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horizonn: the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet; the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated
ancientadj: relating to the long ago, particularly the historical period preceding the fall of the Western Roman Empire; very old
surprisinglyadv: in a way that causes amazement or wonder
wrestlingn: a sport in which two contestants grapple and try to throw each other to the ground
adequateadj: enough, acceptable, satisfactory for a particular purpose or need
atmospheren: the mass of air that surrounds the Earth; the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation, or creative work
giantadj: enormous; much bigger or more important than similar items usually are
lensn: a transparent optical device with curved sides, used in an optical instrument that makes objects seem larger, smaller, clearer, etc.; (metaphor) the basic thoughts or mindsets through which someone sees or understands the environment or situation
magnifyv: to make something look bigger than it really is, especially by looking at it through a lens; to make something bigger, stronger, or louder
refractionn: the bending or change in the direction of a ray of light, sound, or heat as it passes through a medium or travels from one medium to another
slightlyadv: in a small degree or extent; a little
visibleadj: capable of being seen; or open to easy view
opticaladj: of or relating to or light or the ability to see; (noun) the science of light and vision, and to instruments and techniques used in the study and application of light
illusionn: a false idea or belief, especially about somebody or about a situation
identicaladj: being the exact same one
relativeadj: considered and evaluated through comparison with something else
surroundv: to be all around something or somebody
towern: a structure that is exceptionally high in proportion to its width and either forms part of a building or stands alone
distancen: the amount of space between two points, measured in units such as miles, meters, or kilometers; the extent, scope, or range between two things, such as distance or emotional distance
vastadj: enormous in size, number, amount, or quantity
comparisonn: the consideration or examination of the similarities between two or more people or things
possibilityn: a chance that something may happen or be true
perspectiven: a confident attitude toward something; a particular style of thinking about something
brainn: the organ inside the head that is responsible for one’s movement, thought, memory, and feeling
compensatev: to make up for a loss, injury, or inconvenience by giving something of value
automaticallyadv: without needing a direct human control
perceivev: to become aware or conscious of something through the senses
interpretv: to explain or assign the meaning of information, actions, etc.
recedev: to pull back or move away or backward
mysteryn: something difficult to understand or explain; a secret or enigmatic quality that adds to the fascination or interest of something; a genre of fiction that involves the solution of a crime or a puzzle
unfortunatelyadv: by bad luck; unluckily
complicatev: to make something more complex or difficult to understand, often by introducing new elements or factors
disappearv: to cease to exist or be visible
pilotn: a person who flies an aircraft, especially as a job; a person qualified to guide ships through a difficult area of water
claimv: to assert that something is true; to demand or request something as one’s own; to lay legal or moral right to something; (noun) a demand or assertion of a right or something that one believes to be true
autocorrectn: a software feature that automatically corrects errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation while typing or entering text on an electronic device
planetariumn: a building or facility that is designed to display the positions and movements of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies on a dome-shaped surface using a projection system
displayv: to exhibit or show something to others, often to attract attention or demonstrate its features, properties, or value
sphericaladj: having the shape of a sphere; round, spherical, or ball-shaped in appearance
domen: a rounded vault forming the roof of a building or structure, typically with a circular base
overheadn: the expense of maintaining something that is involved in operating a business, such as rent and heating; (adverb) above your head; in the sky
entirelyadv: completely
ridiculousadj: very silly or unreasonable and deserving to be laughed at
convergev: to move or draw together at a specific location; (of lines) to move towards the same point where they join or meet
judgen: a person who makes decisions in a court of law; (verb) to determine the result of or form a critical opinion of something
apparentadj: able to see or understand easily or clearly
naturallyadv: as might be expected; by natural manners
concludev: to come to an end or close; to reach a judgment or opinion by reasoning
defaultv: to fail to fulfill an obligation or pay a debt when it is due; to fail to meet expectations or perform as required; to choose or accept a predetermined option or condition without making a deliberate selection or choice; (noun) the pre-set or automatic settings that a system or program uses when the user has selected no other options
satisfyv: to make somebody pleased by giving them what they want or need
frankadj: honest and sincere; open and candid in expression
debaten: a formal discussion or argument of opposing viewpoints, often to persuade others to adopt a specific position; a public discussion, often on an issue of current interest, in which participants offer opinions and differing perspectives
ragen: a strong feeling of anger or violence