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crankn: a mechanical device that converts rotary motion into linear motion or vice versa; an eccentric or unpredictable person
drilln: a tool or machine used for making round holes or driving fasteners; a training or practice
borev: to make someone feel weary or uninterested, often by talking at length about uninteresting or mundane topics; to cause someone to feel bored or unengaged; (noun) a hole or tunnel drilled or dug into the ground, either for exploration or extraction of natural resources
skulln: a bone framework that surrounds the brain and gives the head its shape
vitaladj: necessary for the success or continued existence of something
brainn: the organ inside the head that is responsible for one’s movement, thought, memory, and feeling
tuben: a cylindrical container of metal, plastic, glass, etc., usually sealed and used as a means of preserving food or chemicals; a hollow cylindrical shape
horrorn: intense fear or disgust, especially at something shocking or terrifying
gruesomeadj: causing horror or disgust
renownedadj: famous and respected for great achievements, qualities, etc.
neurosurgeonn: a medical doctor who specializes in the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves
patientn: a person who is receiving medical treatment, care, or attention from a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, nurse, or therapist; a personal quality or characteristic
amazingadj: extremely surprising, especially in a way that you like or admire
insightn: the ability to gain an accurate and deep understanding of people or situations; an accurate and deep understanding of what something is like
crackv: to break or cause to break without dividing into separate parts; (noun) a line on the surface of something along which it has separated without breaking
accidentn: an unfortunate event, especially one causing damage or injury
seizuren: the action of taking something from somebody by the use of legal authority; a sudden occurrence or recurrence of a disease
functionn: the purpose or use of an object, system, or process; a particular activity or operation that is designed to serve a specific purpose; a mathematical concept that describes a relationship between two sets of values, called the input and output sets; (verb) to operate or work in a specific way, or to perform a particular task or purpose
frequentadj: happening constantly
episoden: a happening or story that is distinctive in a series of related events; an abrupt short period during which someone suffers from the effects of a physical or mental illness
desperateadj: feeling or showing a lack of hope and a willingness to do anything because of the problematic situation
daredeviln: a person who takes unnecessary risks, especially involving physical feats or dangerous activities, often for entertainment or thrill-seeking purposes; someone who is fearless and daring
riskyadj: involving the possibility of danger, failure, or loss
surgeryn: medical treatment of injuries or diseases involving an incision with instruments and often removing or replacing some parts of the body; the branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures
partialadj: not complete; fragmentary; favoring somebody or something very much
lobotomyn: a surgical procedure in which a section of the brain is removed or disconnected from the rest of the brain, often used as a treatment for mental illness in the past
strictadj: strongly limiting someone’s freedom; allowing no deviation from a standard, rule, belief, etc.
correspondingadj: similar to, connected with, or accompanying something, especially in position or purpose
psychoticadj: relating to or characterized by a loss of touch with reality; exhibiting or suffering from a severe mental disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, or disordered thinking
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
hippocampusn: a major component of the brain of humans and other vertebrates that is part of the limbic system and is vital for memory
limbicadj: of or relating to the system of the brain that supports a variety of functions, including emotion, behavior, long-term memory, and olfaction
associatev: to mentally connect someone or something with someone or something else
emotionn: a strong feeling such as love, anger, etc. deriving from one’s situation, mood, or relationships with others
glancev: to give a quick or brief look; to hit something at an angle
virtuallyadv: almost completely
disappearv: to cease to exist or be visible
improvisationn: the act of making something up on the spot or creating or performing something without preparation
rown: an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line; (verb) to propel a boat through the water using oars
phn: a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, on a scale of 0 to 14, with seven being neutral, lower values indicating greater acidity, and higher values indicating greater alkalinity
oddadj: strange or unexpected; not divisible by two
classicadj: judged or deserving to be regarded as one of the best or most important of its kind over a period of time; of a well-known type
discoveryn: the act or process of finding information, a place, or an object, or learning about something that was previously not known
contributev: to give something, especially money or goods, to provide or achieve something together with other people
greatlyadv: to an extraordinary extent or degree; very much
redefinev: to change the meaning or interpretation of something; to make people think about something in a new or different way
obviousadj: easy to see, discover or understand
retainv: to keep or continue to possess or maintain something
randomadj: made, done, or happening without method, conscious decision, or any regular pattern
constantlyadv: all the time
monolithicadj: characterized by massiveness, rigidity, and uniformity
essentiallyadv: relating to the essential features or concepts of anything
cluen: an object, a piece of evidence, or some information that helps someone to find the answer to a problem, question, or mystery
distinctionn: a difference or contrast between similar things or people
involvev: to include or affect someone or something as a necessary part of something else
immediateadj: happening or done without delay or occurring shortly after something else
temporarilyadv: for a limited time only or not permanently
transcribev: to copy or reproduce something in written or printed form; to translate spoken language into written text
neuronn: a cell that is specialized to carry information within the brain and between the brain and other parts of the body
cortexn: the outermost layer of an organ, especially the brain
proteinn: a molecule made up of a long chain of amino acids, which is essential for the structure and function of the body’s tissues
strengthenv: to become stronger or more effective; to make someone or something stronger or more effective
corticaladj: relating to or located in the outer layer of an organ or body structure, particularly the cortex of the brain
synapsen: the fact or state of failing to finish an activity and of stopping using, making, or doing it
recallv: to remember something
transferv: to move, pass, or change from one person, place, or situation to another
permanentadj: lasting for a long time without essential change
storagen: the act or process of putting in and keeping something in a particular place for use in the future; an electronic memory device that can store information
initialadj: of or happening at the beginning; (noun) the first letter of a word, especially a person’s name
impressiveadj: arousing admiration due to size, quality, or skill
consolidatev: to make something more vital, more solid, or more certain
erodev: to gradually wear away or break down (rock, soil, or other material) through the action of wind, water, or other natural agents; to gradually weaken or undermine (something) over time
scrawlv: to write or draw something in a careless or untidy way, often with difficulty or haste
sandn: finely granulated particles of rock or mineral material typically found along beaches, deserts, or riverbeds; used in construction, landscaping, and other applications requiring drainage or abrasive action
experimentn: the scientific test conducted to observe what happens and gain new knowledge
tracev: to find or discover someone or something that was lost
outlinev: to describe the main facts or aspects involved in something
concentricadj: having a common center, with circles or spheres that share a common center point; having shapes or forms that are aligned or nested within one another
awkwardadj: making you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed; causing inconvenience or difficulty
horribleadj: extremely unpleasant or bad; causing fear or disgust
surprisinglyadv: in a way that causes amazement or wonder
attemptn: an act or effort of trying to do something, especially something difficult
unconsciousadj: in the state of lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception, especially as the result of a head injury or illness
motorn: a device that converts electricity, fuel, etc. into movement and makes a machine, vehicle, etc. work
consciousadj: being aware of and able to respond to what is happening around you
declarativeadj: relating to or functioning as a statement or assertion; making a declaration or assertion
proceduren: a way of doing something, especially the official or well-known way
relyv: to require a specific thing or the assistance and support of someone or something to continue, run properly, or succeed.
basaladj: forming or belonging to a bottom layer or base of something
ganglionn: a group of nerve cells located outside the brain and spinal cord, often forming a swelling or knot; responsible for controlling certain bodily functions or movements
cerebellumn: the part of the brain at the back of the head that plays an important role in motor control, balance, and coordination
structuren: the way of construction of something and the arrangement of its parts, or a complex thing constructed of many parts
intactadj: undamaged and complete
underpinv: to support or strengthen the foundations of something
peacefuladj: not involving violence, conflict, or war
nursen: a healthcare professional who is trained to provide care for the sick or injured; (verb) to try to cure by special care or treatment of an illness or injury
examinev: to study or consider a person or object attentively and thoroughly to learn something about them
neurosciencen: the scientific study of the function, structure, and disorder of the brain and the nervous system
preservev: to keep or maintain a particular quality, feature, etc., especially to prevent it from decaying, being damaged, or being destroyed
scanv: to examine something hastily, with the eyes or with a machine, to get information
individualn: a single person or thing, as distinct from a group
slicen: a flat, often thin, piece of bread, meat, cheese, etc., that has been cut from a larger piece; a wound made by cutting
photographn: a picture or image that is produced by a camera; a visual representation or record of a person, object, or scene that has been captured electronically or on film
digitaladj: processing or storing information as a succession of 1 and 0 to show that a signal is present or missing; relating to the use of computer technology, especially the internet
broadcastv: to send out a program or some information on radio or television
contributionn: the act of giving something, especially money, to a particular cause or organization; a voluntary gift as of money or service or ideas made to some worthwhile cause