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novellan: a written work of fiction that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel
noveln: an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story; (adjective) original and of a kind not seen before
realisticadj: having or showing a sensible and practical idea that is possible to achieve
numerousadj: amounting to a large indefinite number
typifyv: to be a typical example of; to represent or serve as an example of something
modernadj: of or belonging to the present time or recent times
criticn: someone who expresses opinions about the quality of books, music, etc.
rampantadj: (especially of something bad or unwelcome) flourishing or spreading everywhere in a way that cannot be controlled
abusen: the use of something in an incorrect or harmful manner
impn: a mischievous or misbehaving child; a small and mischievous demon or sprite in folklore
wreakv: to cause or bring about something, often as a result of harmful or destructive actions or events
conciseadj: giving much information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive
flashbackn: an interruption of the chronological sequence of events in a narrative, in which an event or scene from a past time is inserted into the current narrative
colonialadj: of or relating to a colony (= a territory that is controlled by a more powerful country); to the period of time during which a country or region was a colony
captainn: the leader of a group of people, especially who is in charge of a ship or aircraft
steamboatn: a boat powered by steam, typically one used for transportation on rivers or lakes
ivoryn: a hard, creamy-white substance that comes from the tusks of elephants, walruses, and some other animals and is used to make ornaments and other decorative items
strikev: to wallop somebody or something with the hand, fist, or weapon; to have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
decayn: the process or state of rotting or decomposition by natural causes such as the action of bacteria and fungi; (verb) to rot or decompose through natural causes
facilityn: a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry
racistadj: characterized by or showing discrimination or prejudice against people of other races; (noun) a person with a prejudiced belief that one racial group is superior to others
unabashedadj: not embarrassed or ashamed; bold and without shame
exploitationn: the process of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful
nativeadj: connecting with or describing someone’s birth country or place of birth, or someone born in a specific country or place
shadowyadj: dark, dim, or vague, as if obscured by shadows; mysterious or uncertain
intenseadj: (especially of a feeling) very strong; extremely sharp or severe
atmosphericadj: about or located in the earth’s atmosphere
virtuallyadv: almost completely
ominousadj: giving the impression that something bad is going to happen; foreboding
accountantn: a person whose job is to keep financial records and accounts for a person or organization
junglen: an area of tropical forest where in which trees and plants grow very thickly
loomv: to appear or take shape as a large, especially in a frightening way
massiveadj: enormous amount; very heavy and solid
impenetrableadj: not able to be passed through, entered, or understood
isolatev: to physically or socially separate someone or something from other people or things
settlementn: an official agreement that brings an argument to a close; the process of establishing permanent residence in a place.
increasinglyadv: more and more
territoryn: an area under the control of a ruler or state
psychologyn: the scientific study of mind and behavior
trapn: a piece of equipment or hole for catching animals or people; (verb) to catch animals or people and prevent them from escaping
outpostn: a small military camp at some distance from the main army, used mainly to observe an enemy’s movements, etc.
primaladj: of or relating to the earliest stage of development; fundamental; primitive
enigmaticadj: difficult to understand or explain; mysterious or puzzling
evidentadj: apparent to the mind, senses, or judgment
intentn: a strong determination or attention to do or achieve something; (adjective) having a strong determination to do or achieve something
awryadv: in a wrong or crooked position; out of order; amiss
succumbv: to fail to oppose something, such as desire, pressure, or some other opposing force; to die or suffer badly from the effect of a disease or injury
fascinationn: the state of being intensely interested in someone or something, or a powerful attraction
savageadj: extremely wild, ferocious, or uncivilized
orthodoxadj: following or conforming to the traditional, normal, or commonly accepted beliefs, ideas, or activities; of or relating to Judaism; of or relating to the Eastern Orthodox Church
spectacularadj: striking or impressive to look at or in performance or achievement
adaptationn: the action or process of changing to suit different conditions
apocalypticadj: describing severe damage and destruction in past or future events, or the end of the world
resetv: to set again or differently; to return to a previous state or condition
coloneln: a military rank above a lieutenant colonel and below a general
insaneadj: extremely stupid, crazy, or dangerous; mentally ill
screenplayn: a script for a film or television program; the written script for a movie or other visual production
preservev: to keep or maintain a particular quality, feature, etc., especially to prevent it from decaying, being damaged, or being destroyed
hallucinatev: to experience a seemingly real perception of something that does not actually exist, usually as a result of a mental illness or drug use
visualadj: relating to seeing or sight
influencen: the ability to affect someone’s or something’s character, growth, or behavior, or the effect itself
counterculturen: a subculture whose values and norms of behavior differ substantially from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to it
polishn: a substance used to smooth or shine a surface; the act of smoothing or shining a surface
descentn: the act or process of moving downward; a person’s family origins
explorationn: the activity of searching and finding out about something through a place
unconsciousadj: in the state of lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception, especially as the result of a head injury or illness
contemporaryadj: belonging to the same or present time
analyzev: to think about in-depth and evaluate to discover essential features or meaning
viewpointn: a way of thinking about a specific subject; a place from which something can be viewed, especially in an area of natural beauty
reusev: to use something again or more than once
epigraphn: a quotation or saying at the beginning of a literary work, often serving as a motto or introducing the theme of the work
poemn: a piece of writing that emphasizes the expression of feelings and ideas by paying particular attention to diction (sometimes rhyme), rhythm, and imagery
hollowadj: having a hole, empty space inside, or indentation on the surface

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