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upbringingn: the conditions and experiences in which a child is cared for and taught, especially in relation to their moral and social development
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
grandparentn: a parent of one’s father or mother
perceivev: to become aware or conscious of something through the senses
movementn: a group of people working together to achieve a shared goal, especially a political, social, or artistic one; the process of moving or being moved, physically or figuratively
advancementn: the development, improvement, or progress of something
strugglev: to make a great effort to do something when it is difficult, or there are a lot of problems; to use force or violence to break away from restraint or constriction
advancev: to go or move forward; to develop in a positive way
affirmativeadj: indicating agreement, support, or confirmation; positive or assertive in tone
generationn: all the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively; the production of heat or electricity
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
advantagen: a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position; a beneficial feature or asset that someone or something has
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
vacationn: a period in which someone does not have to attend work or school and is free to do whatever they choose, such as travel or leisure
biblen: the sacred writings of the Christian religions, consisting of the Old and New Testaments; a book regarded as authoritative in its field
confusev: to mistake one thing for another; to make somebody hard to understand
scripturen: the sacred writings of a particular religion or belief system, often regarded as authoritative and containing moral or spiritual teachings
gagglen: a group or flock of wild geese; a gathering of people, particularly when noisy or in disarray
impressiveadj: arousing admiration due to size, quality, or skill
educatorn: a person who teaches or educates people
introductionn: a preliminary explanation or remarks given before the start of a text, performance, or event; the act of bringing something new into existence or introducing something to a wider audience or new market
laughtern: the act or sound of laughing
gigglev: to laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly, nervous, or childlike way
disapprovev: to have or express an unfavorable opinion or judgment about something or someone
recantv: to withdraw or retract a statement or belief, especially a formal or public one
fast-forwardv: to advance or move forward in time or progress, particularly in a rapid or accelerated manner; to increase the playback speed of a recording
instituten: an organization that has a specific purpose, particularly one dealing with science, education, or a particular profession; (verb) to initiate, introduce, or establish something
cultn: a small religious group, especially one that is not part of a larger religion and that is regarded as outside the norm; followers of an exclusive system of beliefs and practices
ritualn: any customary observance or practice; any prescribed procedure for conducting religious ceremonies
peern: a person who has the same age, status, or ability
deann: a person in charge of a college, faculty, or other academic departments, tasked with overseeing its operations, policies, and staff; a senior member of a profession or organization who is highly respected for their knowledge and experience
facultyn: an inborn or natural ability to hear, see, think, move, etc.; a department or group of the university concerned with a major division of knowledge
marijuanan: a psychoactive drug derived from the Cannabis plant, used for medicinal or recreational purposes; a drug that is illegal in some countries and states but legal in others for specific purposes
applausen: a demonstration of approval or praise by clapping the hands together
premieren: the first public performance of a play, film, or piece of music, or the opening of a show or exhibition
policyn: a set of rules, guidelines, principles, or procedures that govern decision-making or action, often used in the context of business or government; a course of action or plan of action adopted or followed by an organization or individual to achieve a goal or objective
folkn: people in general, especially those of a particular group or type
immersev: to become fully involved in a particular activity; to dip or submerge in a liquid, especially so that they or it are entirely covered
sniffv: to inhale audibly through the nose, often to detect or identify a smell; to draw in air through the nostrils with a quick, audible intake of breath
banv: to officially or legally forbid or refuse to allow something
topicn: a subject that is being discussed or written about
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
employv: to give somebody a job and pay them for it; to make use of
wealthn: a large amount of money, property, or other things that someone or an organization owns
single-handedadj: done or accomplished by one person alone
undov: to reverse the effect of an action or event, typically one that is recent or specific
jackpotn: a large cash prize or reward that is won by chance or luck; a situation in which one experiences an unexpectedly positive or fortunate outcome
wagen: a particular amount of money that somebody earns, usually every week or every month, for work or services
tantamountadj: equivalent in value, significance, or effect to something else; virtually equal to or interchangeable with something else
arrestv: to take into custody
convictv: to prove or declare someone to be guilty of a crime; (noun) a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
incarceratev: to put or keep somebody in prison or in a place from which they cannot escape
relatev: to establish a connection or association between two or more things; to narrate or tell about an event, experience, or relationship; to empathize or feel sympathy with someone or something
possessionn: the state or fact of owning or having something
collateraln: something of value pledged as security against a loan or debt; something that is related or complementary to something else, often as a secondary consequence
consequencen: the outcome of a particular action or event, especially relative to an individual
arguev: to express differing opinions or points of view, often in a heated or contentious manner; to present a case or reasoning to persuade or convince others
districtn: a part of a country or town, especially one with particular features
regulatev: to control something, especially by means of rules or laws
consumev: to spend something, especially fuel, energy, or time, in a large amount
distributev: to give something to a large number of individuals, or to spread or furnish something
massn: a large amount of a substance with no definite shape or form; a large number of people or things grouped or crowded together
energeticadj: possessing or exerting or displaying energy
ambitiousadj: having a great desire to attain achievement, power, or wealth
routinen: a usual or habitual way of doing things; a set sequence of steps, part of a larger computer program
trafficn: the movement of vehicles, people, or goods along a route or through a transport system; the amount of such movement in a particular place or at a particular time
violationn: an action that breaches a law, rule, or agreement; an infringement of rights or duties
headlightn: a bright forward-facing light on a vehicle, typically used at night to illuminate the road ahead
probableadj: likely to happen or likely to be true
seizuren: the action of taking something from somebody by the use of legal authority; a sudden occurrence or recurrence of a disease
criminaln: a person who has committed a crime
qualifyv: to reach the standard or fulfill the requirement of ability or knowledge needed to do a particular job or receive a particular benefit or privilege
aidn: things sent to help countries in need, notably food or money; support
licensen: an official permission or authorization to do, use, or own something; a legal document that grants the holder the right to perform certain activities, such as driving a car, practicing a profession, or using a particular product or service
convictionn: a strong belief or opinion, especially one that is based on principles or evidence; (criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed
barbern: a person who cuts men’s hair and shaves beards as a profession; a shop or establishment where such services are offered
cosmetologyn: the study and practice of improving or enhancing the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails, often through the use of cosmetics, beauty treatments, or skincare products
offensiveadj: rude in a way that causes someone to feel anger, annoyance, or resentment; for the purpose of attack rather than defense
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
offensen: an illegal act; a feeling of anger caused by a perceived insult to or disregard for oneself; the action of attacking an enemy
povertyn: the condition of being extremely poor
equitableadj: fair and impartial; treating everyone fairly
veterann: a person who has had long experience in a particular area or activity
honorn: high regard or great respect for someone; the quality of having and doing based on a keen sense of morality; (verb) to show respect towards someone
statisticsn: the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data
paralyzev: to cause a person or part of the body to become unable to move or feel
anxietyn: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something that is happening or might happen in the future
depressionn: a mental condition in which a person feels very unhappy and without hope for the future; a severe recession in an economy or market
independencen: freedom from another’s or others’ control or influence
mobilityn: the ability to move or be moved freely or easily from one place, job, or social class to another
disabledadj: having a physical or mental condition that limits someone’s specific actions that most other people can do
continuationn: the act of carrying something on over time without interruption
marginn: the space around the edge of a page or document; (finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold
improvev: to make or become better
frankadj: honest and sincere; open and candid in expression
sergeantn: a rank of non-commissioned officer in the armed forces, typically above corporal but below staff sergeant or sergeant first class
medicinaladj: of or relating to the treatment or cure of disease
titanicadj: of or having a great size, power, or influence; of or relating to Titanium (= a light, strong grey, lustrous, corrosion-resistant metallic element)
grandchildn: a child of someone’s son or daughter

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