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witn: the ability to say or write things or ideas in a clever and humorous way
devastatingadj: causing a great deal of destruction or damage
pollutionn: the introduction of harmful substances or waste into the natural environment that causes adverse change
smogn: a type of air pollution that forms a mixture of smoke and fog resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels, industrial activity, and motor vehicle emissions in urban areas
blanketn: a large piece of soft material used to cover or wrap a person or thing to keep them warm; (adjective) broad in scope or content
obscureadj: not well known to many people
tracev: to find or discover someone or something that was lost
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
climaten: the weather in a particular location averaged over some long period
increasinglyadv: more and more
alarmn: a loud noise or an automatic signal that warns people of danger; a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event or particular danger
temperaturen: the degree of hotness or coldness of a thing or place
confrontv: to face, meet or deal with a problem or difficult situation or person
relativeadj: considered and evaluated through comparison with something else
shockn: a strong feeling or physical reaction to a sudden and unexpected event or experience, especially something unpleasant
propn: a piece of wood, metal, etc., placed beneath or against something to support it or keep it in position; a system, institution, or person that gives help or support to someone or something
greenhousen: a building with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, for growing plants in
scourv: to clean thoroughly and vigorously by scrubbing or rubbing; to search or examine something thoroughly and systematically
dotn: a very small circular mark, especially one that is printed
severeadj: extremely serious or bad in feeling, manner, or strict and harsh; extremely strong or vigorous
nativeadj: connecting with or describing someone’s birth country or place of birth, or someone born in a specific country or place
determinantn: a factor, circumstance, or condition that contributes to the shaping, influencing, or determining of a particular outcome or result
educatev: to provide or receive instruction or training over a period of time at a school, university, etc.
translatev: to convert or change words into another language
inducev: to persuade someone to do something; to cause to act in a specific manner
disastern: an unexpected event or series of events that cause widespread damage, destruction, or loss of life
plasteredadj: made smooth by applying a sticky or glossy substance; very drunk
convincingadj: able to make someone believe that something is true
threatn: a strong indication or likelihood of harm, danger, or adverse consequences; an expression of intent to inflict harm or injury on someone or something, often made as a means of coercion or intimidation
anecdotaladj: based on personal accounts or stories that may not be verifiable or representative of a larger population; characterized by anecdotes or casual observations rather than scientific data or empirical evidence
vastadj: enormous in size, number, amount, or quantity
databasen: a large amount of data stored in a computer system in such a way that it can be searched and updated easily
peern: a person who has the same age, status, or ability
journaln: a newspaper or magazine specialized in a specific topic or profession
entirelyadv: completely
regardv: to think about or consider somebody or something in a specified way
renownedadj: famous and respected for great achievements, qualities, etc.
spann: the entire length of something, such as time or space from beginning to end; the amount of space that something covers
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star
misinformationn: information that is false or inaccurate, or the act of giving wrong information, especially deliberately
tacklev: to try to deal with a complex problem or situation
curriculumn: a series of subjects comprising a course of study in a school, college, etc.
indigenousadj: someone or something that is native to or occurring naturally in a particular place
worsenv: to become or make something worse
typhoonn: a tropical storm with strong winds and heavy rain, typically occurring in the western Pacific Ocean
disruptv: to prevent or stop something, especially an event, activity, or process, from continuing in the usual way by causing a problem or disturbance
agriculturen: the practice or science of cultivating the land or raising stock
industriousadj: hardworking, diligent, and persistent in effort
barriern: a fence or other obstruction that makes it hard to move or get in; any condition that makes it difficult to make progress or to achieve an objective
transferv: to move, pass, or change from one person, place, or situation to another
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
gapn: a conspicuous disparity or difference separates something such as a figure, people, their opinions, situation, etc.
cardinaln: a high-ranking official in the Roman Catholic Church, appointed by the Pope; a deep or bright red color; a bird of the finch family with a distinctive crest on its head; (adjective) of or relating to the highest or most important things
nonprofitadj: not established for commercial profit
bilingualn: a person who speaks two languages fluently; (adjective) involving or relating to two languages or language groups
volunteern: a person who performs or offers to perform a job or service without being paid for or forced to do
exchangev: to give something and receive something else in return, often with the implication that the items being traded are of equal or comparable value; (noun) the act of giving or taking something in return for something else; a place or system where goods or services can be bought, sold, or traded
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
ragtagadj: consisting of a disorganized or mismatched group of people or things, often of low social status or questionable quality
congregatev: to come together or gather in a group or assembly; to collect or accumulate in a particular place or area
concentrationn: the ability to focus all your time and energy on one thing without thinking about anything else.
governmentn: the group of people with authority to control a country or state
policymakern: a person in charge of or involved in developing action plans for a political party, business, etc.
disproportionatelyadv: in a way that is not reasonably or appropriately balanced, equal, or distributed; in a manner that is unequal or excessive about something else
deservev: to be worthy of or entitled to something, especially something good or valuable
destroyv: to ruin or damage severely or completely; to eradicate or eliminate completely
crisisn: a time of great disagreement, confusion, or danger when problems must be resolved or critical decisions must be taken
coordinatev: to bring the different parts of the activity and the people into an organized, ordered, or efficient relationship; (adjective) of equal importance, rank, or degree
engagev: to attract and keep someone’s attention and interest; to participate in or obtain services of something

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