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dialoguen: a conversation in a book, play, or film
upheavaln: great change, disruption, or disturbance; (geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation
divisivenessn: the quality or state of causing separation or division, typically by promoting conflict or disagreement between groups of people
conversationn: an informal talk between two or more people to exchange their views, ideas, information, etc.
broadadj: very wide; general
contextn: the circumstances, facts, or conditions that surround a particular event, situation, or statement and that give it meaning
excitev: to make someone feel suddenly enthusiastic or eager
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star
synthesizev: to combine a substance to make a more complex product or compound
underlyingadj: significant as a cause or basis of something but not immediately apparent or stated clearly
breathn: the air that is taken into and expelled from your lungs; the process of taking into and expelling air from your lungs
sapiensn: the species of modern humans, Homo sapiens
humankindn: the whole of the living human inhabitants of the earth
amazingadj: extremely surprising, especially in a way that you like or admire
homosexualadj: sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex
dramaticadj: very sudden, very excellent, or full of action and excitement
alarmingadj: causing concern or apprehension; causing a feeling of danger, harm, or emergency; unsettling or disturbing
necessarilyadv: in an essential manner; in such a way as could not be otherwise
scandaln: an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage
presidentn: the leader of a republic, for example, the US; the person in charge of the organization such as a company, university, club, etc.
shockn: a strong feeling or physical reaction to a sudden and unexpected event or experience, especially something unpleasant
ripplen: a small wave on the surface of a liquid, typically caused by an object falling into it or a slight wind
hummingadj: producing a continuous, low, vibrating sound like that of the bee
attractiveadj: immensely appealing in look or sound; having characteristics or qualities that make something appealing and valuable
economyn: the system by which a country or region produces manages, and distributes goods and services, including the money and finances involved in these activities; (of an airline) the lowest-priced, most basic option for seating in commercial travel
liberalizev: to make something more liberal, open, or permissive, typically in terms of laws, regulations, or social practices, allowing greater freedom, flexibility, or tolerance
combinationn: a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities
paradisen: a place or state of perfect happiness; a heaven on earth
segmentn: a part or section of something; a distinct group within a larger whole
extentn: the point or degree or area to which something extends
accordn: an official agreement or treaty between two organizations, countries, etc.; (verb) allow to have
achievementn: a thing that someone has accomplished, primarily through their effort and ability
infectiousadj: able to be passed quickly from one person, animal, or plant to another, especially through air or water
diseasen: a disorder or illness that affects the body or mind, often characterized by specific symptoms or abnormal functioning of organs or systems
violentadj: involving or caused by physical force or aggression against someone or something
commitv: to do something illegal or wrong
suiciden: the act of killing yourself intentionally
statisticsn: the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data
eran: a period that is distinct from others, typically in history
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
reactv: to take action in response to something
bombshelln: a sudden and unexpected piece of news or information that is shocking, startling, or disruptive; a person who is very attractive or sexy
ripv: to tear something or be torn violently or suddenly
dividev: to separate or cause to separate into parts or groups
replacev: to take the place of something
largelyadv: virtually entirely; to a large degree
irrelevantadj: not connected with or related to something and therefore not important
nationn: a large organized community of people living in a particular country or region and having a particular culture
strugglev: to make a great effort to do something when it is difficult, or there are a lot of problems; to use force or violence to break away from restraint or constriction
essencen: the basic or most important part or quality of something that makes it what it is
ecologyn: the study of the relationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment
ineffectiveadj: not producing any significant or intended effect or result
imbalancen: a situation in which two or more things are not equal or equally treated
globalizationn: the process by which economies, societies, and cultures around the world become increasingly integrated and interconnected through the rapid exchange of goods, services, ideas, and people across international borders
liberaladj: willing to respect or allow many different types of beliefs or behavior; open-minded
trumpn: a playing card with a picture of a trumpeter on it, used in certain card games
governmentn: the group of people with authority to control a country or state
redeemv: to compensate for the faults or bad aspects of something; to regain possession or assume ownership of something by paying a sum of money or fulfilling a condition; to rescue or save someone from a difficult or hopeless situation
awfuladj: causing fear, dread, or terror; very bad or unpleasant
narrativen: a story or a description of a series of events or process of telling a story
philosophyn: the study of general and fundamental questions, such as those about existence, reason, knowledge, values, mind
articulatev: to express oneself clearly and effectively in spoken or written language
nationalistadj: relating to or supporting a political ideology that emphasizes a strong sense of national identity and devotion to one’s own country
empowerv: to give someone the power or authority to do something
ordinaryadj: not different, exceptional, or unexpected in any way, especially in quality, ability, size, or degree
diagnosev: to determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a careful analysis
regardv: to think about or consider somebody or something in a specified way
immediateadj: happening or done without delay or occurring shortly after something else
reactionn: a response that reveals a person’s feelings or attitude; (in chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others
orientedadj: referring to someone or something that is focused or directed toward a particular goal or objective; organized around a specific principle or approach
visionn: the ability to think about or see the future with imagination and intelligence; the faculty of being able to see
retrogradeadj: moving or occurring in a direction opposite to the usual or normal one or going back to an earlier or worse condition
empiren: a group of countries ruled by one leader or government
templen: a place of worship, especially one that is associated with a particular religion or faith; the flat area on either side of the forehead
backwardadv: at, to, or toward the direction or place that is behind or rear
gutn: the long tube in the body of a person or animal through which food passes when it leaves the stomach; the mental strength or bravery required to do something difficult or unpleasant
instinctn: an inborn behavioral pattern that is often responsive to specific stimuli; an innate feeling that causes you to act or believe that something is true
appealingadj: attractive or exciting; evoking a positive response or desire; having qualities that are likely to encourage someone to like or enjoy something
slogann: a short, catchy phrase or motto that is used by a person, organization, or company to promote a particular product, cause, or idea
patriotismn: love and loyalty to one’s country
nobleadj: having or showing excellent personal qualities or high moral principles that people admire
promotev: to encourage or persuade people to like, buy, use, do, or support something; to raise someone to a higher position or rank
cooperationn: the act or situation of working together with someone towards a shared purpose, benefit, etc.
sympathizev: to express or feel compassion or understanding for someone else’s pain, difficulty, or misfortune; to share in someone else’s emotions or experiences
triben: a social group made up of members who live together, sharing the same language, culture, religion, etc., especially those who do not live in towns or cities
survivaln: the state of continuing to exist or live, frequently in the face of difficulty or danger
prosperityn: the state of being successful and having the good fortune
sufferv: to experience pain, distress, or hardship; to undergo or endure something painful or unpleasant
floodn: a large amount of water flowing beyond its normal limits; an overwhelming number or amount
droughtn: a long period of time during which there is very little or no rain, leading to a shortage of water and often causing damage to crops and other vegetation
sectn: a group of people who follow a particular religious or philosophical belief system, especially one that is regarded as outside the norm or mainstream
complicatedadj: involving a lot of different things or parts in a way that is difficult to understand or analyze
coalescev: to come together or merge into a single group, mass, or whole; to blend or combine elements or ideas into a unified whole
damn: a wall constructed over a river to block the flow of water, mainly used to generate energy
fundamentaladj: forming an essential base or core from which everything else develops or is affected
cyberadj: relating to or involving computers, computer networks, or virtual reality
threatenv: to utter intentions of injury or punishment against someone
tacklev: to try to deal with a complex problem or situation
climaten: the weather in a particular location averaged over some long period
technologicaladj: based on scientific and industrial progress
disruptv: to prevent or stop something, especially an event, activity, or process, from continuing in the usual way by causing a problem or disturbance
argumentn: a set of statements or reasons used to support or refute a proposition or theory; a verbal or physical fight or dispute
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
intelligencen: the ability to learn, comprehend, or make judgments or conclusions based on reasons
similarlyadv: in almost the same way
bioengineeringn: the application of engineering principles to the design and production of biological systems and products
conductv: to organize and carry out a particular activity
geneticadj: of or relating to genes (= parts of the DNA in cells) or the science of genes
engineern: a person whose job is designing, building, or maintaining something such as machines, structures, or software
outlawv: to make something illegal; (noun) a person who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
experimentn: the scientific test conducted to observe what happens and gain new knowledge
immenseadj: extremely large or great
provokev: to stimulate or give rise to a particular reaction or have a particular effect
constructv: to build or create something; to assemble or combine different parts to form something whole
propelv: to move, drive or push something forward or in a particular direction, often with a lot of force
legitimateadj: accordant with or allowed by law; lawful
traditionn: a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has been passed down from generation to generation within a group or society
furiousadj: extremely angry; full of rage
blamev: to think or say that someone or something did something wrong or is responsible for something bad
eliteadj: belonging to the wealthiest, most potent, best-educated, or best-trained group in a society
permitv: to allow for something to happen or be done; (noun) the act of giving a formal, usually written, authorization
complaintn: a statement that expresses dissatisfaction or annoyance about something
originatev: to come into existence in a particular place or situation; to start something in a specific place
algorithmn: a set of rules or rigorous instructions typically used to solve a specific problem or to perform a computation
strikev: to wallop somebody or something with the hand, fist, or weapon; to have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
debaten: a formal discussion or argument of opposing viewpoints, often to persuade others to adopt a specific position; a public discussion, often on an issue of current interest, in which participants offer opinions and differing perspectives
electv: to choose someone for a specific position by voting for them; to decide or choose to do something
attemptn: an act or effort of trying to do something, especially something difficult
frighteningadj: causing fear or alarm, or very surprising and alarming
galvanizev: to stimulate or shock someone into taking action; to cover metal containing zinc to protect it from rust
laboratoryn: a workplace for doing scientific research or teaching science; a lab
intenseadj: (especially of a feeling) very strong; extremely sharp or severe
mainstreamn: the ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc., that are considered normal or accepted by most people
unawareadj: not understanding something or having knowledge or idea of something
absolutelyadv: without restriction or limitation; completely or utterly
unintentionaladj: not done or made on purpose; accidental
decisionn: the act or process of making up someone’s mind about something; a choice or judgment reached after considering options
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
suddenlyadv: quickly and unexpectedly
agriculturen: the practice or science of cultivating the land or raising stock
revolutionn: a large-scale attempt to overthrow the government of a country, often using violence or war;
backbreakingadj: extremely physically demanding or strenuous, often to the point of causing fatigue or pain in the back or body
junglen: an area of tropical forest where in which trees and plants grow very thickly
phasen: any stage in a series of events, change, or development
sleepwalkv: to walk about or perform other physical activities while asleep or in a sleep-like state; to engage in automatic behavior while asleep
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
doubtn: a feeling of being uncertain about something, especially about how good or accurate it is
reapv: to harvest a grain crop from a field; to obtain something beneficial as a consequence of something that you have done
massn: a large amount of a substance with no definite shape or form; a large number of people or things grouped or crowded together
cyborgn: a being that is part human and part machine or technology, often created through the integration of electronic and mechanical devices
enhancev: to increase or improve the quality, amount, or strength of someone or something
organicadj: of or derived from biological substance; producing plants and animals for food and other items without the use of synthetic chemicals
consciousadj: being aware of and able to respond to what is happening around you
shiftingadj: constantly changing or moving
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
impressiveadj: arousing admiration due to size, quality, or skill
evolvev: to develop gradually, or to cause the development of something or someone gradually
savannahn: a mixed forest and grassland ecosystem where the trees are far enough apart that the canopy doesn’t close
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
volumen: the amount of space occupied by an object or substance; the magnitude of sound
handlev: to deal with a situation, problem, or strong emotion
AIn: (abbreviation for artificial intelligence) the theory and development of computer systems capable of doing activities that would ordinarily need human intelligence, such as object recognition, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation
imminentadj: coming or likely to happen very soon
threatn: a strong indication or likelihood of harm, danger, or adverse consequences; an expression of intent to inflict harm or injury on someone or something, often made as a means of coercion or intimidation
immediatelyadv: now or without delay
refugeen: a displaced person who has crossed national borders and who cannot or is unwilling to return home due to political, religious, or economic reasons or because of a war
nuclearadj: of or relating to or constituting the nucleus of an atom; deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy
arguev: to express differing opinions or points of view, often in a heated or contentious manner; to present a case or reasoning to persuade or convince others
dialv: to adjust or set the controls of a machine or device by turning a controller called dial; (noun) a disc on a telephone that is rotated a fixed distance for each number called
sightn: the ability to see; anything that is seen
correlationn: a statistical relationship between two variables in which one variable is affected by the other; a reciprocal relation between two or more facts, numbers, etc.
denyv: to state that one refuses to admit the existence or truth of something
socialistadj: relating to or supporting socialism (= the idea that the wealth and resources of a society should be shared among all members rather than being concentrated in the hands of a small group of individuals or corporations)
loyaltyn: the quality of being devoted or faithful to someone or something
obligationn: the state of being morally or legally bound to do or pay something
abolishv: to do away with completely; to put an end to
confrontv: to face, meet or deal with a problem or difficult situation or person
additionn: the act or process of adding something to something else; the process of adding numbers
commitmentn: a promise or firm decision to do something or to behave in a certain way
loyaladj: giving or remaining firm and constant support to a person, institution, product, etc.;
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
occasionn: a time or event that is suitable or appropriate for something to happen or be done; a particular event or circumstance that requires or allows for something to be done
microphonen: a device that converts sound into an electrical signal used for recording sounds or making the voice louder
distributev: to give something to a large number of individuals, or to spread or furnish something
inequalityn: the unfairness of a society in which some people have more opportunity, money, etc. than others; (mathematics) relation between two values when they are different
universaladj: existing or affecting everywhere or everyone
problematicadj: full of difficulties; difficult to deal with or solve
levyn: a tax or charge imposed by authority
unemployedadj: not having a job, although able to work
sheltern: a structure built to protect from poor weather, danger, or attack:
extendv: to broaden in scope, range, or area
employv: to give somebody a job and pay them for it; to make use of
ethicaladj: of or relating to principles about what is right and wrong, or the branch of knowledge dealing with these
bunchn: a grouping of several similar things which are growing or fastened together
affordv: to have enough money or time to be able to buy or do something
murdern: the crime of killing somebody intentionally
extremistn: a person who holds extreme political or religious views and who is willing to use violent or illegal methods to promote those views
independencen: freedom from another’s or others’ control or influence
peacefuladj: not involving violence, conflict, or war
massacren: the brutal and indiscriminate killing of a large number of people; a violent and bloody event that typically results in the death of many individuals
highlandadj: an area of elevated land or hilly terrain
scotn: a tax or payment, particularly a share or portion of something; a person from Scotland or a Scottish immigrant
sentimentaladj: connected with or resulting from someone’s emotions, rather than reason or realism
publiclyadv: in a manner accessible to or observable by the public; by the government
outbreakn: a sudden start of something, usually a disease or something dangerous or unpleasant
shiftn: a slight transition in position, direction, or trend
hystericaladj: marked by or in a state of excessive or uncontrollable emotion
complacentadj: satisfied with the status quo and not wishing to make changes
divineadj: of, from, or like a god; holy or sacred
miraclen: an act or occurrence that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore believed to be caused by God
analogousadj: similar or equivalent in some respects, typically as a result of functioning in a similar way
historicadj: famous or significant in history, or potentially so
underestimatev: to think or suppose that a quantity, price, or size is smaller than it is
crazyadj: stupid or not sensible; very angry
wisdomn: the quality of being wise, or the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make sensible decisions
moraladj: concerned with the principles of what is right and wrong, fairness, honesty, etc.
psychologyn: the scientific study of mind and behavior
fann: a person who admires and supports a person, group, sport, sports team, etc.; a device for creating a current of air by the movement of a surface or surfaces
governancen: the act or process of governing or managing a political, social, or economic entity; the systems or principles that guide such processes
transparencyn: the condition or quality of being easy to see through
corruptionn: dishonest, harmful, or illegal behavior, especially of people in positions of power
institutionalizev: to establish or make something a part of an institution (= a place such as a university, hospital, etc.)
vastadj: enormous in size, number, amount, or quantity
alternativen: one of two or more available possibilities or choice
lose-loseadj: a situation or outcome that is unfavorable or unsatisfactory for all parties involved; a scenario where no one wins or benefits, often implying a mutual disadvantage or loss
overarchv: to be central or dominant; to form an arch over
democracyn: a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials to do so
ancientadj: relating to the long ago, particularly the historical period preceding the fall of the Western Roman Empire; very old
modernadj: of or belonging to the present time or recent times
imperativeadj: very important or requiring attention or action
migrantn: a traveler who moves from one region or country to another, especially to find work or better living conditions; a bird or an animal that moves from one place to another
immigrationn: the act or process of coming to live permanently in a foreign country
basisn: the most important facts, ideas, or events from which something is developed; the way how things are organized or arranged
migratev: to move from one country or region to another and settle there; to move from one place to another periodically or seasonally
overblowv: to blow or be blown with excessive force or intensity, often resulting in a distorted or overly loud sound; to exaggerate the importance or impact of something
influencen: the ability to affect someone’s or something’s character, growth, or behavior, or the effect itself
determinationn: the quality of being persistent and purposeful; the act of finding out the exact nature or essence of something
inventionn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation; the act of inventing
emphasizev: to give or show particular importance to something
unlimitedadj: without any limits or restrictions
built-inadj: included as an integral part of something
frustratev: to hinder or prevent efforts, plans, or desires from doing, succeeding, or being fulfilled; to make someone feel upset or annoyed because they are unable to change or achieve something
increasinglyadv: more and more
identityn: the fact of being who or what somebody or something is; the features, emotions, or ideas that distinguish persons from one another
recruitv: to persuade someone to work for a company; to find new members for an organization, the armed forces, etc.
boundv: to move forward by leaps and bounds; to form the boundary of something
representv: to speak, act, or be present on behalf of another person or group; to form or constitute
integratev: to combine one thing with another so that they form a whole or work together; to accept equal participation for members of all races and ethnic groups
diverseadj: including numerous categories of individuals or entities; various
coherentadj: logical and consistent; (noun) the quality of being clear and easy to understand
monolithicadj: characterized by massiveness, rigidity, and uniformity
exclusiveadj: not divided or shared with others
extremeadj: very great in amount or degree
religionn: a deep conviction in a supernatural power that controls human destiny
obsessv: to fill the mind of someone continually so that one can’t think of anything else
ignorev: to intentionally not listen or pay attention to
sparkv: to start something or make it grow, especially suddenly; to emit a tiny piece of fire or electricity
fictionaladj: imaginary and not real; of or related to literary fiction
collidev: to hit something violently when moving
unstableadj: lacking solidity, persistence, or firmness and therefore not strong, safe, or likely to continue; lacking control of one’s emotions
biologyn: the scientific study of life and the natural processes of living things
entityn: something that exists independently and has its own identity
soiln: the top layer of Earth in which plants grow
goon: a sticky or slimy substance, often of indeterminate or unknown composition; a slang term used to describe something messy, chaotic, or confusing
messn: a state of confusion, dirtiness, or untidiness; (verb) to fail to do something or to make something dirty or untidy
perspectiven: a confident attitude toward something; a particular style of thinking about something
hominidn: a primate of a family (Hominidae) that includes humans and their fossil ancestors
ancestorn: a person from whom one is descended; a forefather
relativeadj: considered and evaluated through comparison with something else
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
uselessadj: not serving any useful purpose; having no practical result
traditionallyadv: in accordance with tradition; typically or commonly done in a particular way
possibilityn: a chance that something may happen or be true
terrifyv: to frighten someone very much
reinventv: to change something so drastically that it looks to be completely new
virtualadj: being actually such in almost every respect; existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact
trajectoryn: the curved path followed by an object moving through space
industrialadj: of or relating to or resulting from industry
softwaren: a set of computer programs and associated documentation and data for doing particular computational jobs
cashiern: an employee responsible for handling transactions, such as payments or returns, in a store or other business
textilen: any type of cloth made by weaving or felting or knitting
highlightv: to make something prominent, mainly so that people give it more attention
bugn: any tiny insect; a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine
cosmicadj: relating to the universe or cosmos; vast or limitless
draman: a play in a theatre, television, or radio, or performance on a stage
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
ideologyn: a set of beliefs or philosophies that an economic or political system is based on
sentiencen: the quality or state of being able to experience feelings or become aware or conscious of something
mysteryn: something difficult to understand or explain; a secret or enigmatic quality that adds to the fascination or interest of something; a genre of fiction that involves the solution of a crime or a puzzle
universen: everything that exists, especially all physical matter, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy
sentientadj: having the ability to perceive or feel things, particularly through sense perception like touch or sight, especially at higher levels of intelligence and consciousness
amplifyv: to enhance something, particularly sound or brightness
brainn: the organ inside the head that is responsible for one’s movement, thought, memory, and feeling
confusev: to mistake one thing for another; to make somebody hard to understand
siliconn: a chemical element with the symbol Si that is a hard, brittle crystalline solid with a blue-grey metallic luster and used for the transistors and integrated circuit chips in computers
valleyn: a long depression on the surface of the land, which typically contains a river
boredomn: a state of weariness, restlessness, or impatience that arises from not being interested or engaged in an activity, task, or situation
indicationn: a sign or remark that something exists, is real, or is likely to occur
chimpanzeen: a small, very intelligent ape found in west and central Africa with black or brown fur
broadenv: to make or become wider or more extensive; to make or become more tolerant or liberal.
horizonn: the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet; the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated
intelligentadj: having the capacity for thought and reason, especially to a high degree
whalen: a very large sea mammal that has a streamlined body and breathes through a blowhole on the head; a very large person; impressive in size or qualities
baboonn: a large monkey with a dog-like snout and a long, curved tail found in Africa and Arabia
reversev: to change something’s direction, order, position, decision, etc., to the opposite one; (adjective) directed or moving toward the rear
liberatev: to set free; to release or rescue from captivity or oppression
contrastv: to put in opposition to show or emphasize differences
mysteriousadj: difficult to understand, explain, or identify; having an aura of secrecy, intrigue, or puzzlement
eloquentadj: able to speak or write clearly and impressively
blizzardn: a severe snowstorm that is accompanied by strong winds and low temperatures, often leading to very limited visibility and dangerous travel conditions
questn: a long or challenging search for something
fictionn: the type of book or story, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people; anything made up or imagined that is not true
progressionn: the act or process of changing to the next stage or phase or moving forward
corporationn: a large company or group of companies that are controlled together by law as a single unit
defeatv: to win against somebody in a fight, war, or attempt
metaphorn: a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not denote to suggest a similarity
germn: a very tiny living that causes the disease; a piece of something such as an organism, concept, etc., capable of growing into a new one or part of one
bustv: to break something; (noun) a woman’s chest, or the measurement around a woman’s chest; (noun) an occasion for something excessive, such as work, eating, drinking, etc.
brandn: a type of product, service, etc., made by a particular company and sold under a specific name; identification mark on the skin of livestock, criminals, etc., made by burning
climaxn: the most intense or exciting moment of an event or experience; the point of highest dramatic tension or emotional intensity in a story, plot, or performance
trendn: a general direction in which something is changing or developing
helln: the place thought to be where bad people go and are punished after death, often depicted as being located beneath the earth; an extraordinarily unpleasant or difficult place
journalismn: the profession or activity of writing or reporting news for publication or broadcast
outletn: a means of release or expression, often for emotions or energy; a place of business that sells goods directly to customers; a device or opening through which something can flow out
incorporatev: to include something as a part of a larger entity
chartern: a document that grants certain rights or privileges; a contract to hire or lease transportation
headlinen: a heading at the top of a newspaper or magazine story or page
earnestadj: characterized by sincere and severe conviction or effort; showing a deep and a genuine sense of purpose or commitment
incrediblyadv: in a way that is very difficult to believe; exceedingly or extremely
massiveadj: enormous amount; very heavy and solid
arguablyadv: used when expressing an opinion or idea that you believe can be proven true
toxicadj: of or relating to or caused by a poison; poisonous
disseminatev: to spread or distribute widely, especially information or ideas; to scatter or disperse
falsehoodn: a statement or belief that is untrue, often intentionally deceptive or misleading
essentiallyadv: relating to the essential features or concepts of anything
fakeadj: not genuine; fraudulent or counterfeit
biblen: the sacred writings of the Christian religions, consisting of the Old and New Testaments; a book regarded as authoritative in its field
associatev: to mentally connect someone or something with someone or something else
tyrannicaladj: using power or authority over people, especially in a specific country, group, etc., in an unfair and cruel way
regimen: the organization, a system, or method that is the governing authority of a political unit
uprisev: to rise or ascend, often used to describe a rebellion, uprising, or protest; to come into existence or prominence suddenly
coaln: a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock that is found below the ground and burnt to produce heat
intentionaladj: done, made or performed with purpose and intent
disturbv: to interrupt someone who is trying to work, sleep, etc.
relinquishv: to give up power, control, or possession
necessityn: the state or fact of being needed; anything indispensable
manglev: to damage or alter something by twisting, crushing, or pressing it out of shape
catastrophen: a sudden event that causes extreme ruin and misfortune
disastern: an unexpected event or series of events that cause widespread damage, destruction, or loss of life
motivationn: the reason or enthusiasm for acting or behaving in a particular way
epitomen: a person or thing that is a typical or perfect example of a particular quality or type
eviladj: profoundly immoral, cruel, and wicked; having or exerting a harmful effect on people
mindsetn: the established set of attitudes or fixed ideas held by someone
alt-rightn: (abbreviation for “alternative right”) a political movement or group characterized by extreme conservative, nationalist, or authoritarian beliefs, often associated with white supremacy or xenophobic attitudes
scarev: to frighten a person or animal, or to become frightened
distantadj: far away in space, time, or where you are; far apart in relevance, relationship, or kinship
globalismn: a political, economic, and social outlook that emphasizes the importance of global cooperation and interdependence, often associated with free trade, globalization of culture, and the spread of technology
ultimateadj: furthest or highest in degree or order
pokev: to push or prod with a sharp object or the finger
compatibleadj: capable of coexisting or working together without conflict or inconsistency; harmonious or well-matched
relevancen: the state or degree of being closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand
intimateadj: having a very close friendship, personal
imaginaryadj: existing only in someone’s mind
large-scaleadj: involving many people or things and involving a lot of change or activity
weavev: to make cloth, a carpet, a basket, etc., by repeatedly crossing a single thread through two sets of long threads at a right angle to them
alienationn: the state of being isolated or detached from one’s social, emotional, or political environment
chiefadj: most important or primary; (noun) a person who is in charge
capitalismn: an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit
disembodiedadj: without a physical body; not having a material form
distancen: the amount of space between two points, measured in units such as miles, meters, or kilometers; the extent, scope, or range between two things, such as distance or emotional distance
huntv: to go after and try to catch wild animals to kill them for food, sport, or profit
peasantn: a farmer or agricultural worker who owns or rents a small piece of land and grows crops, especially in a traditional or undeveloped society
survivev: to live or exist despite a dangerous event or period
constantlyadv: all the time
mushroomn: a type of fungus that grows on dead or decaying organic matter and typically has a stalk and an umbrella-shaped cap
reconnectv: to connect again after a break or interruption
disenfranchisev: to prevent someone from having the right to vote or from having an equal opportunity to vote
definitelyadv: without any question and beyond doubt; clearly
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
whollyadv: completely, entirely, or altogether; without exception or reservation
unfairadj: not giving equal treatment or opportunities to people involved; marked by injustice, partiality, or deception
impn: a mischievous or misbehaving child; a small and mischievous demon or sprite in folklore
industrializev: to organize the production of something into an industry
incentiven: something, such as a punishment, reward, etc., that encourages a person to do something
calamityn: a serious event that causes damage, injury, or loss
consequencen: the outcome of a particular action or event, especially relative to an individual
desiren: a strong feeling of wanting to have or do something
reshapev: to change the form or structure of something
destructionn: the act of causing so much damage to something
satisfyv: to make somebody pleased by giving them what they want or need
gazev: to stare at something or someone for an extended time, usually out of surprise or adoration, or because you are thinking about something else
inwardadj: directed or facing towards the inside; inside or inward-looking
industriousadj: hardworking, diligent, and persistent in effort
manipulatev: to influence or control something or someone to your advantage, often in an unfair or dishonest way
complexityn: the state or quality of being complicated or intricate and difficult to understand
meltdownn: a severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor resulting in the core melting and radiation escaping; a situation in which something fails or weakens suddenly or dramatically
reengineerv: to redesign or restructure something such as a machine, system, organization, etc.
internaladj: of or relating to the inside of something
outlinev: to describe the main facts or aspects involved in something
bleakadj: unlikely to be favorable; unpleasantly cold and damp; offering little or no hope
responsibleadj: answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management
criticn: someone who expresses opinions about the quality of books, music, etc.
sociologistn: a person who studies the institutions and development of human society
inevitableadj: certain to happen and unavoidable
deterministicadj: characterized by an assumption of cause and effect and the absence of chance or randomness, often used to describe scientific or engineering calculations
electrifyv: to make a machine or system work by using electricity; to make someone extremely enthusiastic about or interested in something
communistadj: relating to or supporting the political ideology of communism (= a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership)
dictatorn: a political leader who has complete power over a country, especially one who has obtained control by force
fascistadj: relating to or supporting fascism, which is a political ideology that emphasizes authoritarian government, nationalism, and suppression of political opposition and individual liberties
predeterminev: to decide or determine in advance; to establish or influence beforehand
outcomen: the result or effect of an action, event, etc.
humanityn: all people living on the earth; the quality or state of being human rather than an animal, a machine, etc.
convincedadj: completely certain about something; having a strong belief or conviction in a particular religion
destroyv: to ruin or damage severely or completely; to eradicate or eliminate completely
promptv: to make someone decide to or try to do something, or to make something happen
toolkitn: a set of tools, materials, or resources that are designed to be used together for a specific purpose or task; a collection of information or techniques that can be used to address a problem or achieve a goal
pursuev: to do something or attempt to attain something over time; to follow or seek someone or something, especially in trying to catch them
warfaren: the use of military force to achieve political, economic, or social objectives
declinev: to become gradually smaller, fewer, worse, etc.; to refuse to accept
dramaticallyadv: in a very impressive manner
marginn: the space around the edge of a page or document; (finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold
concludev: to come to an end or close; to reach a judgment or opinion by reasoning
wrapv: to cover or enclose something entirely with paper, cloth, or other material
disagreev: to have or express a different opinion, idea, etc.
contributionn: the act of giving something, especially money, to a particular cause or organization; a voluntary gift as of money or service or ideas made to some worthwhile cause
engagev: to attract and keep someone’s attention and interest; to participate in or obtain services of something
staken: a share or financial investment in something such as a business; a wooden or metal post set up to mark something