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oliven: a small green or black fruit with a bitter taste that is eaten or used to produce oil or a tree on which this fruit grows
cholesteroln: a type of fat that is found in the blood and cells of the body and that is important for many bodily functions but can also contribute to heart disease and stroke when levels are too high
diseasen: a disorder or illness that affects the body or mind, often characterized by specific symptoms or abnormal functioning of organs or systems
zoomv: to move along very quickly; (noun) the act of rising upward into the air
salmonn: a type of fish that is commonly found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans
fattyadj: containing a lot of fat
tissuen: an ensemble of similar cells of the animal or plant that together carry out a specific function
moleculen: a group of two or more atoms held together by attractive forces known as chemical bonds
glycerinn: a sweet, colorless, odorless, syrupy liquid used as a solvent and emollient in a variety of industries, including the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries
alikeadv: similar or identical in nature or appearance
carbonn: a chemical element that can be found in pure form as diamond or graphite, and it is also an essential part of coal and oil and is found in all plants and animals
glyceroln: a sweet, colorless, and odorless liquid that is often used as a solvent or humectant in various industries; it is a component of triglycerides and serves as a building block for many biological molecules
backbonen: the spinal column of a vertebrate; a symbolic representation of strength and resilience
chainn: a series of connected links or objects; a system or group of interconnected elements; a restraint or shackle
acidn: sour; water-soluble chemicals with a sour flavor; any of a variety of generally liquid compounds capable of reacting with and occasionally dissolving other materials
subtleadj: not readily apparent or visible
structuren: the way of construction of something and the arrangement of its parts, or a complex thing constructed of many parts
determinantn: a factor, circumstance, or condition that contributes to the shaping, influencing, or determining of a particular outcome or result
solidadj: hard or firm; characterized by good substantial quality
liquidn: a substance, such as water or oil that flows freely and is neither a solid nor a gas
rancidadj: having a bad taste or smell because it is old and no longer fresh
bondn: a close emotional connection between two or more people; a certificate of debt that a government or corporation issues to raise money
atomn: the smallest unit of ordinary matter that forms a chemical element, composed of a nucleus and one or more electrons bound to the nucleus
excessn: an amount or quantity beyond what is acceptable, expected, or reasonable
weirdadj: extraordinary, unexpected, or difficult to explain
propertyn: a thing or things that belong to someone
rigidadj: extremely strict and difficult to change or adapt; incapable of or resistant to bending
arrangev: to plan, prepare for, and carry out something
hydrogenn: the chemical element that is the lightest gas is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and combines with oxygen to form water
oppositionn: the act of disagreeing or resisting; the state of strong disagreement
substancen: the real physical material of which a thing or person consist; the most important or main part of some idea or experience; an illegal drug
configurationn: the arrangement or pattern of something or a group of related things
stableadj: firm and steady; not easily moved, disturbed, or changed
fryv: to cook food, especially meat or fish, in hot fat or oil
techniquen: a particular way or art of doing something that needs skill
crazyadj: stupid or not sensible; very angry
pathwayn: a track that constitutes or serves as a path; an approach or a way of doing something
interferev: to get involved in and prevent a process or activity from continuing
ingredientn: one of the things used to make something, especially one of the foods used to make a particular dish
nutritionn: the substances or the process that organisms take into their bodies as food for their growth and health
labeln: a small piece of paper, fabric, or other material attached to an object and giving information about it; (verb) to assign to a category
advertisev: to draw attention to something such as a product, service, or event in public to encourage people to buy, use, or attend it
manufacturev: to make goods in large numbers, usually in a factory using machines
claimv: to assert that something is true; to demand or request something as one’s own; to lay legal or moral right to something; (noun) a demand or assertion of a right or something that one believes to be true
gramn: a metric unit of weight equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram
relyv: to require a specific thing or the assistance and support of someone or something to continue, run properly, or succeed.
unhealthyadj: not conducive to good health; detrimental to physical or mental well-being