volumen: the amount of space occupied by an object or substance; the magnitude of sound
nodv: to lower and raise one’s head, sometimes several times, as to show approval, agreement, greeting, or confirmation
frameworkn: the structural components of a building or object that support its weight and give it form; the underlying structure of a system, concept, or text
occasionallyadv: now and then; sometimes but not often
intersectv: to meet or cross one another
explorev: to travel to or penetrate an area or a country to learn about it; to thoroughly examine a subject or a possibility to learn more about it
intricateadj: having many different parts and small details that all work together
assemblev: to collect in one place as a single group
contractorn: a person or company that enters into a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a specific task or service
distortv: to change something’s shape, appearance, or sound so that it appears weird or unclear
renderv: to bring someone or something into a particular state; to provide something such as service, help, etc.
graphicadj: relating to visual art or involving the use of diagrams or illustrations; very clear and powerful
instrumentn: an object used to make musical sounds, such as a piano, guitar, or drum; a tool or device used for a specific activity, particularly in specialist or scientific work
atomn: the smallest unit of ordinary matter that forms a chemical element, composed of a nucleus and one or more electrons bound to the nucleus
quantumn: the smallest amount or unit of something, especially (electromagnetic) energy
mechanicaladj: operated by a machine, relating to or concerned with machinery or tools
tremendousadj: very great in degree or extent or amount or impact; extremely good
stretchv: to make or be capable of making anything longer or broader without hurting or breaking
astronomicaladj: relating to astronomy or the study of celestial bodies and phenomena; very large or immense in scale or magnitude
microwaven: a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from about one millimeter to one meter and frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz; an electric oven that cooks food by exposing it to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which causes the food molecules to vibrate and heat up quickly
backgroundn: the details of a person’s social heritage, such as family, vocational or educational experience; past information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem
desktopn: a flat working surface or table that is usually placed on top of a desk, typically used for a computer or other work-related activities
teenyadj: extremely small; tiny
lumpn: a small, irregularly shaped mass or piece, typically of a soft substance such as coal, flour, or dough
trailn: a path or track roughly through a countryside, mountain, or forest area, often made or used for a particular purpose; (verb) to lag or linger behind
peakn: the point to which something or someone is at its strongest, best, or most successful; the pointed top of a mountain
gravityn: the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth or towards any other physical body having mass; a manner that is solemn
densityn: the quality of compactness of a substance
formationn: the way something is created naturally or the way it has been arranged
extremeadj: very great in amount or degree
calculatev: to judge or find out the amount or number of something by using mathematics
imaginaryadj: existing only in someone’s mind
explorern: a person who travels to places where no one or few people have been before to find out what is there
angularadj: measured by an angle or by the rate of change of an angle; having angles or an angular shape
additionn: the act or process of adding something to something else; the process of adding numbers
flipv: to turn over into a different position quickly; to throw or toss with a light motion
upsiden: the positive aspect or potential of something; the upper side of something
continentn: one of the earth’s large landmasses; (adjective) abstaining from your feelings, especially your desire to have sex
hopv: to jump lightly and quickly on one foot or both feet; to move rapidly from one place to another; to travel using an aircraft, bus, etc.
equivalentn: having the same value, quality, meaning, purpose, etc.
linearadj: of, relating to, or consisting of lines or length; able to be expressed as a straight line, especially on a graph
geologyn: a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
movingadj: causing strong emotions or feelings, especially sadness or sympathy
platn: a map or a plan that shows the division and layout of land into lots or parcels; a piece of land typically used for building or agricultural purposes
modifyv: to change something slightly, such as a plan, option, law, etc., especially to make it more suitable for a particular purpose
hintn: an indirect suggestion; a slight but appreciable amount of something
flavorn: the taste sensation produced by a substance in the mouth