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unintendedadj: not planned or meant
consequencen: the outcome of a particular action or event, especially relative to an individual
academicadj: associated with schools, colleges, and universities, especially studying and thinking, not with practical skills
hirev: to give somebody a job
intentn: a strong determination or attention to do or achieve something; (adjective) having a strong determination to do or achieve something
achievev: to successfully complete a task or goal, often through hard work, perseverance, and dedication; to attain or accomplish something that one has set out to do
robinn: a small bird from the thrush family, typically having a red breast and found across Europe, Asia, and North America
hoodn: a covering for the head and neck, especially one attached to a garment
philanthropyn: the practice of voluntarily helping the poor, especially by giving money
enterprisen: a business or company; a purposeful or industrious undertaking, especially one that requires effort
educatev: to provide or receive instruction or training over a period of time at a school, university, etc.
draftn: a preliminary version of something that is not yet in its final form
disrepairn: a state of decay, damage, or neglect that results in the deterioration of the quality, function, or appearance of something, particularly a structure or object
renovationn: the process of improving, repairing, or modernizing a building, room, or other structure; the state of being improved or repaired in this way
ambitionn: a strong wish to do or achieve something
improvev: to make or become better
impracticaladj: not sensible or useful for practical purposes; not likely to be effective in achieving an intended outcome
initiativen: the ability to act or make decisions independently and with confidence; a plan or action proposed or taken to address a problem or need
architectn: a person whose job is to design plans to be used in making something, such as buildings
assignv: to give a specific job or piece of work to a someone
rethinkv: to consider again a plan, idea, etc., especially to change it
librariann: a person who works in a library and is responsible for organizing and managing the collection of books and other materials
mightyadj: very large, powerful, or strong
reformn: the act of improving or correcting something that is wrong or bad; a change made to correct a flaw or problem
improvisationn: the act of making something up on the spot or creating or performing something without preparation
contributionn: the act of giving something, especially money, to a particular cause or organization; a voluntary gift as of money or service or ideas made to some worthwhile cause
graphicadj: relating to visual art or involving the use of diagrams or illustrations; very clear and powerful
logon: a symbol or design that represents a company, organization, or product used on packaging, advertisements, and other materials
architecturen: the art and science of designing and constructing buildings
dispelv: to remove something, especially a feeling of fear, doubt, and false idea
mustyadj: having a stale, damp, or moldy smell or odor; out-of-date or old-fashioned
borev: to make someone feel weary or uninterested, often by talking at length about uninteresting or mundane topics; to cause someone to feel bored or unengaged; (noun) a hole or tunnel drilled or dug into the ground, either for exploration or extraction of natural resources
grandparentn: a parent of one’s father or mother
excitingadj: causing a lot of interest or excitement
boringadj: lacking interest or excitement; tedious or dull
shushv: to silence or quiet someone or something, particularly by making a “shh” or “hush” sound
zonen: a specific area, region, or section that is marked off or defined in some way
owln: a nocturnal bird of prey with large eyes, a facial disc, and typically a loud hooting call
irresistibleadj: impossible to resist or refuse; very attractive, appealing, or compelling
tenseadj: unable to relax because of being nervous or worried; stretched tight or rigid
instancen: a particular example or single occurrence of something
premisen: a statement or proposition that is held to be true or from which a conclusion can be drawn
dilapidatedadj: in a state of disrepair, decay, or disuse, often due to neglect or age; rundown or shabby in appearance or condition
oomphn: a quality or attribute that gives something or someone extra energy, power, or excitement; vitality or charisma; a forceful or compelling impact
exclamationn: a sudden outcry or shout, especially one expressing strong emotion
accomplishedadj: having completed a task or achieved a goal successfully; skilled or proficient at something
fontn: a complete set of characters in a particular style and size used for printing text or displaying information on a screen
shiftn: a slight transition in position, direction, or trend
embarkv: to go on board a ship or plane; to set out on an enterprise or subject of study; to start something
rolloutn: the introduction or implementation of a new product, service, or system, particularly one that has been planned and developed over a period of time
graphicsn: images, designs, or drawings used in websites, books, magazines, etc.
ceilingn: a room’s top interior surface
architecturaladj: of or relating to the design and construction of buildings and other structures and the features and style of such structures
muraladj: a large painting or other artwork that is applied directly to a wall or other surface
photographn: a picture or image that is produced by a camera; a visual representation or record of a person, object, or scene that has been captured electronically or on film
gloriousadj: having or deserving great admiration, praise, and honor; having great beauty and splendor
friezen: a decorative band or strip that is placed horizontally on a wall, often just below the ceiling or the cornice
heron: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; a character in literature or history who is central to the plot and who exhibits heroic qualities
oversizeadj: larger than the normal or standard size
dolln: a child’s toy that typically represents a human figure, especially a young girl; an attractive woman; a woman who is subservient or passive
principaladj: most important, main, or chief
heroicadj: courageous and daring; having or displaying qualities appropriate for legendary figures that is courage and daring
atmospheren: the mass of air that surrounds the Earth; the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation, or creative work
dignifyv: to make something worthy of respect or honor; to elevate or give importance to something that may otherwise be considered insignificant
naturallyadv: as might be expected; by natural manners
illustratev: to provide pictures, photographs, diagrams, etc. in a book or something for explanation
automaticadj: able to work or operate with little or no direct human control; independent of external control
amazingadj: extremely surprising, especially in a way that you like or admire
collagen: a work of art composed by assembling various materials, such as photographs, newspaper clippings, and other objects, onto a surface; any composition made by combining various distinct elements
silhouetten: an outline of a solid object that you see against a light background; a drawing of the outline of an object filled in with some uniform color
promptv: to make someone decide to or try to do something, or to make something happen
deliriousadj: experiencing a state of mental confusion or excitement characterized by a lack of coherence, often due to a high fever, drugs, or alcohol; wildly irrational or disoriented
constellationn: a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern and have a name; a group of related or similar ideas, things, or people
peterv: to fail or lose power, efficiency, or value gradually before coming to an end
testimonyn: a formal written or spoken statement that something is true, especially one given in court; something that serves as evidence
brilliantadj: extremely clever, skilled, or impressive
embeddedadj: fixed firmly into the surface of something
crypticadj: having a hidden or obscure meaning or message; mysterious or puzzling in nature
installationn: the act or process of fixing furniture, a machine, or a piece of equipment into position so that it can be used; the act or process of putting into an office or a position
fascinatev: to attract and hold the attention of someone deeply and irresistibly
satisfyv: to make somebody pleased by giving them what they want or need
dimensionn: a measurable extent of a particular kind, such as width, height, or length
installv: to fix furniture, a machine, or a piece of equipment into position so that it can be used; put into an office or a position
invitationn: a spoken or written request to participate or be present or take part in something
constructv: to build or create something; to assemble or combine different parts to form something whole
invitev: to ask someone to come or join; to offer an opportunity or possibility for something to happen or take place
balloonn: a small bag made of thin rubber or other light material that can be inflated with air or gas, used as a toy or as a decoration; (verb) to become inflated
ambassadorn: a diplomatic representative of a country who is sent to another country or international organization
poetryn: poems in general as a genre of literature
specificallyadv: only associated with or meant for one thing
dignitaryn: a person who holds a high rank or position, often with significant influence or authority; an important or influential figure, particularly in a specific field or area
certificaten: an official document stating that the information contained within is true
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
belongv: to be the property of someone or something; to be a member or part of a group; to be in the proper or appropriate place
mistn: a cloud of very small drops of water collecting in the air just above the ground or water
largelyadv: virtually entirely; to a large degree
ignorev: to intentionally not listen or pay attention to
humiliatev: to cause someone to feel ashamed, embarrassed, or degraded, especially in public or through revealing personal information
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
boroughn: a town, city, or district that is an administrative unit, typically smaller than a city
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
possessionn: the state or fact of owning or having something
mesmerizev: to captivate or fascinate; to hold the complete attention of
illuminatev: to light something or to make something lighter or brighter; to make something free from confusion or ambiguity
creditorn: a person, company, etc. to whom a debtor owes money
extentn: the point or degree or area to which something extends
distancen: the amount of space between two points, measured in units such as miles, meters, or kilometers; the extent, scope, or range between two things, such as distance or emotional distance
chainn: a series of connected links or objects; a system or group of interconnected elements; a restraint or shackle
inspirationn: something that motivates or encourages someone to create or achieve something, or a feeling of excitement or creativity
thrilln: a feeling of extreme and sudden excitement and pleasure; to cause someone to feel sudden intense sensation or emotion