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decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
grantv: to agree to give or allow somebody
procrastinatev: to postpone doing what you should do, often because it is unpleasant or boring
screamv: to give a loud, high shout suddenly, especially because of fear, anger, excitement, etc.; to utter or declare in a very loud voice
acclaimn: praise or admiration that is expressed publicly; (verb) to praise or admire someone or something publicly
talen: a story made up in someone’s imagination, especially one full of action and adventure
proclaimv: to announce or state something publicly and forcefully
rackn: a framework or support structure used to hold or display objects; a set of interconnected shelves or compartments used for storage; a source of torture, distress, or mental anguish
halfwayadj: in or at a point midway or an equal distance between two points
captainn: the leader of a group of people, especially who is in charge of a ship or aircraft
repayv: to give back or make restitution for money, debt, or other obligation that is owed; to compensate or reward someone for something done or given
correspondencen: the letters, emails, etc., especially official or business ones; the quality or state of being the same in amount, number, status
embargon: a ban or restriction on trade, commerce, or travel imposed by one country or group of countries against another as a means of political or economic pressure or punishment
noveln: an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story; (adjective) original and of a kind not seen before
testamentn: a thing that proves the existence or truth of something else
manuscriptn: the original copy of a book, piece of music, etc. before it is printed
deadlinen: a date or period by which something must be done
dishonorn: the lack of honor or respect; a feeling of shame or disgrace
podcastn: a radio program made available in digital format that you can download from the Internet and play on a computer or music player
psychologyn: the scientific study of mind and behavior
invitingadj: having an attractive or tempting quality that draws people in; encouraging or alluring in a way that makes people want to take part or participate
flawn: a fault, mistake, or weakness that causes something not to be perfect
overcomev: to succeed in controlling or dealing with something, such as a problem or difficulty; to defeat or overwhelm someone
sponsorv: to provide funds for a particular event, program, individual, etc. as a way of advertising
episoden: a happening or story that is distinctive in a series of related events; an abrupt short period during which someone suffers from the effects of a physical or mental illness
fadev: to vanish; to fade away; to lose color; to lose freshness
intentionallyadv: in a planned or intended way
delayv: to cause something to happen at a later time than originally intended or expected
fridgen: a piece of electrical equipment in which food can be stored at low temperatures so that it stays fresh
magicaladj: produced by or containing supernatural powers
confirmv: to support or establish the truth or certainty of something previously believed or suspected to be the case
suspicionn: the act of doubting something, especially something wrong
acquaintv: to cause someone to become aware of or familiar with someone or something
chronicadj: being long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering; habitual
disappearv: to cease to exist or be visible
graduaten: a person who has a first degree from university or college; (verb) to complete the first course of university or college and get a degree
oppositionn: the act of disagreeing or resisting; the state of strong disagreement
precrastinatorn: (antonym for “procrastinator”) a person who tends to complete tasks as soon as possible, often excessively or prematurely; someone who inclines to finish or accomplish tasks far ahead of the deadline or required time
immediatelyadv: now or without delay
schedulen: a list of planned activities, tasks, or things that must be completed showing when they are intended to happen or be done
colleaguen: one of a group of a coworker, especially in a profession or a business
annoyingadj: making someone feel slightly angry
constantlyadv: all the time
excusen: a reason or explanation, either true or invented, given to justify a fault or defend your behavior; (verb) to make someone free from blame or clear from guilt
fascinatev: to attract and hold the attention of someone deeply and irresistibly
extremeadj: very great in amount or degree
hitchhikev: to obtain a ride in a passing vehicle by signaling to the driver or waving one’s thumb; to travel by getting a free ride in someone else’s vehicle
galaxyn: an independent group of stars, interstellar gas, dark matter, etc., in the universe, bound together by gravity
typicaladj: having the usual characteristics or traits of a specific group of things
bathtubn: a large container, typically made of porcelain or acrylic, for holding water in which a person can bathe
editv: to prepare written material for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it
suiten: a set of rooms designated for a particular purpose or activity, especially a set of rooms in a hotel or private residence used as a living unit; a musical composition of several movements only loosely connected; the group following and attending to some important person
presumablyadv: believed to be true or likely based on the available evidence, or supposed to be the case without definite proof
writn: a written legal order or command
legendaryadj: famous or well-known, especially through long-standing popular stories or tradition
slackern: a person who is lazy or avoids work and responsibilities; someone who lacks motivation or ambition
disciplinen: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using and punishments if these are broken; a region of activity, knowledge, or influence
mythn: an ancient story or set of stories accepted as history, especially explaining the worldview of a people
sneakv: to go somewhere, or take someone or something somewhere secretly or stealthily; to steal or do something secretly or stealthily
specificallyadv: only associated with or meant for one thing
negativeadj: having the quality of something bad or harmful; expressing refusal
emotionn: a strong feeling such as love, anger, etc. deriving from one’s situation, mood, or relationships with others
coren: the most essential or fundamental part of something
moodn: the way you feel at a particular time; an angry or impatient state of mind
regulationn: an official rule made and maintained by a government or some other authority; the act of controlling or directing something according to a rule
elicitv: to obtain information or a reaction from someone, usually with difficulty
confidencen: the feeling or attitude that one can trust or rely on the abilities or good qualities of someone or something
incompetentadj: lacking the necessary skills, knowledge, or ability to perform a task or job; not legally qualified or authorized to perform a particular task or job
insecureadj: not firm or firmly fixed; likely to fail or give way, or not assured of safety
anxietyn: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something that is happening or might happen in the future
regulatev: to control something, especially by means of rules or laws
classicadj: judged or deserving to be regarded as one of the best or most important of its kind over a period of time; of a well-known type
pickyadj: overly particular or selective, especially about food or other consumable goods; difficult to please or satisfy because of one’s specific tastes or preferences
hypothesisn: a proposed idea or explanation that is based on a few known facts but has not yet been proven to be true or accurate
proofn: a fact or piece of information that shows something is true or exists
neatadj: clean or tidy, with everything in its place
loomv: to appear or take shape as a large, especially in a frightening way
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
stirv: to mix a liquid or substance by using a spoon or something similar; to cause to be agitated, excited, or roused
consequencen: the outcome of a particular action or event, especially relative to an individual
peern: a person who has the same age, status, or ability
sufferv: to experience pain, distress, or hardship; to undergo or endure something painful or unpleasant
junkn: discarded or unused material or objects, often considered worthless or of little value; also used to describe cheap or poorly made items or food that is high in calories but lacking in nutrition
difficultyn: a condition or state that causes problems
depressionn: a mental condition in which a person feels very unhappy and without hope for the future; a severe recession in an economy or market
metaadj: pertaining to or involving a higher or more abstract level of analysis, interpretation, or self-reference, often used to describe aspects of gaming, social media, or other online communities that involve self-conscious or self-referential elements
definitelyadv: without any question and beyond doubt; clearly
guiltyadj: feeling responsible for or having done something wrong or criminal
guiltn: the fact of having committed something illegal; the negative feelings caused by believing or knowing that you have done something wrong
motivatev: to make someone want to do something, especially something that requires tremendous work and effort
unfairadj: not giving equal treatment or opportunities to people involved; marked by injustice, partiality, or deception
postponev: to delay or reschedule something to a later time or date
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
phrasen: a group of words that mean something specific when used together
evokev: to bring or recall a feeling, memory, or image into your mind
absolutelyadv: without restriction or limitation; completely or utterly
willpowern: the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses
autonomyn: the right of an organization, country, or region to govern itself independently
structuren: the way of construction of something and the arrangement of its parts, or a complex thing constructed of many parts
ambiguousadj: open to more than one interpretation; not clear or decided
strugglev: to make a great effort to do something when it is difficult, or there are a lot of problems; to use force or violence to break away from restraint or constriction
uncertainadj: not being sure of something; not being able to choose
doubtn: a feeling of being uncertain about something, especially about how good or accurate it is
confusionn: the state of being mixed up or unclear, or the state of disorder or uncertainty
boredomn: a state of weariness, restlessness, or impatience that arises from not being interested or engaged in an activity, task, or situation
flavorn: the taste sensation produced by a substance in the mouth
curbv: to restrain, limit, or control something; to reduce or put a stop to something undesirable; (noun) the raised edge or barrier along the edge of a street, road, or sidewalk
compassionn: a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for another’s suffering or bad luck
relievev: to make something burdensome, unpleasant, or painful less severe
revn: a measure of the rate at which an engine or motor rotates, often expressed in revolutions per minute (RPM); (verb) to increase the number of rotations per minute
forgivenessn: the act of stopping feeling angry or resentful towards someone for a mistake or offense with compassion
occasionn: a time or event that is suitable or appropriate for something to happen or be done; a particular event or circumstance that requires or allows for something to be done
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star
acknowledgev: to accept or admit the existence, reality, or truth of something; to accept that someone or something has a particular authority or quality; to express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for someone’s help, commitment, etc.;
responsibleadj: answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management
neuroticadj: suffering from neurosis or excessive and irrational anxiety or distress, often about everyday situations and circumstances
cuen: a signal, gesture, or action that provides information or direction for someone else to act or respond; a reminder or prompt for someone to do something
judgen: a person who makes decisions in a court of law; (verb) to determine the result of or form a critical opinion of something
criticn: someone who expresses opinions about the quality of books, music, etc.
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
evaluatev: to assess or estimate the quality, significance, quantity, or value of something
dumbadj: lacking the power of speech, unable to speak; stupid, or lacking intelligence
normn: something that is regarded as usual, typical, or standard
batn: a nocturnal animal with wings that flies and feeds at night, similar to a mouse; a piece of wood with a handle used for hitting the ball in sports including baseball, cricket, and table tennis
plotn: a secret plan or scheme to achieve a specific goal; the plan or main story of a literary work; (verb) to plan secretly, usually something illegal
far-fetchedadj: (of an idea or story) so exaggerated or ludicrous as to be very difficult to believe
anticipatev: to expect or predict that something will happen; to tell in advance
routinen: a usual or habitual way of doing things; a set sequence of steps, part of a larger computer program
plungev: to dive quickly and steeply downward; to thrust or throw into something; (noun) a steep and rapid fall
frenzyn: a state of wild, uncontrolled excitement or activity, often characterized by chaotic or irrational behavior
scrolln: a long roll of paper containing writing; (verb) to move through text or graphics on a screen to view different parts of them
strategyn: a detailed plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall goal.
recommendv: to suggest that someone or something would be a suitable fit for a particular purpose or role
identityn: the fact of being who or what somebody or something is; the features, emotions, or ideas that distinguish persons from one another
egon: a consciousness of your own identity; a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance, especially inflated one
scotn: a tax or payment, particularly a share or portion of something; a person from Scotland or a Scottish immigrant
diminutiveadj: very small or tiny in size; expressing smallness or endearment; (noun) a word or suffix that indicates smallness in size or affection
referv: to direct someone’s attention, thoughts, or questions to another source or person; to mention, cite, or allude to something as evidence or support
conversationn: an informal talk between two or more people to exchange their views, ideas, information, etc.
separatev: to force, take, or pull apart; mark as different
laundryn: the act of washing clothes and linens; a room or area where clothes are washed and ironed
overlapv: to partially cover something by going beyond its edge
tugv: to pull something quickly and hard, often several times
dualadj: having two parts, aspects, or elements
observev: to watch or notice something carefully, often to gather information or insights; to take note of something or someone; to celebrate or commemorate a special event or occasion
ordinaryadj: not different, exceptional, or unexpected in any way, especially in quality, ability, size, or degree
brann: the outermost layer of cereal grain, such as wheat or rice, which is removed during milling and is often used as animal feed or as a source of dietary fiber for humans; a type of coarse, fibrous substance that remains as a residue or byproduct in various industrial processes, such as oil extraction or papermaking
flaken: a small, thin piece or layer of something, often with a flat or irregular shape; a person who is unreliable or inconsistent
bingen: a period of excessive or uncontrolled consumption, often of food or alcohol; a spree or bout of reckless behavior or indulgence
outwitv: to defeat or overcome someone cleverly or cunningly by outsmarting them; to be more clever or cunning than someone else
resistv: to refuse to accept something and attempt to prevent it from happening
temptationn: the desire to do or have something that you know you should not do or have; the act of influencing by exciting hope or desire
brilliantadj: extremely clever, skilled, or impressive
alarmn: a loud noise or an automatic signal that warns people of danger; a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event or particular danger
snoozev: to take a brief nap or doze, often for a short period of time, especially during the day; to sleep lightly or fitfully; (noun) nodded politely
equationn: the act of regarding as equal; (mathematics) a statement that expresses the equality of two expressions by connecting them with the equals sign
announcev: to make something known or officially inform people about something
randomadj: made, done, or happening without method, conscious decision, or any regular pattern
instancen: a particular example or single occurrence of something
weirdadj: extraordinary, unexpected, or difficult to explain
mushroomn: a type of fungus that grows on dead or decaying organic matter and typically has a stalk and an umbrella-shaped cap
tweetn: a short, high sound made by a small bird; a message sent using Twitter, the social media application
interruptv: to say or do something that causes someone to stop in their speech or action
distractedadj: having one’s attention diverted or divided; being unable to concentrate because of being preoccupied or worried
burrowv: to excavate a hole or make a tunnel in the ground by digging, typically for use as a dwelling of an animal
firewalln: (in computing) a technological barrier designed to stop people from seeing or using the information on a computer without permission but still allow them to receive information that is sent to them
specificadj: clearly defined or particular to a certain thing or situation; distinct, explicit, and precise
experimentn: the scientific test conducted to observe what happens and gain new knowledge
assignv: to give a specific job or piece of work to a someone
sessionn: a formal meeting or series of meetings for the execution of a particular group’s functions; a period spent doing a particular activity
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
progressionn: the act or process of changing to the next stage or phase or moving forward
owln: a nocturnal bird of prey with large eyes, a facial disc, and typically a loud hooting call
synchronizev: to happen or cause to happen at the same time or rate
circadianadj: relating to a physiological cycle that lasts approximately 24 hours, impacting physical and behavioral changes that occur over the course of a day, such as sleep-wake cycles or fluctuations in hormones
rhythmn: a strong regular repeated pattern of sounds, words, or musical notes that are used in music, poetry, and dancing
flexibilityn: the quality of changing or being changed easily according to new conditions or situations
temptingadj: likely to attract or persuade someone to do something, especially something that may not be wise or safe
tacticsn: the methods or strategies used to achieve a specific goal or outcome, particularly in the context of military, business, or sports
outsmartv: to defeat or best someone through cleverness, cunning, or intelligence, to prevail over someone by being smarter or more strategic
twistv: to bend or turn something into a certain shape
furnacen: an enclosed chamber for heating metal or glass to very high temperatures
contractn: a legally binding agreement between two or more parties, setting out their rights and obligations to each other, typically in writing and enforceable by law
proofreadv: to examine written material and mark any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or formatting; to read carefully and correct errors
scrabblev: to scratch or scrape at something with one’s hands or claws frantically or desperately; to arrange or rearrange letter tiles to form words in a game of Scrabble (= a popular word game using a 15×15 square board and letter tiles) or a similar word game
commitmentn: a promise or firm decision to do something or to behave in a certain way
reassurev: to cause someone to feel sure; to give or restore confidence
disappointv: to fail to meet someone or their hopes or expectations; to make someone feel sad
excitev: to make someone feel suddenly enthusiastic or eager
reconcilev: to find a way of dealing with two or more ideas, needs, etc. that are opposed to each other to agree and coexist
enormousadj: extremely large or great
mathematicsn: the science dealing with the logic of quantities, shapes, spaces, and arrangement
dividev: to separate or cause to separate into parts or groups
accumulatev: to collect or acquire a large number of things over a long period of time
uncommonadj: not occurring or seen very often; rare
coworkern: a person who works with another in the same company or organization
sentimentaladj: connected with or resulting from someone’s emotions, rather than reason or realism
wildfiren: a large, uncontrolled fire that spreads quickly through a natural area such as a forest, grassland, or mountain slope
sweepv: to clean something, especially a floor or an area, by using a broom; move swiftly and smoothly
devastatingadj: causing a great deal of destruction or damage
griefn: a very great sadness, especially when somebody dies
maximumadj: the largest or greatest amount or value attainable or attained
creditorn: a person, company, etc. to whom a debtor owes money
toothbrushn: a small brush with a handle used for cleaning the teeth
toothpasten: a paste or gel used for cleaning the teeth and freshening the breath
deodorantn: a product applied to the body, typically under the arms, that helps to eliminate or mask unpleasant body odor
midnightn: the middle point of the night, usually defined as 12:00 AM or the start of a new day
makeshiftadj: serving as a temporary substitute or solution; improvised
reliefn: a feeling of happiness and relaxation that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced
conferv: to have a meeting or discussion to come to a decision or agreement or exchange ideas; to bestow something
crazyadj: stupid or not sensible; very angry
volunteern: a person who performs or offers to perform a job or service without being paid for or forced to do
donationn: a voluntary gift of money, service, or ideas that are given to a person or an organization, or the act of giving them
awardn: a prize or other mark of recognition given in honor of an achievement
honorn: high regard or great respect for someone; the quality of having and doing based on a keen sense of morality; (verb) to show respect towards someone
embodyv: to represent or exemplify something; to give tangible form to an abstract idea
visionn: the ability to think about or see the future with imagination and intelligence; the faculty of being able to see
recipientn: a person who receives something
recognitionn: the action or process of recognizing or being recognized, especially by remembering; an agreement that something is true or legal
nominatev: to propose someone for a position, especially in politics or an organization, or some honor
obnoxiousadj: extremely unpleasant or offensive; annoying or irritating to the point of causing discomfort or harm
donatev: to give money, food, clothes, etc. to help a person or organization
rebuildv: to build again or anew
amazev: to fill with wonder, surprise, or admiration
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
hospitalityn: the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers
fortunen: a large amount of money or property; chance or luck as an unknown and arbitrary force affecting human affairs
millennialadj: relating to a period of a thousand years or the year 2000; (noun) a person born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, also called Generation Y
instituten: an organization that has a specific purpose, particularly one dealing with science, education, or a particular profession; (verb) to initiate, introduce, or establish something
inefficientadj: lacking the ability or skill and not making the best use of time, money, energy, etc.
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
nowadaysadv: at the current time, in comparison to the past
hierarchyn: a system in which people or things are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest
relationn: the way two persons or groups of people feel and act toward one another
employern: a person or organization that pays workers to work for them
salaryn: a fixed amount of money that employees, especially those who work in an office, receive for doing their job, usually paid every month
historicadj: famous or significant in history, or potentially so
mentionv: to speak or write about something or someone briefly
incrediblyadv: in a way that is very difficult to believe; exceedingly or extremely
thesisn: a written essay, especially one submitted for a university degree, that sets out the author’s findings on a particular subject
definev: to state or explain precisely the nature, scope, or meaning of something
redefinev: to change the meaning or interpretation of something; to make people think about something in a new or different way
definitionn: a concise explanation of the meaning of a word, phrase, or symbol
accomplishv: to finish or achieve something successfully
absorbv: to take in a fluid or other substance gradually
jugglev: to manage or cope with several tasks, responsibilities, or situations simultaneously; to keep several things in the air at once, as in a juggling act
unpleasantadj: not enjoyable or comfortable
urgencyn: the quality of being very important and needing to be dealt with immediately
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
traditionn: a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has been passed down from generation to generation within a group or society
proposev: to make a proposal, declare a plan for something
radicaladj: relating to the essential aspects of anything; far beyond the norm, mainly used of opinions and actions
magicn: beliefs and actions employed to influence supernatural beings and forces; any art or performance that invokes supernatural powers
arbitraryadj: based on chance, or individual whim rather than any reason
fordn: a shallow place in a river or stream where it is possible to walk or drive across
employeen: a person who is hired to work for a business or organization in exchange for wages or salary; a worker
economicaladj: providing a satisfactory return on the money, time, or effort; not using more money, fuel, etc. than necessary
explanationn: the information or arguments that someone provides to make something understandable or clear
competitionn: a situation in which someone is attempting to beat or outperform another
consumerismn: a cultural and economic ideology that places a high value on the consumption and acquisition of goods and services, often associating personal identity or success with material possessions
obsessv: to fill the mind of someone continually so that one can’t think of anything else
probableadj: likely to happen or likely to be true
globen: the earth or world, mainly used to emphasize its vastness
browsev: to shop around in a leisurely and casual way; to look through a book, magazine, Internet, etc., casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular; (of an animal) to feed on plants
squashv: to forcefully crush or flatten something; to suppress, stifle, or defeat an idea or opposition forcefully
slackadj: lacking in tension or firmness; loose or not tight; having a relaxed or lazy attitude
contributev: to give something, especially money or goods, to provide or achieve something together with other people
degreen: a unit of measurement for angles, temperature, or level of proficiency or achievement; a rank or level of academic or professional attainment
ironyn: the expression of one’s meaning by using language that usually signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or rhetorical effect
hypocriten: a person who claims to have certain beliefs or values but acts in a way that contradicts those beliefs or values; a person who pretends to be virtuous or moral but behaves in an unethical or deceitful way
policyn: a set of rules, guidelines, principles, or procedures that govern decision-making or action, often used in the context of business or government; a course of action or plan of action adopted or followed by an organization or individual to achieve a goal or objective
framen: a strong border or structure of the wood, metal, etc. that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or window
volumen: the amount of space occupied by an object or substance; the magnitude of sound
worthwhileadj: having value or benefit; sufficiently important or beneficial to be worthy of time or effort; deserving of attention or consideration
primeadj: main or most important; basic
ministern: a person appointed to or a job of a head of a government department
shackn: a small, often rundown dwelling or house, typically one that is poorly constructed or maintained
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
productivityn: the state or quality of being productive; the rate at which a company or individual produces goods or services, often measured in terms of output per unit of input, such as labor, capital, or time
ridv: to make someone or something free of unwanted or unpleasant tasks, objects, or person
unnecessaryadj: not needed or required; not essential or important
distractv: to draw someone’s attention away from what they are trying to do
jaden: a green or white mineral, typically composed of jadeite or nephrite, used for making jewelry and ornamental objects; an old or over-worked horse
suburbn: an outlying district or residential area of a city or town, typically comprising middle-class and affluent neighborhoods
surfv: to ride on or through waves while standing or lying down on a board or other object; to search or browse the Internet or other computer networks in a casual or aimless manner
spareadj: additional to what is necessary for ordinary use; (verb) to give time, money, space, etc. to someone
chasev: to pursue something or someone to catch or capture them; to go after something vigorously or with determination; (noun) a pursuit or a hunt; a narrow groove or channel cut into a surface, often used for decorative purposes
groceryn: a shop that sells food and other household items
efficiencyn: the state or quality of doing something well with no waste of input such as time or money
navaladj: of or relating to ships, sailors, or the navy
deployv: to move troops or weapons into a position or military action; to bring into something in an effective way
perpetualadj: continuing for an extended period in the same way without stopping or being interrupted
horrendousadj: causing horror, shock, or a feeling of extreme disgust; extremely unpleasant or terrifying
embarrassv: to cause someone to feel awkward, worried, or ashamed
congratulationn: the act of expressing that someone has an occasion for celebration or the expression of pleasure at the success or good fortune of another
backslidev: to regress or slip back into a previous, less favorable state or condition; to relapse or backtrack, particularly with regards to progress made towards a goal or recovery from addiction or illness
efficientadj: performing at the highest level of productivity with the least wasted effort or resources; capable of achieving maximum output with minimum wasted effort, time, or materials
rewardn: a thing given in acknowledgment of service, hard work, achievement, etc.
incentiven: something, such as a punishment, reward, etc., that encourages a person to do something
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
priorityn: something that is more important than other things and should be dealt with first
improvisationn: the act of making something up on the spot or creating or performing something without preparation
luxuryn: a state of great comfort or sophistication, mainly provided by expensive and beautiful things
retailn: the sale of goods or services to consumers, especially in small quantities, either directly to the end customer or through retail outlets
boldadj: brave, daring, and confident; not frightened of danger or afraid to say what you feel or to take risks
demonstrationn: a display or show, often of a particular skill or product, intended to convince or persuade others
efficientlyadv: in a way that produces maximum output with minimum effort or expense
dilemman: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more options, especially that are equally unfavorable ones
ultimateadj: furthest or highest in degree or order
pursuev: to do something or attempt to attain something over time; to follow or seek someone or something, especially in trying to catch them
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
agonyn: extreme physical or mental pain or suffering, often prolonged or intense
syndromen: a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and are characteristic of a particular condition or disorder
wonderlandn: a place or situation that is delightful or enchanting, often characterized by a dreamlike or surreal quality; a reference to the fictional world from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
trapn: a piece of equipment or hole for catching animals or people; (verb) to catch animals or people and prevent them from escaping
hamstern: a small, furry rodent commonly kept as a pet; often used in research laboratories due to their small size and ease of handling
burnoutn: the state of being exceedingly exhausted or unwell, either physically or mentally, as a result of overworking
inevitableadj: certain to happen and unavoidable
transmittern: a piece of equipment used for generating and sending electronic signals, especially radio or television signals
gracen: a quality of being pleasing, especially in appearance or manner; a temporary exemption, especially an extended period granted as a special favor; a short prayer of thanks before a meal
pineapplen: tropical fruit with a rough, spiky exterior and sweet, juicy flesh inside, often used in cooking, baking, or as a snack
studion: a room or building where creative or artistic work is produced; a television or radio production company
sapv: to gradually weaken or drain strength, energy, or resources; to undermine or impair someone’s confidence or morale
absorptionn: a process in which one substance permeates another; a fluid permeates or is dissolved by a liquid or solid
bobv: to move up and down quickly and repeatedly, often in a short, jerky motion; to cut, trim, or shorten hair, especially by repeatedly snipping with scissors; (noun) a hairstyle in which the hair is cut short and even all around, usually above the shoulders
amazingadj: extremely surprising, especially in a way that you like or admire
introductionn: a preliminary explanation or remarks given before the start of a text, performance, or event; the act of bringing something new into existence or introducing something to a wider audience or new market
paramedicn: a healthcare professional who is trained to provide emergency medical care to patients in the pre-hospital setting, often in ambulances or other emergency vehicles
bumpv: to hit or knock against something hard, often with a dull sound; to meet with by accident

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