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brandn: a type of product, service, etc., made by a particular company and sold under a specific name; identification mark on the skin of livestock, criminals, etc., made by burning
empathyn: the ability to share another person’s feelings or experiences by imagining that person’s situation
motivationn: the reason or enthusiasm for acting or behaving in a particular way
transformv: to change in outward structure or looks;
uglyadj: unattractive in appearance; unpleasant to look at
uniqueadj: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else
ordinaryadj: not different, exceptional, or unexpected in any way, especially in quality, ability, size, or degree
memorableadj: worth remembering or likely to be remembered, especially because of being very important or remarkable
diagnosev: to determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a careful analysis
cancern: abnormal growth of cells that can invade and destroy surrounding tissues and organs; a disease characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells
remissionn: a period of time when a disease or condition is no longer present or active; a lessening or reduction of symptoms or intensity; forgiveness or pardon for sins or debts
tumorn: a mass of diseased tissue that forms when cells in the body divide and grow in an uncontrolled way
vertebran: a bone in the spine, or the spinal column forming the supporting structure of the spine and protecting the spinal cord
arthritisn: inflammation of one or more joints of the body, which include pain and stiffness
revn: a measure of the rate at which an engine or motor rotates, often expressed in revolutions per minute (RPM); (verb) to increase the number of rotations per minute
twinn: either of two children born at the same time from the same mother
normn: something that is regarded as usual, typical, or standard
communistadj: relating to or supporting the political ideology of communism (= a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership)
priden: a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s achievements
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
fleev: to leave by running away, especially out of fear or danger
statisticsn: the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data
persistentadj: continuing firmly or obstinately in the course of action despite difficulty or opposition; lasting or enduring without fading or being lost over time
fearlessadj: having no fear; brave
charmn: the power or quality of pleasing or fascinating people
whipv: to hit a person or an animal severely with a thin, flexible stick with a cord or leather thong at the end, as a punishment, discipline, etc.
straightadj: extending or moving in one direction without bending or curving; having no deviations
primeadj: main or most important; basic
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
piercev: to cut or make a way through with a sharp instrument
punkn: a type of a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music originating in the 1970s; an aggressive and violent young man or boy
previewn: an early look or showing of a movie, book, or other creative work before its official release or presentation; a brief overview or introduction of something
radiationn: the energy that comes from a nuclear reaction in the form of rays, waves, or particles and that can be hazardous to health
involvev: to include or affect someone or something as a necessary part of something else
brainn: the organ inside the head that is responsible for one’s movement, thought, memory, and feeling
overcomev: to succeed in controlling or dealing with something, such as a problem or difficulty; to defeat or overwhelm someone
silentadj: without any or little sound
bracen: a device, typically one of a pair, for holding something in position or for strengthening an object; (verb) to support or hold steady and make steadfast
announcementn: a public statement or declaration, often made in writing or through the media, that conveys important information or news
surgeryn: medical treatment of injuries or diseases involving an incision with instruments and often removing or replacing some parts of the body; the branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures
blankadj: without any writing or printing; empty or devoid of ideas, information, or meaning; unable to remember or recall information
trapn: a piece of equipment or hole for catching animals or people; (verb) to catch animals or people and prevent them from escaping
adamantadj: having a very strong determination to do something and refusing to be influenced or persuaded; (noun) a legendary rock that is very hard and impossible to crush
dignityn: the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect; high office or rank or station
legislationn: a law or a set of laws suggested and then passed by a parliament, or the act of making or enacting laws
empowerv: to give someone the power or authority to do something
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
confirmv: to support or establish the truth or certainty of something previously believed or suspected to be the case
terminaln: a building or place where buses, trains, or airplanes stop and where passengers or goods can be picked up or dropped off; (adjective) of or situated at the ends of a delivery route
devastatev: to wreck a place or an area or cause significant damage
ceremonyn: a formal event or ritual, often religious or solemn
immediateadj: happening or done without delay or occurring shortly after something else
outfitn: a set of clothing worn together, typically for a particular occasion or activity; any cohesive unit such as a company, military, etc.
ashn: the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance, typically containing minerals and other impurities; the solid remains of a dead person after cremation
scatterv: to cause to separate and go in different directions
mountv: to increase, go up, or advance gradually or continuously; to prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance; to ride on something or someone
afterwardadv: after the time mentioned
fancyv: to want to do or have something; (noun) something that many people believe but that is false, or that does not exist; imagination or fantasy
casualadj: relaxed and informal in manner or dress, not planned or expected; not involving commitment or seriousness
celebratev: to acknowledge a memorable or good day or event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity
hospicen: a specialized care facility or service for terminally ill patients intended to provide comfort and support in the final stages of life; any program, organization, or approach focused on end-of-life care and support
consultv: to seek or get advice or information from a person, book, or other source having special knowledge on a particular subject
proceedv: to move forward or to continue with a process or action; to advance or progress
physiciann: a medical doctor who practices medicine
oncologyn: the branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of tumors, especially malignancies
shockn: a strong feeling or physical reaction to a sudden and unexpected event or experience, especially something unpleasant
swiftadj: happening, moving, or capable of moving quickly
decisionn: the act or process of making up someone’s mind about something; a choice or judgment reached after considering options
confusev: to mistake one thing for another; to make somebody hard to understand
processn: a series of actions or operations performed to achieve a particular outcome or goal; a systematic procedure or approach used to accomplish a specific task or objective; a method of treating milk to make it suitable for consumption or use in other dairy products
educatedadj: having received a high standard of education
diseasen: a disorder or illness that affects the body or mind, often characterized by specific symptoms or abnormal functioning of organs or systems
relatev: to establish a connection or association between two or more things; to narrate or tell about an event, experience, or relationship; to empathize or feel sympathy with someone or something
transferv: to move, pass, or change from one person, place, or situation to another
disappointmentn: the feeling of sadness, frustration, or dissatisfaction that arises when something does not live up to one’s expectations or hopes
palliatev: to make a disease, condition, or symptom appear less severe or intense than it actually is; to alleviate or ease symptoms without curing the underlying cause
comfortn: a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint
spiritualadj: relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things
testamentn: a thing that proves the existence or truth of something else
pragmaticadj: practical rather than idealistic
holisticadj: relating to or dealing with the whole of something rather than just its parts
affordv: to have enough money or time to be able to buy or do something
creativeadj: relating to or involving the use of skill and original and unusual ideas to create something
initialadj: of or happening at the beginning; (noun) the first letter of a word, especially a person’s name
frailadj: weak, delicate, and easily broken or worn out; lacking physical, mental, or emotional strength
circulationn: the movement of blood through the body or of a fluid through a system; the number of copies of a newspaper or magazine that are sold
sneakv: to go somewhere, or take someone or something somewhere secretly or stealthily; to steal or do something secretly or stealthily
handicapn: a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities
delugen: a severe flood; an overwhelming number or amount of something
amazingadj: extremely surprising, especially in a way that you like or admire
luxuryn: a state of great comfort or sophistication, mainly provided by expensive and beautiful things
spongen: a soft material with many microscopic pores that can absorb a large amount of liquid and is used for washing and cleaning
documentaryn: a film or a radio or television program that gives facts and information about a subject; of or derived from official documents
classicadj: judged or deserving to be regarded as one of the best or most important of its kind over a period of time; of a well-known type
moodn: the way you feel at a particular time; an angry or impatient state of mind
pleadv: to make a serious and urgent request or appeal, especially for help or mercy
fulfillv: to meet the requirements or expectations; to achieve or realize
disappointv: to fail to meet someone or their hopes or expectations; to make someone feel sad
wheelchairn: a chair fitted with large wheels for use as a means of transport by a person who is unable to walk
aestheticadj: connected with the enjoyment or study of beauty
visualadj: relating to seeing or sight
communicatev: to share or exchange information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals
combinationn: a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities
referv: to direct someone’s attention, thoughts, or questions to another source or person; to mention, cite, or allude to something as evidence or support
off-puttingadj: causing someone to feel unpleasant, uncomfortable, or aversion; causing someone not to want to do or experience something
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
conversationn: an informal talk between two or more people to exchange their views, ideas, information, etc.
graspv: to take hold of something or someone quickly and firmly
caressv: to touch or stroke gently and affectionately; to express love or tenderness with physical contact
unusuallyadv: in a way that is not typical or expected
fleshn: the soft substance composing the body of a person or animal, as opposed to bones and other structures
dulladj: not interesting or exciting; not bright, vivid, or shiny; not active, brisk, or sharp
executev: to kill someone, especially as a legal punishment; to carry out or perform an action, duty, etc.
madadj: insane, especially due to a mental illness; very angry
heavenn: (of various religious and mythological traditions) a place or state of existence considered to be the abode of the divine, the afterlife, or a higher realm of being; a state of great happiness, contentment, or beauty
braveadj: showing courage or fearlessness in the face of danger, difficulty, or adversity
perkn: an advantage or something extra, such as money or goods, you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job
clustern: a group of similar things or people close together, often forming a distinct mass or unit
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
spinen: the series of bones running down the center of the back that protect the spinal cord and support the body; the backbone or vertebral column
sternadj: serious, unyielding, or strict in manner or attitude
ribn: each of a series of curved bones that are connected to the spine and surround the chest; (adjective) subject to laughter or ridicule
cagen: a structure made of metal bars or wire in which birds or animals can be kept
begv: to ask for something urgently or earnestly; to appeal to someone to do something
prescriptionn: a written or spoken instruction that directs a medical practitioner to prescribe a specific treatment or medication for a patient
hesitatev: to pause decision before saying or doing something
responsibleadj: answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management
medicaladj: relating to the treatment of illness or injuries; relating to the practice of medicine
alternativen: one of two or more available possibilities or choice
liquidn: a substance, such as water or oil that flows freely and is neither a solid nor a gas
varyv: to become different in terms of size, shape, etc.
swallowv: to make food, drink, pills, etc., pass down your throat into your stomach; (noun) small long-winged songbird noted for swift, graceful flight and the regularity of its migrations
gagv: to prevent or restrict speech or expression, often through force or intimidation; to bind or cover the mouth to prevent speech; to cause someone to retch or choke; (noun) a device that is placed over someone’s mouth to prevent them from speaking or making noise; an order that prohibits a person or group from discussing a particular topic or sharing certain information with others
reflexn: an automatic and unthinking response to a particular stimulus; a physical reaction to external stimuli
medicinaladj: of or relating to the treatment or cure of disease
insurev: to provide coverage in the event of loss or damage
policyn: a set of rules, guidelines, principles, or procedures that govern decision-making or action, often used in the context of business or government; a course of action or plan of action adopted or followed by an organization or individual to achieve a goal or objective
regulationn: an official rule made and maintained by a government or some other authority; the act of controlling or directing something according to a rule
intentn: a strong determination or attention to do or achieve something; (adjective) having a strong determination to do or achieve something
scenarion: a description of possible actions or events in the future; a written outline of a play, film, or literary work
revisitv: to go to a place again, especially after a long period
redesignv: to design something again, especially in a different or modified form; (noun) the process of designing something again
complicatedadj: involving a lot of different things or parts in a way that is difficult to understand or analyze
peacefuladj: not involving violence, conflict, or war
eye-poppingadj: causing surprise, shock, or amazement; highly impressive or stunning; visually exciting or captivating
crazyadj: stupid or not sensible; very angry
feastn: a large meal, typically one served on a special occasion
roastv: to cook food by surrounding it with hot, dry air, especially in an oven
strawberryn: a sweet, juicy fruit with a reddish color, a seeded surface, and a green, leafy top
sparklev: to emit or reflect bright flashes of light, especially with animation and joy
playlistn: a curated list of songs or audio recordings that can be played in a specific order or shuffled randomly, often created for a specific purpose or event
tunen: a musical composition or set of musical notes that are played or sung; (verb) to adjust or set something to a specific condition or standard
dustyadj: covered with or characterized by dust; having a dry, powdery texture or appearance; having a lot of dust or dirt in the air
toastn: slices of bread browned on both sides that have been put near a high heat; a drink in honor of or to the health of a person or even
glowingadj: highly enthusiastic; greatly praised
assistantn: someone who helps or supports someone else to do a job
preparationn: the activity of getting ready for something or making something ready
underwayadj: having started and currently in progress
glancev: to give a quick or brief look; to hit something at an angle
thumbn: the short, thick digit of the hand next to the index finger; (verb) to travel by getting free rides from motorists
medicationn: a drug or other form of medicine that treats, prevents, or alleviates the symptoms of the disease
nausean: a feeling of sickness or discomfort in the stomach that is often accompanied by an urge to vomit; a sensation of loathing or disgust
declarev: to say, state, or announce something clearly, officially, or publicly
intentionn: something you want to do and are going to do
warnv: to make someone aware of potential danger or difficulty, particularly one that may occur in the future
poundn: the standard unit of money in the UK; the standard unit of weight equal to 16 ounces
whiskeyn: a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains, typically barley, corn, rye, or wheat, aged in barrels and often consumed straight or with mixers
uncertainadj: not being sure of something; not being able to choose
deterioratev: to become worse in quality; to decline or degenerate
tuben: a cylindrical container of metal, plastic, glass, etc., usually sealed and used as a means of preserving food or chemicals; a hollow cylindrical shape
needlen: a thin, pointed object typically used for sewing or medical purposes; a metal or plastic instrument used for administering injections or drawing blood
fluorescentadj: emitting or reflecting vibrant and vivid light, especially under ultraviolet light; describing a type of lamp or bulb that produces such light
difficultyn: a condition or state that causes problems
nursen: a healthcare professional who is trained to provide care for the sick or injured; (verb) to try to cure by special care or treatment of an illness or injury
oddadj: strange or unexpected; not divisible by two
messn: a state of confusion, dirtiness, or untidiness; (verb) to fail to do something or to make something dirty or untidy
ritualn: any customary observance or practice; any prescribed procedure for conducting religious ceremonies
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
inventionn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation; the act of inventing
emotionn: a strong feeling such as love, anger, etc. deriving from one’s situation, mood, or relationships with others
curiosityn: a strong desire to know or learn about something
reframev: to reinterpret, rephrase, or redefine an issue, situation, or question in a different way
rebrandv: to change the branding or image of a product, service, or organization to attract a new target market or improve recognition and profitability
scaryadj: causing fear or fright; frightening; intimidating
desolateadj: deserted, barren, or lonely; causing a feeling of sadness or hopelessness
bleakadj: unlikely to be favorable; unpleasantly cold and damp; offering little or no hope
nobleadj: having or showing excellent personal qualities or high moral principles that people admire
universaladj: existing or affecting everywhere or everyone
belongv: to be the property of someone or something; to be a member or part of a group; to be in the proper or appropriate place
healthcaren: the organized activity or business of preserving mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession
providern: a person or an organization that supplies somebody with something needed or wanted

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