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influenzan: (formal for flu) a highly contagious viral disease that causes fever, severe aching, and catarrh and often occurs in epidemics
pandemicn: an outbreak of a disease that affects many people over a very wide area
catastrophicadj: extremely harmful; causing physical or financial destruction
unlikelyadj: not probable or likely to happen
emergev: to move out of or away from something and become visible
swinen: a domestic pig, especially one bred for its meat
outbreakn: a sudden start of something, usually a disease or something dangerous or unpleasant
surprisinglyadv: in a way that causes amazement or wonder
stretchv: to make or be capable of making anything longer or broader without hurting or breaking
probableadj: likely to happen or likely to be true
engineern: a person whose job is designing, building, or maintaining something such as machines, structures, or software
catalogn: a complete list of items, often including technical details and prices
epidemicn: the widespread outbreak of a particular disease in a large number of people at the same time
graphn: a picture consisting of a line, lines, points, etc., that shows how two or more sets of certain quantities are related to each other
likelihoodn: the probability or chance that something will happen or be the case
estimatev: to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. of something
percentagen: the number, amount, or rate of something, which is usually the amount per hundred
distributev: to give something to a large number of individuals, or to spread or furnish something
frequentadj: happening constantly
pathogenn: a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that causes disease
microben: a tiny living thing that can only be seen with a microscope and that may cause disease
spillv: to cause or allow liquid to run or flow over the edge of its container by accident
normn: something that is regarded as usual, typical, or standard
infectv: to affect a person, an animal, or a plant with a disease-causing organism
boundaryn: a real or imaginary line that marks the limit or extent of something and separates it from other things or places
variableadj: likely to change or vary often; (noun) a symbol, like x or y, that is used in mathematical or logical expressions to represent a value that may be changed
spillovern: the occurrence of a disease or infection spreading from one species to another, often from animals to humans; (economics) any indirect effect of public expenditure
reservoirn: a natural or artificial lake used to store water for community use; a large or extra supply of something
immunityn: the ability of an organism to resist infection or disease, often due to the presence of antibodies
virusn: a tiny infectious organic material that causes disease in people, animals, and plants
primeadj: main or most important; basic
candidadj: honest, straightforward, and frank in someone’s words or actions
undiscoveredadj: not yet found or known
mammaln: any animal of which the female gives birth to live young, not eggs, and feeds her young on milk from her own body
roughlyadv: approximately but not precisely; with a violent manner
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
generatev: to produce or create something; to make offspring by reproduction
virtualadj: being actually such in almost every respect; existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact
lifetimen: the duration of someone’s life or something’s existence;
diagramn: a simplified illustration of the appearance, structure, or workings of something
scenarion: a description of possible actions or events in the future; a written outline of a play, film, or literary work
branchn: a division of a tree or woody shrub that grows out from the trunk or a main stem; a division of some larger or more complex organization
representv: to speak, act, or be present on behalf of another person or group; to form or constitute
multiplyv: to add a number to itself a specified number of times; to increase or cause to increase very much in number or quantity
minusadj: subtracting or taking away; having a value less than zero
optimisticadj: hoping or expecting that good thing will happen or something will be successful
pessimisticadj: tending to see the worst aspect of things or expecting the worst possible outcome
ignorev: to intentionally not listen or pay attention to
generationn: all the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively; the production of heat or electricity
randomadj: made, done, or happening without method, conscious decision, or any regular pattern
independencen: freedom from another’s or others’ control or influence
absolutelyadv: without restriction or limitation; completely or utterly
destructiveadj: causing or able to cause tremendous and irreparable damage
warnv: to make someone aware of potential danger or difficulty, particularly one that may occur in the future
tracev: to find or discover someone or something that was lost
mentionv: to speak or write about something or someone briefly
vaccinen: a substance that is put into the body and protects them from disease by causing them to produce antibodies (= proteins that attack harmful bacteria, viruses, etc.)
sweepv: to clean something, especially a floor or an area, by using a broom; move swiftly and smoothly
globen: the earth or world, mainly used to emphasize its vastness
full-blownadj: fully developed or manifesting in its complete form, often used to describe a difficult situation or condition
interactv: to communicate or react with somebody
monitorv: to observe, check, and track the progress or quality of something over a period of time
isolationn: the condition of being alone or lonely; the act or state of separation between persons or groups
universaladj: existing or affecting everywhere or everyone
antiviraladj: inhibiting or stopping the growth and reproduction of viruses; (noun) any drug that destroys viruses
technologicaladj: based on scientific and industrial progress
defeatv: to win against somebody in a fight, war, or attempt
prophecyn: a statement or prediction that something will happen in the future, typically one made by a religious leader

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