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assassinn: a person who murders a prominent or well-known person for political reasons or in exchange for money
rabbin: a Jewish religious leader or a Jewish scholar or teacher
Jewishadj: of or relating to people whose traditional religion is Judaism
defendv: to protect someone or something from attack, criticism, danger, etc.
leaguen: an association of sports teams who compete against each other; an obsolete unit of distance of variable length, equal to about 3 miles or 4,000 meters
initiallyadv: at the beginning; at first
guiltyadj: feeling responsible for or having done something wrong or criminal
murdern: the crime of killing somebody intentionally
landmarkn: a notable or important event, place, or achievement; a significant object or feature that serves as a reference point
tunneln: an underground or underwater passage, typically for trains or cars
synagoguen: (also “shul”) a Jewish house of worship, typically consisting of a hall for prayer and study and often containing a sanctuary, a social hall, and a collection of administrative offices
headquartern: the central office or location from which a business or organization is managed
foiln: a thin and flexible sheet of metal, such as aluminum, used for wrapping or covering items; a literary device in which a character’s actions or words are used to contrast or highlight the actions or words of another character; (verb) to prevent someone from succeeding in their plans or actions
bombn: a weapon that explodes and is used to kill or injure people or to cause damage to something
eventuallyadv: finally, particularly after a long time or a lot of struggle, complications, and so on
convictv: to prove or declare someone to be guilty of a crime; (noun) a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
involvementn: the fact or condition of taking part in something, or the degree to which someone takes part in something
plotn: a secret plan or scheme to achieve a specific goal; the plan or main story of a literary work; (verb) to plan secretly, usually something illegal
engineern: a person whose job is designing, building, or maintaining something such as machines, structures, or software
graden: a particular level of quality, size, importance, etc.
dynamicadj: having a lot of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm, and a strong personality; of or relating to dynamics (= the branch of physics and engineering concerned with the forces that cause motions of bodies)
exposedadj: having no protection or shield from something, such as bad weather, attack, or criticism
interactv: to communicate or react with somebody
religionn: a deep conviction in a supernatural power that controls human destiny
percentagen: the number, amount, or rate of something, which is usually the amount per hundred
ferventadj: characterized by intense or passionate emotion or enthusiasm; showing great warmth or devotion
arrestv: to take into custody
unbeknownstadv: without the knowledge or awareness of someone; without someone’s knowledge or participation
riflen: a long-barreled firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, typically with a rifled bore for accuracy
aimv: to try or plan to get or achieve something
bulletn: a metal projectile that is shot from a gun
flamen: a bright, visible light and heat source caused by combustion; a strong, intense feeling typically associated with passion, aggression, or anger
Arabicn: the Semitic language of the Arab people, widely spoken throughout the Middle East and North Africa; of or relating to Arab peoples, culture, or language
destructionn: the act of causing so much damage to something
poundn: the standard unit of money in the UK; the standard unit of weight equal to 16 ounces
towern: a structure that is exceptionally high in proportion to its width and either forms part of a building or stands alone
injuryn: harm done to a person’s or an animal’s body caused by an accident or an attack
ammunitionn: supplies, such as bullets or shells, used by armed forces
instabilityn: the state of being unstable or uncertain and likely to change suddenly
opportuneadj: suitable or happening at a time that is suitable or convenient for a particular purpose
perpetualadj: continuing for an extended period in the same way without stopping or being interrupted
frequentadj: happening constantly
bullyn: a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker; (verb) to intimidate, harass, or mistreat someone weaker or less powerful
identityn: the fact of being who or what somebody or something is; the features, emotions, or ideas that distinguish persons from one another
chubbyadj: having a plump or rounded body shape, often used to describe children or pets
bigotn: a person who is intolerant of others who hold different opinions, beliefs, or values, especially someone who displays stubborn and unreasonable prejudice against particular groups of people
judgen: a person who makes decisions in a court of law; (verb) to determine the result of or form a critical opinion of something
arbitraryadj: based on chance, or individual whim rather than any reason
presidentn: the leader of a republic, for example, the US; the person in charge of the organization such as a company, university, club, etc.
electv: to choose someone for a specific position by voting for them; to decide or choose to do something
preparationn: the activity of getting ready for something or making something ready
nationn: a large organized community of people living in a particular country or region and having a particular culture
conventionn: a large formal assembly of people who do a particular job or have a similar interest or of a political party; something regarded as a normative example
violentadj: involving or caused by physical force or aggression against someone or something
victimn: a person who has been harmed, injured, or otherwise negatively affected by a particular action, circumstance, or event
befriendv: to become a friend of someone, especially when in need
animosityn: strong hostility or hatred towards someone or something, often resulting in conflict or ill-will
frankadj: honest and sincere; open and candid in expression
priden: a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s achievements
overcomev: to succeed in controlling or dealing with something, such as a problem or difficulty; to defeat or overwhelm someone
barriern: a fence or other obstruction that makes it hard to move or get in; any condition that makes it difficult to make progress or to achieve an objective
insurmountableadj: impossible to overcome or conquer; too difficult or daunting to overcome
amusementn: the state or experience of finding something humorous or entertaining
faithn: complete trust in something or someone’s ability or knowledge; a strong belief in religion, divine power, etc.
fundamentaladj: forming an essential base or core from which everything else develops or is affected
developv: to grow or expand; to improve or refine through a process of progress and refinement, often to achieve greater sophistication or complexity; to elaborate or add detail to something that is in the process of being created
homosexualadj: sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex
sinn: the offense against a religious or moral law or against God
extensionn: a thing that is added to something to make it longer, larger, or wider; an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who are not enrolled as regular students; an additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line
gayadj: homosexual; happy, carefree
negativeadj: having the quality of something bad or harmful; expressing refusal
influencen: the ability to affect someone’s or something’s character, growth, or behavior, or the effect itself
judgmentn: the ability to form valuable opinions and make reasonable decisions
empathyn: the ability to share another person’s feelings or experiences by imagining that person’s situation
sufferv: to experience pain, distress, or hardship; to undergo or endure something painful or unpleasant
contrastv: to put in opposition to show or emphasize differences
stereotypen: a fixed and unvarying idea or image that people have about what someone or something is like, but which is often not true in reality and may cause hurt and offense
interactionn: the act of connecting with someone, mainly when working, playing, or spending time with them
acquaintv: to cause someone to become aware of or familiar with someone or something
basisn: the most important facts, ideas, or events from which something is developed; the way how things are organized or arranged
intellectn: the ability to think logically and comprehend information, especially at an advanced level
bigotryn: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself
orientationn: a person’s basic attitudes, beliefs, and preferences about particular things; a course introducing a new situation or environment
desperateadj: feeling or showing a lack of hope and a willingness to do anything because of the problematic situation
inspirationn: something that motivates or encourages someone to create or achieve something, or a feeling of excitement or creativity
unexpectedadj: not anticipated or regarded as likely to happen
positv: to suggest or accept something as fact or as a basis for argument or consideration
worldviewn: a particular philosophy or cognitive orientation of life or conception of the world
extremistn: a person who holds extreme political or religious views and who is willing to use violent or illegal methods to promote those views
conversationn: an informal talk between two or more people to exchange their views, ideas, information, etc.
wearyadj: feeling or showing extreme tiredness, especially after working hard or doing something for a long time
dogmaticadj: characterized by strong and unwavering opinions or beliefs that are often expressed with force and without consideration for alternative viewpoints or evidence
lifetimen: the duration of someone’s life or something’s existence;
instantadj: happening immediately, with no delay
decidev: to make up someone’s mind about something; to come to a conclusion or judgment after considering options
compelv: to force or require someone to do something; to exert a strong, irresistible force or pressure that makes someone act in a certain way
intolerantadj: the inability or refusal to accept or respect views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from someone’s own; unable to eat food without adverse effects
ideologyn: a set of beliefs or philosophies that an economic or political system is based on
fanaticadj: characterized by excessive enthusiasm or zeal; displaying irrational or extreme devotion to a cause, ideology, or person, often to the point of intolerance or extremism
senselessadj: lacking meaning, purpose, or reason; without sense or sensibility; foolish or irrational
condemnv: to express strong disapproval or criticism of something
proofn: a fact or piece of information that shows something is true or exists
inherentadj: existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute