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boringadj: lacking interest or excitement; tedious or dull
conversationn: an informal talk between two or more people to exchange their views, ideas, information, etc.
privacyn: someone’s right to keep their personal matters and relationships not watched or interrupted by other people
philosophyn: the study of general and fundamental questions, such as those about existence, reason, knowledge, values, mind
dotn: a very small circular mark, especially one that is printed
prospectn: the possibility or likelihood of something happening or being successful; a person or thing that is likely to succeed or become popular; a potential customer or client; (verb) to explore for useful or valuable things or substances, such as minerals
definev: to state or explain precisely the nature, scope, or meaning of something
universaladj: existing or affecting everywhere or everyone
crazyadj: stupid or not sensible; very angry
computev: to make a mathematical calculation
messn: a state of confusion, dirtiness, or untidiness; (verb) to fail to do something or to make something dirty or untidy
devicen: a piece of equipment, tool, or technology that serves a particular purpose or function, often mechanical or electronic
contextn: the circumstances, facts, or conditions that surround a particular event, situation, or statement and that give it meaning
clunkyadj: heavy, awkward, and old-fashioned; not graceful and clumsy in style, form, or movement
acquirev: to buy or obtain something such as an asset, object, knowledge, etc., for oneself
recognitionn: the action or process of recognizing or being recognized, especially by remembering; an agreement that something is true or legal
improvev: to make or become better
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
conceptn: an idea or principle associated with something abstract
amazingadj: extremely surprising, especially in a way that you like or admire
supervisev: to watch over and direct someone or something, especially in a position of responsibility
automaticallyadv: without needing a direct human control
remarkableadj: worthy of attention because unusual or special
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
pixeln: the smallest unit of an image that can be displayed or manipulated electronically, typically a point of light on a computer screen or in a digital image
narratev: to tell a story or give an account of events, often in a chronological or logical sequence; to provide a voiceover or commentary for a film or other media
opponentn: a person against whom you are playing or fighting in a game, competition, debate, etc.
rackn: a framework or support structure used to hold or display objects; a set of interconnected shelves or compartments used for storage; a source of torture, distress, or mental anguish
intelligencen: the ability to learn, comprehend, or make judgments or conclusions based on reasons
schedulen: a list of planned activities, tasks, or things that must be completed showing when they are intended to happen or be done
excitev: to make someone feel suddenly enthusiastic or eager
excitingadj: causing a lot of interest or excitement
neurosciencen: the scientific study of the function, structure, and disorder of the brain and the nervous system
backgroundn: the details of a person’s social heritage, such as family, vocational or educational experience; past information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem
phn: a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, on a scale of 0 to 14, with seven being neutral, lower values indicating greater acidity, and higher values indicating greater alkalinity
brainn: the organ inside the head that is responsible for one’s movement, thought, memory, and feeling
improvisationn: the act of making something up on the spot or creating or performing something without preparation
incrementn: a regular increase in the amount of something, such as money; a process of becoming larger, longer, or more important
soyn: a legume plant that is widely cultivated for its edible bean, which has many uses, such as for oil, food, and animal feed
cropn: a plant that is cultivated in large amounts, particularly for food
suddenlyadv: quickly and unexpectedly
diseasen: a disorder or illness that affects the body or mind, often characterized by specific symptoms or abnormal functioning of organs or systems
antn: a very small insect that lives under the ground or in a mound in highly organized groups
sprinklern: a device that sprays water over a large area used especially for watering crops or gardens or for firefighting
ashn: the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance, typically containing minerals and other impurities; the solid remains of a dead person after cremation
disappearv: to cease to exist or be visible
expandv: to increase or to make something greater in size, number, or importance
cyberadj: relating to or involving computers, computer networks, or virtual reality
windmilln: a machine that uses wind power to generate mechanical energy or electricity
clipn: a small metal or plastic device used for holding an object or objects together or in place; a short part of electronic media, either an audio clip or video clip
communaladj: belonging to or used by a group rather than individuals; for common use
releasev: to set free or allow to escape from confinement
loonn: a large migratory bird, typically having a haunting cry and known for its diving and swimming abilities; (an offensive word) a foolish or crazy person
balloonn: a small bag made of thin rubber or other light material that can be inflated with air or gas, used as a toy or as a decoration; (verb) to become inflated
efficientlyadv: in a way that produces maximum output with minimum effort or expense
tetherv: to tie or secure an animal, person, or object with a rope, chain, or other similar devices to prevent it from moving too far away; (noun) a rope or chain used to tie up or restrain an animal, such as a horse or dog
innovationn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation
cheaplyadv: in a stingy or inexpensive manner
normallyadv: usually; under normal conditions
satelliten: an electronic device that is sent up into space and moves around the Earth or another planet, used for gathering information or communicating by radio, television, etc.
launchv: to send or propel something into the air or space using a device such as a rocket, missile, or spacecraft; to make something available or on sale for the first time
altituden: the height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level
pumpv: to cause water, air, gas, etc. to move from one place to another by using mechanical equipment; to get or supply something such as money, information, etc. in significant quantities
roughlyadv: approximately but not precisely; with a violent manner
meshn: a material made of a network of wire, plastic, or thread
planetn: any of the nine large celestial bodies that circle in the solar system; any celestial body that revolves around a star
transportn: a system for moving people or products from one location to another using automobiles, roads, and so on
nerdn: a person who is very interested in and knowledgeable about a particular subject such as computers, mathematics, chess, etc.
fascinationn: the state of being intensely interested in someone or something, or a powerful attraction
automatedadj: carried out by machines or computers to replace or decrease human labor
absolutelyadv: without restriction or limitation; completely or utterly
tremendousadj: very great in degree or extent or amount or impact; extremely good
disappointv: to fail to meet someone or their hopes or expectations; to make someone feel sad
governmentn: the group of people with authority to control a country or state
democracyn: a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials to do so
parametern: a numerical or other measurable factors that characterize a system or set of data
surveillancen: the act of carefully monitoring a person suspected of a crime or a place where a crime may be committed or expected
disservicen: an action that causes harm or damage; something that is detrimental or disadvantageous; the opposite of a favor
debaten: a formal discussion or argument of opposing viewpoints, often to persuade others to adopt a specific position; a public discussion, often on an issue of current interest, in which participants offer opinions and differing perspectives
functionn: the purpose or use of an object, system, or process; a particular activity or operation that is designed to serve a specific purpose; a mathematical concept that describes a relationship between two sets of values, called the input and output sets; (verb) to operate or work in a specific way, or to perform a particular task or purpose
locatev: to specify or determine the exact position of someone or something
incognitoadv: in disguise or under a false identity; without revealing one’s true identity or purpose
chromen: a type of polished metal that is highly reflective and has a mirror-like finish; a web browser developed by Google
voodoon: a religion or set of spiritual beliefs and practices that originated in West Africa and the Caribbean, characterized by the worship of spirits, ritual dance, and the use of talismans and charms; also used to describe something mysterious, inexplicable, or magical
dolln: a child’s toy that typically represents a human figure, especially a young girl; an attractive woman; a woman who is subservient or passive
surveyn: an investigation of the opinions, behavior, etc. of a particular group of people, made by asking people questions
medicaladj: relating to the treatment of illness or injuries; relating to the practice of medicine
anonymousadj: having no known name, identity, or known source
confidencen: the feeling or attitude that one can trust or rely on the abilities or good qualities of someone or something
abusen: the use of something in an incorrect or harmful manner
scaredadj: afraid or frightened
encouragev: to give someone support, confidence, or hope; to persuade someone to do or continue to do something by making it easier for them and making them believe it is a good thing to do
overwhelmingadj: very great or intense; so powerful that you cannot fight or react against it
frustratev: to hinder or prevent efforts, plans, or desires from doing, succeeding, or being fulfilled; to make someone feel upset or annoyed because they are unable to change or achieve something
obsessv: to fill the mind of someone continually so that one can’t think of anything else
fascinatev: to attract and hold the attention of someone deeply and irresistibly
possibilityn: a chance that something may happen or be true
injuryn: harm done to a person’s or an animal’s body caused by an accident or an attack
separatev: to force, take, or pull apart; mark as different
minimaladj: tiny in amount; the least possible
zippyadj: lively, energetic, and quick
trafficn: the movement of vehicles, people, or goods along a route or through a transport system; the amount of such movement in a particular place or at a particular time
imaginaryadj: existing only in someone’s mind
arenan: a large, flat area, often circular or oval-shaped, designed to showcase theatre, musical performances, or sporting events
progressionn: the act or process of changing to the next stage or phase or moving forward
economyn: the system by which a country or region produces manages, and distributes goods and services, including the money and finances involved in these activities; (of an airline) the lowest-priced, most basic option for seating in commercial travel
additionn: the act or process of adding something to something else; the process of adding numbers
amazev: to fill with wonder, surprise, or admiration
technologicaladj: based on scientific and industrial progress
horizonn: the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet; the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated
implementv: to put a decision, plan, or system into effect
principlen: a fundamental law or truth that explains or controls how something happens or works
inventionn: the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation; the act of inventing
strugglev: to make a great effort to do something when it is difficult, or there are a lot of problems; to use force or violence to break away from restraint or constriction
combinev: to join or merge to form a single thing or group
commercializev: to make something available for sale or use on a large scale
corporationn: a large company or group of companies that are controlled together by law as a single unit
dismayn: a feeling of discouragement, distress, or anxiety caused by something unexpected or unwelcome; a sudden loss of courage or confidence
eviladj: profoundly immoral, cruel, and wicked; having or exerting a harmful effect on people
rapn: a type of music characterized by a strong, repetitive beat and lyrics that often focus on social and political issues; a reproach for some lapse or misdeed
revolutionaryadj: relating to or characterized by a complete or dramatic change
muskyadj: having a strong, earthy smell that is often reminiscent of musk or moss
marv: to damage or spoil the appearance or surface of something
philanthropyn: the practice of voluntarily helping the poor, especially by giving money
aimv: to try or plan to get or achieve something
employeen: a person who is hired to work for a business or organization in exchange for wages or salary; a worker
wealthn: a large amount of money, property, or other things that someone or an organization owns
curiosityn: a strong desire to know or learn about something
turnovern: the amount of business or economic activity that is generated within a specific period of time; the rate at which people leave or are replaced in a job or organization, often expressed as a percentage
fundamentaladj: forming an essential base or core from which everything else develops or is affected
androidn: a robot with a human appearance; (operating system) Google’s mobile operating system
guiltyadj: feeling responsible for or having done something wrong or criminal
start-upn: a newly established company or business