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ethicn: a set of moral or philosophical principles or values that guide the behavior or actions of an individual, group, or society; the study or inquiry into the nature of morality and moral systems
unearthv: to discover or bring to light something that is in the ground or was previously hidden or unknown
crystaln: a solid material with many even sides that is formed naturally when the substance becomes solid and has a highly regular atomic structure; clear and colorless glass made of almost pure silica
gleen: a feeling of great happiness, joy, or pleasure, often accompanied by laughter or exuberance; a sense of delighted satisfaction from a positive result or accomplishment
courageousadj: able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching
resistancen: the act of defending oneself from an aggressor or refusing to accept something
movementn: a group of people working together to achieve a shared goal, especially a political, social, or artistic one; the process of moving or being moved, physically or figuratively
sacrificen: the act of killing an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to a deity; (verb) to give up something important or valuable to help another person or get or do something that seems more important
distractedadj: having one’s attention diverted or divided; being unable to concentrate because of being preoccupied or worried
idealistn: a person who is guided by ideals or principles rather than practical considerations or reality; a person who seeks to achieve a particular vision or goal for the betterment of society or humanity
hedgen: a fence formed by a line of bushes or shrubs; (verb) limit or avoid something such as duties, issues, and questions by conditions or exceptions
responsibleadj: answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management
betrayv: to reveal or deliver to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty; to reveal something unintentionally
convincedadj: completely certain about something; having a strong belief or conviction in a particular religion
nodv: to lower and raise one’s head, sometimes several times, as to show approval, agreement, greeting, or confirmation
capturev: to catch a person or an animal and confine them in an area which they cannot escape
imprisonv: to confine a person to a prison, a detention facility, or a place of involuntary confinement
jailn: a facility where criminals are kept to be punished for their crimes; a prison
manipulatev: to influence or control something or someone to your advantage, often in an unfair or dishonest way
giantadj: enormous; much bigger or more important than similar items usually are
mazen: a complex network of winding passages or pathways designed as a puzzle or challenge for people to navigate through
weavev: to make cloth, a carpet, a basket, etc., by repeatedly crossing a single thread through two sets of long threads at a right angle to them
innermostadj: situated or occurring at the deepest or most central part or point; relating to one’s deepest or most private thoughts, feelings, or experiences
transmissionn: the act or process of sending something from one person or place to another; the process of broadcasting over the airwaves, as in radio or television
stasisn: a state of stillness or immobility, often used in a medical context to refer to a lack of change or progress in a condition or disease
jailbreakn: an escape from prison; the act of removing restrictions or limitations on a device or software, especially a mobile phone or tablet, to access additional features or apps that were previously locked or unavailable
overwhelmv: to defeat someone or something by using a great deal of force; to have a strong emotional effect on somebody
disposev: to put things or people in a particular manner or position; to incline someone towards a specific activity or mood; throw or cast away
limitlessadj: without end, limit, or boundary; infinite
spooln: a cylindrical device with a flange at one or both ends, containing a hollow center and used to wind or store wire, thread, tape, film, or other flexible materials
strandn: a very thin natural or synthetic thread, wire, hair, etc.; (verb) to leave or drive a vessel, fish, etc., aground or ashore
durableadj: capable of lasting and being used for a long time without being damaged or destroyed
deliberatelyadv: done in an intentional or slow and careful manner
sealedadj: closed or secured with
loopn: a shape like a curve or a circle made by something long and thin, such as a piece of string, that bends round and crosses itself
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
instructionn: detailed direction, order, etc., on how to do or use something
plungev: to dive quickly and steeply downward; to thrust or throw into something; (noun) a steep and rapid fall
labyrinthn: a complicated network of paths or passages, often with twists and turns, making it difficult to find one’s way out
navigatev: to plan and direct the way that a ship, plane, etc. will travel, often by using a map
straightadj: extending or moving in one direction without bending or curving; having no deviations
pausev: to take a short break from talking or doing something before continuing
hintn: an indirect suggestion; a slight but appreciable amount of something
indicatev: to show, point out, or make known something, often through a sign or a symbol; to suggest or imply something without stating it directly
simplifyv: to make something more straightforward, more understandable, or easier to do
intersectionn: a point where two or more roads, lines, etc., cross each other
explorev: to travel to or penetrate an area or a country to learn about it; to thoroughly examine a subject or a possibility to learn more about it
puzzlen: a situation that is difficult to follow or solve; a game, problem, or toy that tests a person’s ingenuity or knowledge; (verb) to cause someone to feel confused because of something difficult to understand
involvev: to include or affect someone or something as a necessary part of something else
accomplishv: to finish or achieve something successfully
swarmn: a group of many things, such as insects, fishes, etc., in the air or water or on the ground
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
unheardadj: not heard, listened to, or noticed; not having been brought to public attention
experimentn: the scientific test conducted to observe what happens and gain new knowledge
conductv: to organize and carry out a particular activity
rescuev: to save someone or something from a dangerous or difficult situation
achievev: to successfully complete a task or goal, often through hard work, perseverance, and dedication; to attain or accomplish something that one has set out to do
efficientlyadv: in a way that produces maximum output with minimum effort or expense
techniquen: a particular way or art of doing something that needs skill
depthn: the distance between the top and bottom of something; between the top surface and a distance below it
branchn: a division of a tree or woody shrub that grows out from the trunk or a main stem; a division of some larger or more complex organization
looseadj: not securely fixed or fastened in place or able to be detached or separated from something
passagewayn: a narrow pathway or corridor, especially one that allows movement between different areas or regions
encounterv: to face something, particularly something unpleasant or difficult, while attempting to do something else; to meet, especially unexpectedly
backtrackv: to retrace one’s steps; to return along a path that one has already traveled, often to correct a mistake or find lost items
sectn: a group of people who follow a particular religious or philosophical belief system, especially one that is regarded as outside the norm or mainstream
Donn: a Spanish gentleman; a university lecturer, especially a senior member of a college at Oxford or Cambridge
guaranteev: to promise something will happen formally, especially that certain conditions about a product, service, or transaction would be met
priorityn: something that is more important than other things and should be dealt with first
minimizev: to make something, especially something bad, small or less serious
randomadj: made, done, or happening without method, conscious decision, or any regular pattern
subsectionn: a distinct part or section of a larger entity, usually a document, text, or organization; a subdivision of a larger group or category
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
inwardadj: directed or facing towards the inside; inside or inward-looking
dead-endn: a street or path that has no exit or outlet; a situation or circumstance that has no remaining options or potential for progress or success
destroyv: to ruin or damage severely or completely; to eradicate or eliminate completely
destructionn: the act of causing so much damage to something
oversightn: the act of supervising or watching over something; a mistake caused by not paying enough attention to something
instructv: to teach someone practical skills or knowledge; to formally order or tell someone to do something
infiniteadj: unlimited or very great; impossible to measure
decisionn: the act or process of making up someone’s mind about something; a choice or judgment reached after considering options
misguidedadj: having or showing a wrong or mistaken understanding of a situation or course of action
coren: the most essential or fundamental part of something
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
catastrophen: a sudden event that causes extreme ruin and misfortune
regainv: to get something back or recover something after it has been lost or taken away
possessionn: the state or fact of owning or having something
healv: to make a wound or injury to become well again
turmoiln: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty, often marked by intense activity or strong emotions
progressionn: the act or process of changing to the next stage or phase or moving forward
greedyadj: having or showing an intense or insatiable desire for wealth, status, power, or food

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