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debaten: a formal discussion or argument of opposing viewpoints, often to persuade others to adopt a specific position; a public discussion, often on an issue of current interest, in which participants offer opinions and differing perspectives
architecturen: the art and science of designing and constructing buildings
contemplatev: to think about a possible future action or to think about something for a long time thoughtfully
architecturaladj: of or relating to the design and construction of buildings and other structures and the features and style of such structures
towern: a structure that is exceptionally high in proportion to its width and either forms part of a building or stands alone
gherkinn: a small cucumber that is typically pickled or used for its tangy flavor, often used as an ingredient in salads, sandwiches, or relishes
sausagen: a type of meat product usually made from pork, beef, or poultry, chopped into small pieces, put in a long tube of skin, then cooked or served cold in thin slices
inventionn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation; the act of inventing
combinev: to join or merge to form a single thing or group
drawingn: the act of making a picture with a pencil, pen, or other instruments on paper, cardboard, or other material
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
comicadj: funny and making you laugh
evolvev: to develop gradually, or to cause the development of something or someone gradually
adaptationn: the action or process of changing to suit different conditions
improvisationn: the act of making something up on the spot or creating or performing something without preparation
turmoiln: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty, often marked by intense activity or strong emotions
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
incidentn: an event or occurrence, often unexpected or unplanned; something that happens
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
evolutionn: a gradual process of transformation of living things
heron: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; a character in literature or history who is central to the plot and who exhibits heroic qualities
triggerv: to make something happen suddenly; to cause something such as a device, machine, etc. to function
modernadj: of or belonging to the present time or recent times
revolutionn: a large-scale attempt to overthrow the government of a country, often using violence or war;
aftadj: (the opposite of “forward”) located at or towards the rear or back of a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle
postmodernadj: relating to or characterized by a rejection of objective truth and global cultural narratives and instead emphasizing the role of personal interpretation
borev: to make someone feel weary or uninterested, often by talking at length about uninteresting or mundane topics; to cause someone to feel bored or unengaged; (noun) a hole or tunnel drilled or dug into the ground, either for exploration or extraction of natural resources
introductionn: a preliminary explanation or remarks given before the start of a text, performance, or event; the act of bringing something new into existence or introducing something to a wider audience or new market
promiscuousadj: having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners; not selective of a single class or person
recreationn: the activity that renews your health and spirits by enjoyment and relaxation; the act or process of making something that existed in the past exists or seems to exist again in a different time or place
optimismn: a feeling or the belief that good things will happen, or the quality of being full of hope and emphasizing the positive aspects of a situation
crisisn: a time of great disagreement, confusion, or danger when problems must be resolved or critical decisions must be taken
avant-gardeadj: relating to or characteristic of experimental or innovative ideas, especially in the arts, culture, or politics; pushing boundaries and challenging established norms and traditions
negativeadj: having the quality of something bad or harmful; expressing refusal
definev: to state or explain precisely the nature, scope, or meaning of something
clichen: a phrase or expression that has become overused to the point that it has lost its original impact or meaning; a trite or unoriginal idea or statement
radicaladj: relating to the essential aspects of anything; far beyond the norm, mainly used of opinions and actions
architectn: a person whose job is to design plans to be used in making something, such as buildings
rebeln: someone who resists or opposes authority or control, especially by fighting against it
establishmentn: a business or organization, especially a well-established one; the act of starting or forming something that is meant to last for a long time
misunderstandv: to interpret or understand something in the wrong way
geniusn: someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality
frustratev: to hinder or prevent efforts, plans, or desires from doing, succeeding, or being fulfilled; to make someone feel upset or annoyed because they are unable to change or achieve something
gradualadj: happening slowly over a long period of time or distance; not steep or abrupt
adaptv: to make fit for or change to suit a new purpose or environment
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
evolutionaryadj: relating to or denoting how living things develop or change from earlier forms
diagramn: a simplified illustration of the appearance, structure, or workings of something
generationn: all the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively; the production of heat or electricity
survivev: to live or exist despite a dangerous event or period
functionaladj: designed for or capable of a particular activity, purpose, or task; practical or ready for use or service
maten: a person’s partner in marriage or romantic relationship; an animal’s sexual partner; a peer or friend; (of the game of chess) checkmate, which is the winning condition of the game
mutantn: an organism that has characteristics resulting from a mutation (= alteration in the nucleic acid sequence of the genome)
offspringn: descendant; any immature animal or plant
literaladj: adhering strictly to the exact meaning or interpretation of words or language; without exaggeration or metaphorical meaning
strugglev: to make a great effort to do something when it is difficult, or there are a lot of problems; to use force or violence to break away from restraint or constriction
survivaln: the state of continuing to exist or live, frequently in the face of difficulty or danger
rationaladj: based on reason or logic; using good judgment and sound thinking
meltv: to turn from something solid into something soft or liquid as a result of heating
surroundingadj: that is near or around, or closely encircling something
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
referv: to direct someone’s attention, thoughts, or questions to another source or person; to mention, cite, or allude to something as evidence or support
spann: the entire length of something, such as time or space from beginning to end; the amount of space that something covers
subspeciesn: a taxonomic category within a species comprising distinct populations of organisms that share certain characteristics and are geographically or genetically isolated from other populations of the same species
branchn: a division of a tree or woody shrub that grows out from the trunk or a main stem; a division of some larger or more complex organization
contextn: the circumstances, facts, or conditions that surround a particular event, situation, or statement and that give it meaning
archn: a curved structure with two supports that holds the weight of something above it, such as a bridge or the upper part of a building
biodiversityn: the number and variety of plants and animals that exist in a particular area or the world and make a balanced environment
warpv: to twist or bend out of shape, especially as a result of being heated; to distort or twist the meaning or sense of something
storytellingn: the act or art of narrating or writing stories
happenstancen: an occurrence that happens by chance; a fortuitous event, or a coincidence
competitionn: a situation in which someone is attempting to beat or outperform another
nationn: a large organized community of people living in a particular country or region and having a particular culture
pavilionn: a large, often ornate tent or booth, often used for entertainment or public events; a building or structure, often in a park or other public space, used for meetings, exhibitions, or social gatherings
expositionn: a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory; a collection of things, such as goods or works of art, etc., for public display
mascotn: a person, animal, or object that is believed to bring good luck, often adopted by a sports team or organization as a symbol of their identity or values
submitv: to give or offer a document, proposal, etc. to a decision-maker for examination or consideration
schemen: an organized and often large-scale plan or arrangement for doing something
juryn: a group of people called upon to render a verdict or judgment in a legal trial; a group of people chosen for a special purpose or task
businesspersonn: a person who is engaged in business, typically as an owner or executive
apparentlyadv: based on what you have heard or read
republicn: a state or country in which the people and their elected representatives hold supreme power and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch
invitev: to ask someone to come or join; to offer an opportunity or possibility for something to happen or take place
exhibitv: to show something in public for people to enjoy or to provide them with information
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
industriousadj: hardworking, diligent, and persistent in effort
hirev: to give somebody a job
proportionn: a part, share, or amount of something considered in comparative relation to a whole
interpretern: a person who translates spoken or written language from one language to another
mayorn: an elected official who presides over a city or town government
exhibitionn: a public event or display of works of art, scientific or industrial objects, or other items of interest, usually held in a museum or art gallery
skyscrapern: a very tall building, typically one in a city
gapn: a conspicuous disparity or difference separates something such as a figure, people, their opinions, situation, etc.
ancientadj: relating to the long ago, particularly the historical period preceding the fall of the Western Roman Empire; very old
wisdomn: the quality of being wise, or the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make sensible decisions
progressiveadj: relating to or supporting development or advancement, especially social or political one
profoundlyadv: to a great or complete degree; deeply
unfortunatelyadv: by bad luck; unluckily
corruptionn: dishonest, harmful, or illegal behavior, especially of people in positions of power
themen: a subject or topic of discourse or artistic representation
sustainableadj: able to continue or be continued for a long time
protestantadj: a member of a Western Christian church that is separate from the Roman Catholic Church and that is based on the teachings of Martin Luther and other Reformers
supposev: to think that something is likely to be actual or possible
showern: a brief period of rain; a device that emits a spray of water for washing oneself; a party or celebration in which gifts are given to someone, often in anticipation of a major life event such as a wedding or the birth of a child
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
normn: something that is regarded as usual, typical, or standard
relevancen: the state or degree of being closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand
symboln: something visible that is used to represent something else
dragonn: a mythical monster typically depicted as a giant reptile with wings, claws, and a fiery breath often portrayed as being fierce and dangerous
swann: a large waterbird with a long neck, bill, and webbed feet; known for their elegant and graceful appearance
poetn: a person who writes poetry
curriculumn: a series of subjects comprising a course of study in a school, college, etc.
fairyn: a mythical being of folklore and romance usually depicted as having magic powers
talen: a story made up in someone’s imagination, especially one full of action and adventure
Christn: the man that Christians believe is the prophet and the son of God, and whose life and sermons form the basis for Christianity
emperorn: the male ruler of an empire
matchstickn: a small, thin stick made of wood or cardboard, typically coated with a combustible substance on one end, used for lighting fires or as a component of a match
mermaidn: a mythical sea creature with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish
fragmentn: a small piece or part broken off or detached
integratev: to combine one thing with another so that they form a whole or work together; to accept equal participation for members of all races and ethnic groups
attractionn: a sense of like someone, particularly sexually; something that causes individuals to desire to go to a specific area or do a specific activity
canaln: a long and narrow strip of water made artificially either for boats and ships to travel along or for irrigation
urbanadj: relating to or located in a town or city
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
trafficn: the movement of vehicles, people, or goods along a route or through a transport system; the amount of such movement in a particular place or at a particular time
jamn: a situation in which something becomes stuck because of a dense crowd of people, vehicles, etc.; a preserve of crushed fruit
forbiddenadj: not permitted or allowed by rules or laws
lanen: a narrow road in the countryside; a well-defined track or path for someone such as a swimmer or driver
commutev: to regularly travel a particular journey, especially between one’s home and place of work; (noun) a regular journey of some distance to and from your place of work
reintroducev: to bring back something that has been previously abolished or discontinued
donatev: to give money, food, clothes, etc. to help a person or organization
straightadj: extending or moving in one direction without bending or curving; having no deviations
harborn: an area of water next to the coast where ships and boats are protected from rough water by piers, jetties, and other artificial structures; (verb) keep in one’s possession
realmn: a domain of activity, interest, or knowledge
finn: a thin flat part on the body of a fish or other aquatic animal used for propulsion or balance
propagandan: information, ideas, or claims spread to influence public opinion or promote a particular cause or ideology
statisticsn: the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data
couragen: the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or despair; the quality of being brave or courageous
divev: to jump into the water with your head and arms going in first, or to move down to a deeper level underwater
normallyadv: usually; under normal conditions
containern: a receptacle or object used to hold, store, or transport something; a large standardized metal box that is used for transporting goods by sea or land
ballastn: heavy material, usually stones or sand, used to stabilize a ship or other structure; anything that provides stability or support
hitchv: to move something into a different position jerkily; to travel by getting free rides from motorists; to hook or entangle
reinterpretationn: a new or different interpretation or explanation of something, especially a text or piece of artwork
loopn: a shape like a curve or a circle made by something long and thin, such as a piece of string, that bends round and crosses itself
censorshipn: the act or process of suppression or restriction of any portions of books, films, news, etc. that are judged obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security
monumentn: a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a person or event
movingadj: causing strong emotions or feelings, especially sadness or sympathy
parliamentn: a legislative body, especially the one that represents the people of a country or state
discussv: to talk about or examine in detail through conversation or debate; to exchange ideas, opinions, or information on a particular topic
bailoutn: the provision of financial help to a corporation or country which is on the brink of bankruptcy
packagingn: the process, materials, or container used to wrap or contain a product for distribution, storage, or sale; the design or appearance of a product’s packaging
investv: to put money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or achieve a result
economyn: the system by which a country or region produces manages, and distributes goods and services, including the money and finances involved in these activities; (of an airline) the lowest-priced, most basic option for seating in commercial travel
concludev: to come to an end or close; to reach a judgment or opinion by reasoning
probableadj: likely to happen or likely to be true
installationn: the act or process of fixing furniture, a machine, or a piece of equipment into position so that it can be used; the act or process of putting into an office or a position
AIn: (abbreviation for artificial intelligence) the theory and development of computer systems capable of doing activities that would ordinarily need human intelligence, such as object recognition, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation
governmentn: the group of people with authority to control a country or state
intervenev: to intentionally get involved in a situation to improve it or prevent it from getting worse
apartmentn: a self-contained living unit within a larger building or complex, typically consisting of one or more rooms or an open space used for living, cooking, and sleeping
landscapen: an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view; a large area of land, especially in the country and relating to its appearance
triangularadj: having three angles or sides; forming or shaped like a triangle (= a three-sided polygon)
balconyn: a platform projecting from the wall of a building and surrounded by a railing, providing an outdoor space
verticaladj: upright or perpendicular to a horizontal surface or line
backyardn: a whole space behind and belonging to a house
radialadj: of or relating to rays or the radii of a circle; spreading out from a central point
metern: a device used to measure the amount of a particular substance or attribute, such as length, volume, or time; (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
distortionn: the alteration or misrepresentation of something so that it is no longer true or accurate; the way in which a sound or image is changed or distorted
zigzagadj: having short sharp turns or angles
structuren: the way of construction of something and the arrangement of its parts, or a complex thing constructed of many parts
traditionn: a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has been passed down from generation to generation within a group or society
stackn: a pile of something arranged or laid one on top of another; a large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated
boringadj: lacking interest or excitement; tedious or dull
penthousen: a luxurious apartment or living space situated on the highest floor or roof of a building, often with additional amenities or features such as a balcony, terrace, or panoramic view; the top floor or floors of a building
podiumn: a raised platform or stand that is used for delivering speeches, conducting meetings, or presenting awards
slopen: a surface with one end or side that is higher than the other
volumen: the amount of space occupied by an object or substance; the magnitude of sound
essentiallyadv: relating to the essential features or concepts of anything
occupyv: to consume all of someone’s space, attention, or time
underneathadv: under or below something else
layern: a sheet, quantity, or thickness of the material, typically one of several, covering a surface or body; a level or part within a system or set of ideas
splendorn: great brightness; brilliant or stunning appearance; magnificence
suburbn: an outlying district or residential area of a city or town, typically comprising middle-class and affluent neighborhoods
metropolitanadj: of or relating to a large city or a city that is considered to be the cultural or economic center of a region or country
denseadj: containing a large number of people or something with little space between them
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
aerialn: a type of acrobatics or gymnastics performed while suspended from hanging fabric or rings; a pass or shot in sports (particularly in soccer or volleyball) that is made while the player is in the air
diagonaladj: at an angle or slant; (noun) a line that runs across a surface or figure at an angle
elevatorn: a mechanical device used for vertical transportation, typically in multi-story buildings, consisting of a compartmentalized platform that moves between floors
facaden: the face or front of a building, especially a large one; superficial or false appearance intended to conceal something unpleasant
naturallyadv: as might be expected; by natural manners
ventilatev: to supply fresh air to a room, building, etc.; to remove stale air from it
perforatev: to make small holes or punctures in something, often with a tool or sharp object
giganticadj: extremely large
rastern: a grid pattern of pixels used to represent an image or facilitate the display of graphics in computer systems
commitv: to do something illegal or wrong
photographn: a picture or image that is produced by a camera; a visual representation or record of a person, object, or scene that has been captured electronically or on film
mountv: to increase, go up, or advance gradually or continuously; to prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance; to ride on something or someone
artworkn: the pieces of art, such as pictures and photographs used in books, magazines, etc.
corridorn: a hallway or passageway, especially one connecting rooms or areas within a building or structure
paralleladj: being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting; of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations
universen: everything that exists, especially all physical matter, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy
oasisn: a fertile land in a desert or semi-desert environment where there is water and therefore plants and trees and sometimes a village or town
rainwatern: water that falls from the clouds in the form of rain and is collected
accumulatev: to collect or acquire a large number of things over a long period of time
automaticadj: able to work or operate with little or no direct human control; independent of external control
irrigationn: the agricultural practice of supplying land with water through pipes or channels so that crops grow well
transformv: to change in outward structure or looks;
templen: a place of worship, especially one that is associated with a particular religion or faith; the flat area on either side of the forehead
ruinv: to damage, spoil, or demolish something; (noun) an unrecoverable state of devastation and destruction,
alchemyn: a medieval chemical philosophy and speculative theory that aimed to transform base metals into gold or produce a universal elixir that could cure all diseases and grant immortality; a process of transformation or creation that appears magical or mysterious
ingredientn: one of the things used to make something, especially one of the foods used to make a particular dish
agendan: a list or outline of things to be done, discussed, or considered
commissionn: a formal instruction, command, or request given to a person or group; an official group of people entrusted by a government or other official body to control or enforce something
improvisev: to create or perform something on the spot, without preparation or planning; to use what one has available to do or create something
accidentn: an unfortunate event, especially one causing damage or injury
excitev: to make someone feel suddenly enthusiastic or eager
ministern: a person appointed to or a job of a head of a government department
recreatev: to make something that existed previously happen or appear to exist again
silhouetten: an outline of a solid object that you see against a light background; a drawing of the outline of an object filled in with some uniform color
significancen: the importance or value attached to something; the quality of being significant or noteworthy
arguev: to express differing opinions or points of view, often in a heated or contentious manner; to present a case or reasoning to persuade or convince others
soundtrackn: the recorded audio that accompanies a movie, television program, or video game
crescentn: a shape that is curved and tapering, often resembling a moon’s crescent shape
bayn: a part of the coast that is partially enclosed by land; a compartment or section of a ship or building
overlookv: to fail to notice something; to watch over someone; to provide a view from above
topographyn: the arrangement and physical features of a particular area or region, including its natural and artificial elements and their relative positions and elevations; the study or description of this arrangement and these features
inhabitv: to live in a specific location; to reside
valleyn: a long depression on the surface of the land, which typically contains a river
desertn: arid land with little or no vegetation often covered with sand or rocks
vegetationn: plants in general, particularly those indigenous to a particular region or spot
ecosystemn: all the plants and living creatures in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment
exploitv: to make full use of and gain an advantage from resources, opportunities, etc.
desalinationn: the process of removing salt, especially from seawater
thermaladj: relating to heat or temperature; designed for or capable of producing or maintaining heat
excessn: an amount or quantity beyond what is acceptable, expected, or reasonable
freshwateradj: living in, found in, or connecting with water that does not contain salt
wastewatern: water that contains waste substances from homes, farms, factories, etc.
filtern: any of several types of equipment or systems used to separate particles from liquids or gases or to remove specific forms of light
organicallyadv: in a way that is related to or in accordance with the principles or practices of organic farming or living; naturally; without the use of synthetic or artificial substances
lushadj: produced or growing in extreme abundance, often in an attractive way; having strong sexual appeal
expensen: the money, time, or effort incurred or required for something
invokev: to call upon or request help or support, especially from a higher power; to mention or use something as a reason or justification for actions or decisions
imageryn: the use of words or pictures in books, photographs, paintings, etc., that produces pictures in the minds of people; the ability to form mental images of things or events
operatev: to work in a particular way; to supervise something
sheltern: a structure built to protect from poor weather, danger, or attack; (verb) to protect or shield from harm or adversity, particularly relating to environmental conditions or danger
solaradj: of, from, or relating to the sun
approvev: to think that someone or something is favorable, acceptable, or appropriate; to officially accept a plan, request, etc.
constructv: to build or create something; to assemble or combine different parts to form something whole
carbonn: a chemical element that can be found in pure form as diamond or graphite, and it is also an essential part of coal and oil and is found in all plants and animals
neutraladj: not helping or assisting either side in a conflict, argument, etc.
marv: to damage or spoil the appearance or surface of something