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electrifyv: to make a machine or system work by using electricity; to make someone extremely enthusiastic about or interested in something
sub-Saharanadj: of or relating to or situated in the area south of the Sahara Desert
povertyn: the condition of being extremely poor
massiveadj: enormous amount; very heavy and solid
implicationn: something that is inferred or indirectly stated; the act or fact of being involved in something
economyn: the system by which a country or region produces manages, and distributes goods and services, including the money and finances involved in these activities; (of an airline) the lowest-priced, most basic option for seating in commercial travel
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
well-beingn: the state of being happy and healthy and prosperous
aspectn: one part or feature of a situation, problem, subject, etc.
infrastructuren: the basic systems, services, or features that are necessary for an organization or country, such as transport and power supplies
installv: to fix furniture, a machine, or a piece of equipment into position so that it can be used; put into an office or a position
wattn: a standard unit for measuring electrical power
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
scratchv: to cut or damage the surface of something or the skin with a sharp or pointed object
stableadj: firm and steady; not easily moved, disturbed, or changed
affordableadj: not expensive and able to pay
pollutionn: the introduction of harmful substances or waste into the natural environment that causes adverse change
climaten: the weather in a particular location averaged over some long period
additionn: the act or process of adding something to something else; the process of adding numbers
inefficientadj: lacking the ability or skill and not making the best use of time, money, energy, etc.
quadruplev: to consist of four items or people; to become four times as great or many
theoreticaladj: relating to the concepts and principles upon which a particular topic is founded, rather than practice and experience
boomn: a sudden increase in economic activity, or a sudden happening that brings good fortune; a deep, loud, and prolonged sound
trajectoryn: the curved path followed by an object moving through space
electrificationn: the process of installing electrical equipment or infrastructure, especially in a place that previously only had non-electrical equipment or infrastructure; the act of supplying electrical energy to an object or system, causing it to become electrically charged;
large-scaleadj: involving many people or things and involving a lot of change or activity
gridn: a pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines; a system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region
investv: to put money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or achieve a result
agriculturen: the practice or science of cultivating the land or raising stock
mechanizev: to equip with machinery or automatic equipment; to replace human labor with machines or automation in industry or other processes; to make a job or a procedure more systematic or efficient by the use of tools or technology
commercen: the activity of buying and selling things, especially on a large scale
enterprisen: a business or company; a purposeful or industrious undertaking, especially one that requires effort
stimmingn: a behavior often exhibited by individuals on the autism spectrum characterized by repetitive bodily movements or sounds, such as hand flapping or rocking, often used as a form of self-regulation or sensory stimulation
virtuen: high moral standards in behavior or attitudes
cyclen: an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs; a bicycle or motorcycle
affordv: to have enough money or time to be able to buy or do something
residentialadj: relating to, suitable for, or used for living in
corruptionn: dishonest, harmful, or illegal behavior, especially of people in positions of power
inefficiencyn: the lack of ability or effectiveness in producing the desired results or outcomes; the quality of being wasteful or unproductive
ruraladj: of or relating to the countryside
urbanadj: relating to or located in a town or city
reliabilityn: the quality of being able to be trusted or believed in doing what someone desires or requires
catastrophen: a sudden event that causes extreme ruin and misfortune
head-onadj: occurring or done directly, without any intermediaries or avoidance; confronting or facing something directly, without any evasion or compromise
witn: the ability to say or write things or ideas in a clever and humorous way
excitingadj: causing a lot of interest or excitement
disruptv: to prevent or stop something, especially an event, activity, or process, from continuing in the usual way by causing a problem or disturbance
paneln: a square or rectangular and flat piece of something that forms a distinct section or component of something; a small group of specialists who discuss particular topics or give their advice or opinion about something
advancev: to go or move forward; to develop in a positive way
batteryn: a device that is placed inside a car, gadget, equipment, etc. and that provides electrical power to them
combinev: to join or merge to form a single thing or group
innovativeadj: introducing or using new methods, ideas, etc.
typicaladj: having the usual characteristics or traits of a specific group of things
kitn: a set of tools, supplies, or equipment for a particular purpose
fann: a person who admires and supports a person, group, sport, sports team, etc.; a device for creating a current of air by the movement of a surface or surfaces
sectorn: a distinct part or division of something often used to refer to a segment of an economy or industry; an area or field of work or activity
extendv: to broaden in scope, range, or area
poorestadj: having the least wealth or resources
top-downadj: controlled or implemented from the highest level of authority or management
rehashv: to discuss or go over something, especially ideas or information, that has already been discussed or gone over before; to present old material in a new or modified form
played-outadj: worn out or exhausted from use or activity; no longer having any novelty or interest
debaten: a formal discussion or argument of opposing viewpoints, often to persuade others to adopt a specific position; a public discussion, often on an issue of current interest, in which participants offer opinions and differing perspectives
grapplev: to make a strenuous effort to solve a problem; to engage in a close fight or conflict without weapons
stemn: the central part of something from which other parts can develop or grow; the part of a word common to all its inflected variants; (verb) to grow out of, have roots in, or originate in
complexityn: the state or quality of being complicated or intricate and difficult to understand
systemicadj: affecting or related to the whole of something, especially the human body or a society
preferv: to like, choose, or want one thing or person better than another
misdirectv: to give someone the wrong order, information, etc.; to send someone or something to the wrong place or wrong direction
imposev: to officially force a new law, tax, duty, etc. to be obeyed or received
paternalismn: the practice or belief of governing or managing individuals or groups in a manner that is considered to be nurturing or protective but also limiting or controlling their freedom and autonomy
attituden: the way you think and feel about someone or something
unpackv: to open and remove stored items from a container or package; to analyze or examine something in detail, often to clarify or understand it better
indicatorn: something that shows or points out what a situation is like or how a situation is changing
enshrinev: to cherish or protect something as if it is sacred; to place something in a position of honor or respect
sustainableadj: able to continue or be continued for a long time
binaryn: a system of numbers that uses only two digits, 0 and 1
thresholdn: the floor or ground that forms the bottom of a doorway and offers support when passing through a doorway; the smallest detectable sensation
ignorev: to intentionally not listen or pay attention to
utilityn: the state or quality of being useful or convenient; the service, such as electric power or water or transportation, provided by a public
capturev: to catch a person or an animal and confine them in an area which they cannot escape
clear-cutadj: defined or delimited sharply and distinctly; easily seen or understood; without ambiguity or confusion
primeadj: main or most important; basic
ministern: a person appointed to or a job of a head of a government department
declarev: to say, state, or announce something clearly, officially, or publicly
criterian: (plural of criterion) standards or conditions by which something may be judged or decided
transformv: to change in outward structure or looks;
progressionn: the act or process of changing to the next stage or phase or moving forward
definev: to state or explain precisely the nature, scope, or meaning of something
bulbn: a rounded underground storage organ of some plants from which the plant grows; the rounded part of a cylindrical structure; electric lamp consisting of a glass ball
romanticizev: to make something seem more attractive or appealing than it is, especially by exaggerating or idealizing its qualities; to view or present something in a romantic or sentimental way
quartern: one of four equal parts; a fourth part or portion
consumptionn: the amount used or eaten; the act of using up a resource such as energy, food, or materials
industriousadj: hardworking, diligent, and persistent in effort
abundantadj: present in great quantity
reliableadj: worthy of being relied on; trustworthy
graphn: a picture consisting of a line, lines, points, etc., that shows how two or more sets of certain quantities are related to each other
mereadj: used to emphasize how insignificant or minor someone or something is
bumpv: to hit or knock against something hard, often with a dull sound; to meet with by accident
emergingadj: starting to exist, mature, or become well-known
narrativen: a story or a description of a series of events or process of telling a story
transitionn: the process or period of changing from one state or circumstance to another
distributev: to give something to a large number of individuals, or to spread or furnish something
claimv: to assert that something is true; to demand or request something as one’s own; to lay legal or moral right to something; (noun) a demand or assertion of a right or something that one believes to be true
leapfrogn: a children’s game in which players take turns jumping over each other’s stooped backs
solicitousadj: showing concern or care for someone’s well-being; anxious or attentive in expressing one’s own needs or desires
naiveadj: showing unaffected simplicity and lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment
technologicaladj: based on scientific and industrial progress
inspirev: to make somebody fill with the desire, confidence, or enthusiasm, especially to do something creative
siliconn: a chemical element with the symbol Si that is a hard, brittle crystalline solid with a blue-grey metallic luster and used for the transistors and integrated circuit chips in computers
valleyn: a long depression on the surface of the land, which typically contains a river
grantv: to agree to give or allow somebody
underpinv: to support or strengthen the foundations of something
transformationn: a complete change in form, nature, or appearance of someone or something
innovatev: to introduce new methods, ideas, or products
rooftopn: the upper surface or cover of a building’s roof, often used for recreational or other purposes
devicen: a piece of equipment, tool, or technology that serves a particular purpose or function, often mechanical or electronic
absolutelyadv: without restriction or limitation; completely or utterly
essentialadj: indispensable; fundamental
governancen: the act or process of governing or managing a political, social, or economic entity; the systems or principles that guide such processes
frameworkn: the structural components of a building or object that support its weight and give it form; the underlying structure of a system, concept, or text
ultimateadj: furthest or highest in degree or order
renewableadj: capable of being renewed, extended, or replaced
fossiln: any preserved remains, impression, or trace of any once-living thing that has become hard and turned into rock
industrialadj: of or relating to or resulting from industry
increasinglyadv: more and more
desperateadj: feeling or showing a lack of hope and a willingness to do anything because of the problematic situation
interconnectv: to connect similar things
robustadj: sturdy and healthy in form, constitution, or construction; strong enough to withstand or overcome intellectual challenges or adversity
modernadj: of or belonging to the present time or recent times
crucialadj: extremely vital or necessary
socioeconomicadj: relating to the social and economic factors that shape an individual, group, or community, particularly in terms of income, occupation, education, and social class
contextn: the circumstances, facts, or conditions that surround a particular event, situation, or statement and that give it meaning
appealn: a serious, earnest, or urgent request for money, information, or help; a quality that makes somebody or something attractive or interest
bypassn: an alternative road, channel, pipe, or connection that allows flow while the main one is closed or obstructed; (verb) to go past or round
glacialadj: relating to or resembling a glacier (= a slowly moving mass of ice) or the process of glaciation; characterized by an extremely slow or gradual pace or movement
pacen: the speed at which someone or something moves, or the rate at which something happens or changes
governmentn: the group of people with authority to control a country or state
skipv: to move along lightly and quickly, making a step from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce; to intentionally fail to do something which would normally do
bureaucracyn: a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives
confrontv: to face, meet or deal with a problem or difficult situation or person
instituten: an organization that has a specific purpose, particularly one dealing with science, education, or a particular profession; (verb) to initiate, introduce, or establish something
involvev: to include or affect someone or something as a necessary part of something else
improvisationn: the act of making something up on the spot or creating or performing something without preparation
broadadj: very wide; general
environmentn: the natural world such as air, water, and land in which humans, animals, and plants live
curbv: to restrain, limit, or control something; to reduce or put a stop to something undesirable; (noun) the raised edge or barrier along the edge of a street, road, or sidewalk
emissionn: the act of production or sending out gas, heat, light, etc.
trade-offn: a balance achieved between two desirable but incompatible features; an exchange that occurs as a compromise
mutualadj: common to or shared by two or more parties
exclusiveadj: not divided or shared with others
carbonn: a chemical element that can be found in pure form as diamond or graphite, and it is also an essential part of coal and oil and is found in all plants and animals
oppositionn: the act of disagreeing or resisting; the state of strong disagreement
adaptv: to make fit for or change to suit a new purpose or environment
resilientadj: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions
temperaturen: the degree of hotness or coldness of a thing or place
storagen: the act or process of putting in and keeping something in a particular place for use in the future; an electronic memory device that can store information
pumpv: to cause water, air, gas, etc. to move from one place to another by using mechanical equipment; to get or supply something such as money, information, etc. in significant quantities
irrigationn: the agricultural practice of supplying land with water through pipes or channels so that crops grow well
extremeadj: very great in amount or degree
expansionn: the process of becoming larger or more extensive, or the result of this process
reinforcementn: the act of strengthening, supporting, or consolidating; something that serves to strengthen or support
intensiveadj: involving a lot of work or activity in a short time
balancen: a condition in which everything has the same weight or force; something left after other parts have been taken away
negotiableadj: capable of being discussed and agreed upon; able to be changed or altered through negotiation
broadenv: to make or become wider or more extensive; to make or become more tolerant or liberal.
framen: a strong border or structure of the wood, metal, etc. that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or window
romanticadj: of or relating to love or a sexual relationship
distractv: to draw someone’s attention away from what they are trying to do
coren: the most essential or fundamental part of something
endowv: to give a quality, ability, or asset to a person or institution
vastadj: enormous in size, number, amount, or quantity
geothermaladj: relating to or produced by the internal heat of the earth; often used to refer to energy produced by tapping into the natural heat of the earth
hydron: a prefix denoting water or relating to water, usually used in scientific or technical terminology
facilityn: a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry
efficientlyadv: in a way that produces maximum output with minimum effort or expense
efficiencyn: the state or quality of doing something well with no waste of input such as time or money
navigatev: to plan and direct the way that a ship, plane, etc. will travel, often by using a map
quirkn: a peculiar behavior, habit, or characteristic that is distinctive to an individual or group
physicsn: the science of matter and energy and their interactions
incredibleadj: unbelievable; enormous
nowhereadv: not in, at, or to any place; not anywhere
sufficientadj: adequate; enough for a particular purpose or requirement
diverseadj: including numerous categories of individuals or entities; various
deservev: to be worthy of or entitled to something, especially something good or valuable
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star

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