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fertilityn: the state or quality of being able to produce babies, young animals, fruit, or new plants
upfrontadj: frank and honest; (adverb) (of payment) in advance
vaccinen: a substance that is put into the body and protects them from disease by causing them to produce antibodies (= proteins that attack harmful bacteria, viruses, etc.)
vaccinatev: to treat with a vaccine, usually by injection, to produce immunity against a disease
pregnantadj: having a baby or young animal developing in the uterus
fogn: a thick cloud consisting of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth’s surface; a weather condition in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of water
pandemicn: an outbreak of a disease that affects many people over a very wide area
dispelv: to remove something, especially a feeling of fear, doubt, and false idea
misinformationn: information that is false or inaccurate, or the act of giving wrong information, especially deliberately
surroundingadj: that is near or around, or closely encircling something
evaluatev: to assess or estimate the quality, significance, quantity, or value of something
explorev: to travel to or penetrate an area or a country to learn about it; to thoroughly examine a subject or a possibility to learn more about it
coronavirusn: a group of viruses that cause respiratory, gastrointestinal, and neurological diseases in humans and other animals
insightn: the ability to gain an accurate and deep understanding of people or situations; an accurate and deep understanding of what something is like
virusn: a tiny infectious organic material that causes disease in people, animals, and plants
geneticadj: of or relating to genes (= parts of the DNA in cells) or the science of genes
advancev: to go or move forward; to develop in a positive way
mRNAn: (an abbreviation for messenger RNA) a single-stranded molecule of RNA that corresponds to the genetic sequence of a gene, and is read by a ribosome in the process of synthesizing a protein
underscorev: to give extra weight to communication; to draw a line or lines under a word, sentence, etc., to call attention to it
preclinicaladj: of or relating to the early phases of a disease when an accurate diagnosis is not possible because symptoms of the disease have not yet appeared; of or relating to the first stage of a medical education
petrin: (petri dish) a small, clear, and round dish with a lid used in laboratories, especially for growing bacteria
pathogenn: a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that causes disease
toxicadj: of or relating to or caused by a poison; poisonous
reproductiveadj: connected with the process of reproduction; relating to reproducing babies, young animals, or plants
chemicaladj: relating to or connected with chemistry;
uterusn: a hollow muscular organ in the body of a woman or other female mammal in which a baby or young animal develops before birth
phasen: any stage in a series of events, change, or development
unlikelyadj: not probable or likely to happen
rigorousadj: allowing or demanding no deviation from a standard; extremely careful, thorough, or accurate
approvaln: the belief that someone or something is good or acceptable
approvev: to think that someone or something is favorable, acceptable, or appropriate; to officially accept a plan, request, etc.
clinicaladj: of or relating to the examination and treatment of patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies
urgencyn: the quality of being very important and needing to be dealt with immediately
overlapv: to partially cover something by going beyond its edge
skipv: to move along lightly and quickly, making a step from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce; to intentionally fail to do something which would normally do
typicaladj: having the usual characteristics or traits of a specific group of things
suspectv: to consider anything to be actual or probable
regulatoryadj: having the power to control or restrict something such as business or industry according to rules or principles
monitorv: to observe, check, and track the progress or quality of something over a period of time
analyzev: to think about in-depth and evaluate to discover essential features or meaning
reassurev: to cause someone to feel sure; to give or restore confidence
rollv: to move in a particular direction by turning over and over or from side to side
irregularadj: not having an even or balanced shape or arrangement; contrary to the usual rule, accepted order, or what is expected
menstrualadj: of or relating to the time when a woman menstruates (= to discharge the blood from the uterus) each month
cyclen: an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs; a bicycle or motorcycle
nervousadj: worried and anxious about something; relating to the nerves
problematicadj: full of difficulties; difficult to deal with or solve
validadj: having a reasonable basis in logic or fact; still legally or officially acceptable
scarev: to frighten a person or animal, or to become frightened
uncertainadj: not being sure of something; not being able to choose
endometriumn: the inner mucous membrane that lines the uterus (= the organ in which a fetus develops)
shedv: to get rid of something as superfluous or unwanted; to cast off hair, skin, horn, or feathers; (noun) an outbuilding with a single story, mainly used for shelter or storage
immuneadj: protected against a particular disease or toxin due to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells
theoreticaladj: relating to the concepts and principles upon which a particular topic is founded, rather than practice and experience
temporaryadj: not lasting or be used for a very long
swellingn: an abnormal local enlargement of a part of your body, mainly because of illness or injury
lymphn: a colorless fluid containing white blood cells that carry waste matter away from body tissue and help to prevent infections from spreading
nodv: to lower and raise one’s head, sometimes several times, as to show approval, agreement, greeting, or confirmation
appn: (abbreviation for application) software designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices or inside a web browser on a PC
varyv: to become different in terms of size, shape, etc.
medicallyadv: in a way that relates to the practice of medicine and the treatment of illness and injury
normn: something that is regarded as usual, typical, or standard
importancen: the quality of being important and worthy of note
mortalityn: the quality or state of being subject to death
intensiveadj: involving a lot of work or activity in a short time
infantn: a baby or very young child
antibodyn: a substance produced in the blood that attacks and kills harmful bacteria, viruses, etc., to fight disease
confidencen: the feeling or attitude that one can trust or rely on the abilities or good qualities of someone or something
rigorn: strictness or severity in opinion, temper, or judgment

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