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stumblev: to miss a step and fall or nearly fall; to walk unsteadily
groceryn: a shop that sells food and other household items
evenlyadv: in equal amounts or shares; in a balanced or impartial way
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
clustern: a group of similar things or people close together, often forming a distinct mass or unit
spatialadj: of or relating space and the position, area, and size of things
competitionn: a situation in which someone is attempting to beat or outperform another
cousinn: the child of your aunt or uncle
splitv: to divide, or to make something divide into two or more parts, especially along a particular line
quartern: one of four equal parts; a fourth part or portion
territoryn: an area under the control of a ruler or state
vendorn: a person or company that sells goods or services
optimaladj: the best; most likely to be successful or advantageous
minimizev: to make something, especially something bad, small or less serious
maximumadj: the largest or greatest amount or value attainable or attained
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
assumev: to think or accept something to be true without having proof of it; to take or begin to have power; to begin to exhibit a specific quality or appearance
outdov: to do better than someone; to surpass
pacen: the speed at which someone or something moves, or the rate at which something happens or changes
regainv: to get something back or recover something after it has been lost or taken away
shufflev: to move or mix around in a casual or unorganized way; to walk with short, dragging steps
bulkn: the quantity or size of something that is very large; the main part of something
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
competitiveadj: involving competition or competitiveness
equilibriumn: a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced
improvev: to make or become better
deviatev: to depart from an established course or plan; to change direction or take a different route or approach
strategyn: a detailed plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall goal.
repositionv: to move to a new or different position or location
chainn: a series of connected links or objects; a system or group of interconnected elements; a restraint or shackle
boutiquen: a small, stylish shop, often specializing in unique or specialized items
kioskn: a small, often freestanding structure or booth, typically used as a retail outlet or information center, particularly in a public space or high-traffic area
distributev: to give something to a large number of individuals, or to spread or furnish something
vulnerableadj: capable of being hurt or influenced physically or mentally
aggressiveadj: behaving in an angry, energetic, or threatening way towards another person; tending to spread quickly
competev: to strive to achieve more success than someone or something
differentiatev: to recognize or establish as being distinct; to distinguish between things that are compared; to calculate a derivative